Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rani doing something saying she has to gift something to Kanno. She calls Kanno and says bad things about her. Rani scolds her by changing her voice. Kanno gets angry. Rani says I have to leave from this house now. Sudhir is running while the goons are after him. Sudhir comes to Akash’s house and is tired. The pandit asks Gawtham to put the mangalsutra in Prathna’s neck. Gawtham ties the mangalsutra. Gawtham smiles. Sudhir is coming towards the house. Gawtham then applies the sindoor. Everyone clap and smile. Sudhir is unable to walk properly. Sudhir falls there. The goons come to him and see him fallen. The pheras start.

The goons start taking Sudhir but the police comes there. The goons are shocked. Gawtham and Prathna are taking the pheras.

Everyone throws flowers on them. The goons hide there. The police sees Sudhir and tries to wake up Sudhir. Everyone smile seeing the couple taking rounds. Lallan says our work is done now. Bhima says Gawtham is my son and smiles. The police says lets go inside and see where are the goons, maybe we can take help inside. The police stops the marriage. Everyone are shocked. Gawtham gets tensed. Lallan, Bhima and Neel hide. The inspector says some goons are hiding here, someone is unconscious lying at the gate. The goons tried to kill him. He says we have to inspect this house. Akash says this is my house, I will take you. The inspector says someone may help him, give him water and first aid. Poonam says I will see that.

Akash says I don’t think someone will be here, but you can be sure. Poonam takes the first aid for Sudhir. Shashikant asks the pandit to complete the rest of the pheras. Poonam asks the inspector shall I call the doctor. Poonam sees Sudhir and is shocked. She thinks if Sudhir is here, who is inside. Akash says now you are sure that no one is inside. Poonam runs inside and shouts stop this marriage. Everyone look at Poonam. Gawtham smiles. The pheras get completed. Pandit says this marriage is done. Gawtham lifts his flowers and smiles cunningly. Everyone are shocked to see him in place of Sudhir. Poonam, Akash and Poonam’s family and everyone are spellbound seeing Gawtham. Gawtham makes faces and smiles.

Gawtham laughs loudly and even Prathna is shocked. Gawtham claps for himself. Prathna asks what happened Sudhir. Sudhir’s family says he is not Sudhir. Prathna says is this a joke. She says I met him in the mandir, and I said yes to marry him, he is Sudhir. She asks Akash whats all this. Sudhir disappears and the police tries ti find him. Sudhir’s mum scolds Gawtham and asks where is Sudhir. Prathna says it means he is not Sudhir. Sudhir comes there in a bad condition. Sudhir says Prathna, I m Sudhir. Everyone are shocked to see him wounded. Sudhir’s family runs to him and asks what happened. Sudhir says someone kidnapped me, I saved my life by much difficulty. Sudhir says Gawtham kidnapped him. Gawtham laughs. Prathna says you are the one who met me in mandir. Sudhir says yes, you had to meet me, before I could tell you about myself, some policemen came and took me, now I understand this was his plan. Shashikant asks Gawtham who is he and why did he do this.

Gawtham pushes Shashikant and Akash gets angry. Gawtham eats the laddus with pride and everyone are stunned. He says I’m not Sudhir. Mangla asks who are you. Gawtham says ask your son Akash or your bahu Poonam. Everyone look at Poonam. Poonam cries.
Lallan, Bhima and Neel laugh.

Gawtham gets into a fight with Akash.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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