Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone shocked seeing the cow dung to be used for cooking. Vidya starts cooking, Poonam sees her and follows her steps. All the women make the food and present the food to the sage. The sage tastes everyone’s food. Everyone makes something special and different. Poonam makes kerela dish and the sage is puzzled seeing it. Everyone are watching this on tv and smiles seeing Poonam. The sage looks at Poonam. Kanno says it is shown how bad she made the food. The sage asks why did you make kerela dish, coconut curry, why all this. Everyone has made different food, what do you want to depict. Parulben laughs.

Akash smiles. The money giver says I told you today’s women does not have any values, they don’t know anything about food. Akash is happy

seeing Poonam’s cooked food. Poonam says I have made the food which my husband likes. Everyone smiles at home hearing this. The sage says but whats this match. Poonam says we have only one thing to remember at home, we make what our family likes, even if there is no match, my mum taught me this, my husband likes this dishes. Akash smiles. Shashikant is happy hearing Poonam’s reply and praises her.

The sage tastes the food and likes it. He says you all have made different dishes and presented it well, so today’s winner is not one, but all. Everyone are happy. Parulben says how can this be. The sage says you all sit together and eat the dishes which you made. He tells Poonam that your husband is very lucky. Shashikant says not only Akash, even we all are lucky to get Poonam. They also go to have food. Dadi smiles with Akash. Akash looks at Poonam in the tv and missed her. He touches her face and sees her eating food smiling. He cries seeing her.

The money giver asks the sage why did you make everyone win. The sage says be calm, think wisely, you will understand that today’s task was important. The women who won today got confident. He says these women will learn a lot by this competition. They see two kids hungry. The money giver says why not make these kids have the food by those women. The sage agrees and asks them to call the kids. He asks the kids to have the food by the women there. The kids get happy and go there. Everyone like each other’s made food.

Parulben says I did not understand why we all won. Everyone start praising themselves. The kids come there and asks for the food. Parulben hides the food and scolds them. He calls them beggars and asks them to leave. Pinky says bthey are stinking bad. She says maybe the sage has sent them to see how we treat them. Parulben says no, it can’t be. Vidya sees the kids and tells Poonam we should give the kids food as they look hungry. Poonam sees them and says you call them, I will bring food for them. Aarti asks Tanya to go and serve food to the kids if she wants to win.

Tanya goes to them before Vidya and makes them eat food by her hands. Poonam looks on. The sage comes and sees Tanya treating them well. Everyone see the sage and is shocked. The sage asks whats everyone doing, only Tanya is making them eat. He scolds everyone. The money giver says yes, atleast Tanya knows to give food to the hungry kids. Pinky tells Parulben I told you the sage has sent them, now get the scold. The sage scolds everyone again and says you had so much food, but you did not share with them.

The sage you all have not welcomed the kids, you have ignored them. He says everything is waste without this. He says I m disappointed by all of you. He says the task which was given to you was to make you united and together. He says but that did not happen, so I made everyone the winner, now I m regretting my decision. He says today you have made me change my decision. He says I will declare one winner now and its Tanya. Everyone are shocked. Tanya is happy and smiles. She greets the sage. He says I m hurt by all of you, I won’t have food. Poonam stops him and says your decision is wrong. The sage is shocked to hear this.

The sage and Poonam have an argument. Poonam says Vidya tries to stop the kids at first.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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