Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shashikant scolding Mangla. Poonam talks to Deepak. She tells him that we are looking for a groom for Akash’s sister. Deepak tells her about some guy. Akash says your brother have us the address, if Deepak is saying, he might be really good. Rani hears this and goes to meet Gawtham somewhere. Rani gives him all the update of Poonam and Akash. They meet secretly. He asks did anyone see you coming. She says no, everyone were sleeping. Gawtham is shocked to know about Poonam. Gawtham says if they are trying to get Prathna married, lets see. He says Rani you are doing a good work. Gawtham laughs. He tells her something important. He gives her instructions and asks her to do as he said. Rani agrees. He asks her to leave. Rani leaves. Poonam sees the main door

open. Poonam catches Rani coming inside at night and confronts her.

Poonam asks her why she was out. Rani finds a good excuse. Poonam notices that he footprints are dirty. She asks Rani. Rani says sorry, I lied to you, but I was helpless. Rani gives her another excuse. Poonam asks her not to go like this and not to lie again. Rani gets saved and leaves. The next morning, Dadi is doing the puja. The phone rings, Dadi asks Poonam to take the call. Poonam talks to Ravikant from Delhi. He says let me talk to my mum. Mangla hears her and is shocked. Poonam tells Mangla that Ravikant called. Mangla cuts the call and asks her not to waste her time on it. She sends Poonam from there.

Everyone are having breakfast together at the table. Akash is happy to see that Poonam is serving food to everyone. Akash asks Poonam to have food with them. Dadi asks Poonam whose call it was. Poonam says Ravikant called. Dadi is shocked and leaves the food. Everyone are shocked and see Poonam. Poonam finds this odd. Dadi cries sitting alone. Poonam sees her crying and goes to her. Poonam says I m sorry. Dadi says you did not do anything. Poonam regrets for telling her about Ravikant. Dadi says you don’t regret. DAdi says when you spoke in favor of Kanno, you were right. Poonam says you are very nice Dadi, I feel sad seeing you cry. Poonam says I don’t have any right to ask you but why are you so sad, who is this Ravikant. Akash says he is my Tau ji. He says he is Dadi’s elder son Ravikant Garg. Akash says he lives in Delhi. Poonam says why cannot we talk to him, and why is Dadi sad.

Dadi cries further. Poonam says sorry and says I should not ask about this. She says this is your house’s personal matter. Poonam tells Dadi that we should end the distance with our own people. She says I feel the pain living away from my parents and brother who lives in America. Dadi says there is a difference, he went far on his own. Dadi says she cannot do anything now. Poonam says you and the whole family should meet him once. Dadi says I cannot do this, its not possible. Poonam asks why, tell this to your family. Dadi says I cannot say. Poonam comes to Akash and asks him to let Dadi meet her son. Kanno hears this standing at the door and is shocked. Poonam says I can understand Dadi’s pain, we should do this for her. Akash says I cannot see Dadi in pain, but what can I do. Poonam says help her by talking to your family and getting permission for Dadi so that she can meet her son. Akash thanks her for this idea. Kanno comes to Mangla and gives her the news. Mangla does not hear her and taunts her. Kanno also taunts her back. Mangla gets angry. Kanno speaks against Poonam. Mangla asks her what is the matter. Kanno tells her about Poonam’s suggestion given to Akash. She says Poonam came to know everything about Ravikant.

Kanno and Mangla talk about Poonam. Mangla challenges Kanno and smiles..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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