Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akash and everyone coming to the place. Akash breaks the door and till then the goons take her from the back door. Akash shouts Poonam ji. They look for her. The goons take her in the car. Akash sees them and runs after them. Everyone come out and sees Poonam leaving with the goons. Akash leaves in his car. The police too follows them. The goons lose Akash’s sight as they take a turn. Akash says where did the car too. The goons brings Poonam in a jungle and think to hide her somewhere. They make her sit in the dicky and asks her not to do any smartness.

Akash meets the police and tells them that he saw Poonam in the goons’ car and gives the description. He says the car did not have number plate. The SP tells his staff to find such car and check every car. Akash leaves with the police. The goons dress like hospital staff and changes the whole look of the car. They change the color of the car too. The green car turns white.

Everyone come home and pray to get Poonam. Shashikant asks Jai to call Akash. Prabhunath says he will call us if he comes to know. Everyone are worried. Kanno says I told you Mata Singh does not value lives. She says why did Poonam go against her, I m worried, if anything wrong happens, what will we do. If police could not find her, how can Akash find her. Vandana gets worried. Shashikant stops Kanno for making everyone worry more. He asks her to be quiet and says nothing will happen to Poonam, I trust Akash, he will bring her.

Vandana prays for Poonam’s safety. Mata Singh calls the goons. The goons gives him updates. Mata Singh scolds him. He says I have to fill the form today. He laughs. The SP says we are finding Poonam, don’t worry. The police gets the car and checks it. The goons gets tensed. SP says is this the same car. Akash says no, it was green. Poonam makes the sound. The goon says we are changing tyre. SP asks where do you have to, we have to check the car. The goons says we don’t have anything, we have medicines, we are late.

SP says open the dicky. They open it. They see only boxes. Poonam cries. Akash thinks to call Shashikant. The goons say let us go. SP says come with us, of you have to go fast. Akash keeps his hand on the car. He talks to Shashikant. He removes his hand and is shocked to see color. The SP leaves. The goons talk to Mata Singh and says we are going with the police, no need to be worried. Mata Singh says what. The goons say we have fooled them.

The SP asks the police to let the car go. They thank the SP. Akash looks at his hand and the car. He thinks where are you Poonam. Mata Singh comes to fill the form. He comes to know about a candidate standing against him. Mata Singh is shocked and asks who is it. He sees Akash and Poonam and is shocked. Mata Singh asks his goons how this happened. Poonam smiles. Poonam fills the election form. Mata Singh gets angry.

Mata Singh threatens Poonam. Poonam answers him well and says I have filled the nomination form, I will win this election.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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