Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi talking to Akash and telling him that you are doing a very good thing by keeping Poonam’s parents here. She says even I wanted to take care of my parents but I did not do. She says Poonam is very lucky to get a husband like you. She says if every son in law is like you, the world would be better. She says keep up your good work and take care of Poonam’s parents. Kanno talks to jai and says she is tried to serving Poonam’s parents. She says I expect a lot from there but I don’t want Poonam to stay in this house. jai says then how can her parents be here if Poonam goes out of this house. She says I can’t stand Poonam. He says but you want Poonam’s property.

Akash is doing his work in his room and Poonam comes to him and asks how are you now. He says I m fine, I will be better till tomorrow. Vandana knocks the door when Akash and Poonam were keeping pillows between them. They get shocked and remove the pillows. Poonam opens the door and says you here at this time. Vandana says we came to see Akash. Akash says why did you come, I m not that much hurt. Vandana says we wanted some pillows as we have to keep it under your dad’s foot. Akash says take it, we have many.

Poonam cares for Akash and Vandana and Prabhunath are happy to see her concern for Akash. Akash asks them to come and sit with him till Poonam brings coffee. Prabhunath says no, we will leave now, you guys take rest. Vandana takes the pillows with her. Akash and Poonam look at each other. Vandana and Prabhunath leaves from their room. Poonam closes the door. She comes to her side of bed and sits. Poonam thinks of Vandana’s words about Akash and thinks she should take care of Akash.

Akash hesitates and says you do one thing, you sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the sofa. Poonam says no, you sleep on the bed as you are hurt. He says we will keep this blanket between us. He says see, its a wall, now you can sleep peacefully. Poonam sleeps saying him good night. Deepak calls Prabhunath and asks how are you. Prabhunath says we are fine, Deepak says I got worrieed hearing from Poonam about your accident. Prabhunath says we are in Akash’s house and we are fine. Deepak apologizes and says the situation is still the same. Prabhunath says try for yourself first, we will take care of ourselves here. Poonam feels cold at night and Akash sees her. He makes her have the blanket.

He smiles and goes to sleep. Prabhunath and Vandana discuss about their house’s auction and Deepak’s situtaion in America. They are upset with whatever is going on. He says how will we manage here. Vandana says we can’t stay here for long. She says Poonam did not start her life yet. Prabhunath says we don’t have enough money to take a rented house. Vandana gives him some hope and asks him to sleep. Vandana closes the door. Mangla hears all this and is shocked. She says so this is their truth. She says they have nothing with them, so they are staying in this house.

The next morning, Poonam wakes up and finds Akash’s hand on her. Akash too wakes up and sees his hand is on Poonam. They both get up suddenly as the alarm clock rings. He says I was in sleep state, it was my mistake, I did not do it purposely. Poonam does not say anything and leaves. Akash smiles and music plays….. Mangla is thinking about Prabhunath’s words. Mama comes to her and says I was looking out for you and you are here.

He says I was thinking we can go somewhere out of city to visit any mandir, He says the weather is good, we can gel with Poonam’s parents. Mangla scolds him and asks him to stop and says you got fooled by them, they don’t have any money as their house is under auction. Mama says who told you. She says I know this. You and Kanno were serving them like fools. Mama is shocked and says I will kick them out of the house. She says they want to stick to us as they don’t have any place to live. She says I will do now whatever I can. She says you will not do anything and be quiet.

Mangla and Mama come to Vandana and Prabhunath in the hall and look at them angrily. Mama says see how they are sitting, like they are owners of this house. They come to them and the screen freezes on Mangla’s angry look.


Mangla tells Mama that I will insult Poonam’s parents that they will leave. She says I will deal with Kanno well.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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