Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno telling jai that Poonam’s parents are rich and even their son is in America and would be profitable for us. She says maybe they will be happy by our service and give their property to Akash, which will be good for us. jai is happy listening this. Shashikant sees Prabhunath reading the newspaper and gets annoyed. He tells Prabhunath that you are sitting at my place and reading my newspaper. Poonam and Prabhunath tells him sorry and gives him the paper back. Kanno tries to calm them down as she now knows the effect of Prabhunath and his money. Kanno is fooled by Akash about Prabhunath’s financial status.

Everyone are in the hall. Kanno speaks sweetly to Vandana and asks what do you want. Vandana says water. Kanno says I will bring it, I m like your daughter. Poonam is shocked to see Kanno behave like this. Kanno asks Prabhunath how is his legs now. She talks to Prabhunath and asks him to take medicines on time and take care of the food. Poonam thinks what happened to Kanno so sudden. Kanno happily talks to them. Mangla sees this. Everyone are shocked to see Akash coming in wounded state. Akash is unable to stand. Poonam is worried seeing him.

Poonam runs to him and holds him. She asks how did this happen. Everyone run to Akash to support him. Poonam says you went to meet the agent, then how did this happen. They make Akash sit on the sofa. Mangla says how did you get hurt. Akash says mum….. He says I went to see the house with the agent, and I met with an accident on the way. He says some goons came to me and showed knife and took away everything I had. He says the area was bad. He tells Poonam that the area was dangerous, and the agent did not know about it. Mangla asks him to rest and asks Poonam to take Akash to his room.

Poonam takes Akash with her. Mangla looks on. Poonam does the first aid of Akash’s wounds. He smiles looking at her. Music plays….. She says its done now. He says I m fine now. She says so soon, he says yes, your hands are magical, you should have been a doctor. Poonam smiles. They get closer in the process and the song Deewanepan ki hadh dil samaj na paaye….. plays….. Akash stares at Poonam while she cleans his wounds. Poonam says where is the wound, its only blood, no wound. Akash says I will go and change and excuses himself. She says I will bring haldi milk for you. Akash says its good everyone thought my acting was real, so I can postpone going to Lucknow for sometime.

Mama brings Prabhunath and Vandana to Mangla and Dadi. Mangla offers them snacks. Kanno comes and brings chairs with her. She asks the servant to bring tea for everyone. She talks to Prabhunath and asks when are you going to your son to America. Prabhunath says its not decided yet, we were thinking to settle Poonam first. Kanno says Poonam got married here, why to worry about her, and your son is in America. She says you have everything with you, your son might be sending you money from America. She says your expenses are less and savings are more, right.

Mangla and Dadi are silently hearing her. Kanno smiles. Prabhunath and Vandana think whats the reason for Kanno’s changed behavior. Kanno says if you say, I will tell you something. She says buy some ornaments here, it would be good. Vandana says yes, right. Kanno serves them tea before serving Mangla and Dadi. Vandana says give them first. Kanno says it does not matter, I got this tea for you, take it. Mangla gets angry seeing this. Kanno smiles.

Kanno asks them to drink tea. Mangla feels insulted and leaves saying I will go and see Akash, he could not go to office as he got hurt. Dadi says you sit, I will go and meet him, I did not talk to him. Mangla says have tea. Dadi says its fine, you be here, I will go and leaves. Mama asks Mangla why did Dadi go. Mangla taunts Kanno. Kanno imagines herself as a queen and Prabhunath and Vandana giving her money and ornaments and also their property. Kanno happily accepts it and sees dollars. She dances happily and says this is my dollars. Mangla comes dressed like a poor woman and picks up the dollars. Kanno takes it back from her. She scares Mangla and says only I have the right on this money. Kanno asks her not to touch it. Kanno laughs while Mangla steals the dollars.
Her dream ends and she smiles.

Prabhunath and Vandana talk about the house’s auction. Mangla hears all this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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