Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam stopping Aarti and Vidya. Aarti hides the knife seeing Poonam. Poonam talks sweetly to Aarti and asks her to leave. Aarti leaves. Poonam says enough Vidya, now you can’t hide anything, as I have seen Aarti wa staking you at the point of knife, tell me who is scaring you, who is it, is he Sagar? Vidya cries and says if I don’t go there tonight, they will kill me too. Poonam says who, tell me. Vidya tells it to Poonam. Poonam is shocked knowing the truth. Poonam says don’t be afraid, I m with you. She hugs Vidya and says come with me. Poonam brings Vidya back and sits by her side. Vidya says tonight, they won’t leave me. Vidya sees someone coming and is afraid. She says they have come to kill me, don’t eave me. Poonam sees the door.


says save me, they will kill me. Poonam also has a weapon with her and is prepared to face anyone. Poonam goes to open the door and says who is there. The goons run away. Poonam shouts on them. All the women get up and asks Poonam what is happening. Poonam says maybe some thief. Parulben says we all can face them, don’t worry, we are united. Vidya is scared.

Its morning, Pinky says all the best to everyone, we don’t know what task will the sage give you today. She says did the thief come back. Poonam says how can he come back, he knows what he will face here. Parluben praises Poonam and wishes everyone all the best. She hugs Poonam. All the women have hands in hands. Poonam says if we get united, we can face anyone. The sage calls everyone. Vidya tells Poonam what will we do now. Poonam says I won’t let you go anywhere, be infront of my sight, don’t worry, till I m alive, no one can do anything to you. Poonam hugs Vidya.

Akash brings flowers and says I will leave you. He greets everyone. Shashikant says Poonam will win this competition. Akash smiles. Shashikant and Mangla teases Akash. Akash says you told me to take flowers. They confuse Akash and have a laugh. Akash laughs and says I understood you all are pulling my leg. He says I m going. Dadi stops him and makes him eat curd. Akash greets her and leaves. The sage welcomes everyone for the final task. He says in this task, you have to act as someone else and you can decide what you will act.

Poonam holds Vidya’s hand and calms her. The sage says discuss among yourselves and start. Sagar looks at Vidya and comes to her. He says Vidya looks unwell, you can take her to medical room. Poonam says no need. Sagar leaves. Parulben says it will be fun to act. Poonam says we will do Ravan Vadh. Parulben says yes, lets think what we will do in it. Poonam looks at Sagar and Vidya. She sees the inspector and goes to talk to him. She tells Vidya to be with everyone and not to worry. Poonam talks to the inspector and Sagar looks at her.

Poonam comes back and sees Vidya missing. She is shocked and asks everyone where is Vidya. Parulben says we don’t know. Ambika says she was here. Poonam goes to find Vidya and is shocked to see blood marks on the ground. She says this blood, is it Vidya’s and runs to find Vidya. She follows the blood marks and sees a man painting red colour. She is relieved to see Vidya fine. She runs to Vidya. Poonam scolds Vidya for going with someone else. Poonam says its danger everywhere, be with us, we have to be alert. She warns Vidya and asks her to listen to her only. She says we have only today, we have to bring out the murderer.

Mangla asks the servant to make something good today as its the day for Poonam’s victory. Vandana is happy seeing everyone loving Poonam. Mangla says we are lucky to get a good girl like Poonam. Vandana says I was thinking to make carrot sweet today. Mangla says why not, sure. Kanno talks to Mangla and says I m waiting for Poonam to bring money and get their home back so that they leave from here soon. Mangla says yes, it is still time, you do something till then. Kanno says what can I do. Mangla gives her an idea saying go and pray for Poonam. She leaves. Kanno is angry and says I will see how everyone see Poonam on tv today.

Everyone are getting ready for the drama act. Pinky asks Poonam for a role. Poonam agrees and says its good you are supporting us. Pinky thanks everyone and smiles. Aarti looks at Vidya. Poonam asks Aarti why will like to do any role. Aarti says no, I m busy in taking care of everyone. Poonam doubts on her. Poonam tells Vidya to stay right here as she is going to washroom and not to worry as she will be back soon. She leaves. Aarti comes to Vidya. Vidya sees her and is shocked. Aarti says this is your chance to save yourself, I came here for the last time, go to meet him, else you won’t be alive to regret. Poonam hears everything and is shocked.

Poonam asks Vidya to face the danger. Vidya says I can’t, I will run away.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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