Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla supporting Poonam. Kanno is angry saying she is my mum-in-law, so I can’t question her but why is she doing this. Dadi can asks her about this, but she leaves. Mangla brings Poonam to her room and says whatever you did for my son, it shows that you are a good hearted girl. Whatever happened with you and with us is all because of fate, which we cannot change, but we can control our house matters. Mangla speaks well with Poonam. Mangla says you are here for six months, so we can spend this time happily with togetherness. She further adds that even I m a mother, I want my house to be peaceful and I can do anything for it. Poonam gets happy listening to her. Mangla says I always scold Kanno, but she does not understand. You can understand well what I want from you, don’t think about Kanno. Prathna says you are right mum, Mangla blesses Poonam and asks her to take rest.

Prathna says I m shocked to see my mum speaking like this, but I m happy she is changing towards you. Poonam smiles. Everyone sit for breakfast, Mangla asks Kanno to have food, but she says I m so angry, my anger won’t go easily, you should stop interacting with Poonam.
Dadi says can’t you be cool for sometime, its too much. Mangla says its my house, I will do waht I want, don’t spoil the air daily. She scolds Kanno. Kanno says our starts do not meet, so we cannot understand each other how much we try. Mangla is shown planting trees, Mama asks her about whatever happened. Mama says Kanno is right. Kanno complains about Mangla to Shashikant. Mangla tells Mama that if you were educated, you would have understood. She says look at this tree, it does not need anything, but it grows because its roots are strong, but small plants needs care for proper growth.

Kanno tells Shashikant that Mangla is showcasing love for Poonam. Mangla says my daughter Prathna is like a small plant. Kanno wants to keep Poonam out of this house because she wants Akash to get married with other girl, but I m worried about Prathna, so I m taking much care about it. Kanno tells Shashikant that she needs to plan something to make Poonam go from here. Mangla says I want to prove to the world that we have kept good care of Poonam, still she left our house. Akash and Prathna will get good proposals. Everyone will doubt on Poonam. Kanno says Mangla speaks to Poonam so well with love that she won’t leave this house. Mangla says Kanno is like black soil, which we can’t get rid of. She says I m seeing Kanno is flying these days, but I want to control her. I will keep Poonam infront of her and will aim at her, so that Poonam leaves the house, and I can keep Kanno in my control. Mama is happy seeing the plan of Mangla. Shashikant asks Kanno to call Mangla, as he wants to talk to her. Kanno leaves.

Kanno comes to Mangla and says Shashikant is calling her. Mangla says I have some work, I will meet him later. Its night, Mangla comes to her room and sees Shashikant worried and angry. Kanno also comes there and says talk to her freely and explain her well. Mangla stops Kanno and closes the door on her face. Mangla asks him why are you so angry. He starts shouting on her. She says be calm first, then we will talk. Shashikant listens to her and cools down. Mangla gives him wine. He drinks it and smiles.

Mangla and Shashikant both have wine. Shashikant asks her about whats going on in her mind. She drinks the wine and has a talk with him. The next morning, Prathna is saying about the marriage she attended. Akash comes there and Prathna leaves. Akash tells Poonam ji. She asks him how are you, he says I m better now. He apologizes to her as Kanno spoke ill about them. Poonam says its not your mistake, so you need be sorry. He then thanks her. Poonam asks why. He says you took good care of me the whole night. Poonam says I did as a gesture of humanity, so no need of thanks. Akash smiles. Kanno is thinking about Mangla. Shashikant comes outside the room and asks you here, Kanno asks him what he spoke to her. Shashikant says what you are saying is not easy, I understand why you are annoyed. Mangla is right, there is some reason behind this. Kanno asks the reason. Shashikant says Poonam will go in six months, we cannot force her, she is educated and smart, if we misbehave with her, she can claim in our property.

Mangla wants to give love to Poonam till she stays here. Everyone will then blame Poonam for leaving this house. He leaves saying this. Kanno gets angry and says I know Mangla, she has taught you what she wanted.

Mangla gives a saree to Poonam with love and blessings. Kanno gets angry. Akash and Prathna are happy to see it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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