Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gawtham breaking the Gatbandhan and coming to Poonam. He throws the Gatbandhan dupatta on Poonam’s face. Everyone looks on shocked. Bhima and Lallan smile. Akash is angry. Gawtham looks at Poonbam and laughs. Even Poonam’s family is present in the scene and are shocked. Prathna cries. Gawtham says Poonam knows me very well, will Poonam tell everyone about me, or should I say myself. Akash gives him an angry stare. Gawtham says I m related to Poonam very well and laughs aloud. He says Poonam to tell everyone what relation they had. Poonam is silent and shocked. Bhima says great, Gawtham is doing the right thing insulting Poonam. Akash was about to slap Gawtham but he stops his hand and says wait, whats the hurry. Akash says maintain peace, else…


warns him and says I will not leave you. Dadi stops Akash and says you won’t do anything. Gawtham tells Poonam tell everyone how you know me. He says you created such scene in our marriage when Akash married you and brought you here. Everyone are shocked. Sudhir and his family are shocked. Gawtham says tell everyone that you rejected me infront of everyone at the time of marriage, and how you insulted my family. He says we are not able to face the society because of you, tell everyone what words did you tell at that time against me and my family. Poonam looks on.

Gawtham says what did you think, I will forget everything. And you will enjoy with Akash is this house. He laughs and says I did nto let you enjoy, I have given you back what you gave me, that too with interest. He says see, hows yours life now. Akash says you won’t be safe, I will not spare you. Dadi stops Akash again. Gawtham says now you understand why I married Prathna. Poonam looks at Prathna. Prathna faints hearing all this. Everyone are shocked and run to Prathna. Akash tries to wake her up. Mangla and everyone are tensed seeing Prathna’s condition. Prathna gets up. Gawtham says now I have settled my score, I m leaving Prathna here, I married her to take revenge from Poonam. He says Prathna is paying for your deeds. He says she will be leaving in this house being a half bride, infront of your eyes.

He laughs and says I am feeling very nice seeing you like this, worried. He says I had to do so many things for this day. He says I met Prathna in the mandir in place of Sudhir and I had to kidnap Sudhir and marry Prathna. He says I m very happy today and want to praise myself. Lallan tells Bhima that Gawtham made us proud. He says I taught you and you forgot it, but you won’t be able to forget what I taught you today. Sudhir faints. Sudhir’s family reacts and cries. Sangeeta says we should take Sudhir to the doctor. Sudhir’s family takes Sudhir. Shashikant says we will call the doctor here, don’t take him. Sudhir’s dad says your daughter got married, but its because of you people that Sudhir’s condition is like this. They taunt Shashikant and says we got insulted here. They take Sudhir with them and leave.

Gawtham says sorry, I did not had anything with you, forgive me. He laughs. The guests start leaving. Shashikant asks the guests to leave them alone and apologizes to them. All the guests leave. Prathna is still in the mandap. Shashikant sees Prathna crying. Gawtham claps for himself. Poonam slaps Gawtham and everyone are shocked. Her patience breaks and she gets angry on Gawtham. Gawtham makes faces and looks at her. He says you did your life’s second mistake, and you will have to pay for this. He says I won’t forget this and will not let you forget. He says you don’t know me. Poonam says yes, I don’t know you and I did not know that you will take revenge like this, you cheated an innocent girl like this.

Poonam says Prathna does not even know you. She says you have done a very bad thing, I m ashamed that I respected you as you were my teacher. She says your mentality is cheap, you played with Prathna’s emotions and cheated her family too. She says this is not revenge, you are a coward to do this. She says if you had courage, you would have done this face to face. She says I knew I was right, so I said no to marry you, but you were wrong. She says what was Prathna’s mistake, you would have taken revenge from me. Gawtham says yes, Prathna is innocent, but not you. Prathna got the punishment because of you. He comes to Prathna and says sorry as Poonam is responsible for all this. Everyone look at Poonam.

Poonam’s family is shocked. Gawtham says you have to keep crying for your whole life like this, because of Poonam. Prathna cries. Gawtham shows pity and laughs. Gawtham says its good to see all this. Prabhunath scolds Gawtham and says this is a cheap thing, I did not think in my dream that an educated teacher would do like this, you will play with Prathna’s emotions only to take revenge. Vandana calls Gawtham a devil. Prabhunath says its our mistake, that we should have told everyone when we saw Gawtham’s parents in this marriage. Shashikant is shocked. He says what, you knew this and you did not tell us. Mangla says you knew that how they are and you kept quiet. Mangla cries. Kanno smiles seeing the melodrama.

Prathna blames Poonam for everything. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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