Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone saying against each other. Poonam is silent and does not speak ill about any woman. The sage notices this. Everyone are watching this at home. Mangla says what happened to Poonam, why is she not saying anything. The sage says its Poonam’s turn now. Mama says Poonam did not tell anything about anyone, lets see what people say about her. The woman speak against Poonam. Kanno says see what they are saying about Poonam. Mangla scolds Kanno. The sage says the time has come to declare today’s winner.

He says the winner is………….. Everyone looks on. The sage says Poonam. Poonam is shocked. Everyone at home are happy to hear this. The women look at each other. Parulben says how can this happen, she did not say anything then how can she

win. Pinky says she did not participate in this, hiw can she win. The sage says Poonam, why did you not tell anything against them. Poonam says I was confused, you asked to say about their weakness, everyone has some weakness, if I m not perfect, how can I say their weaknesses. Akash claps and says congrats Poonam. Everyone are happy hearing her reply. Mangla smiles.

The sage praises Poonam a lot. Akash is very happy hearing him. Poonam smiles. Mangla congratulates Vandana and says Poonam will be the winner of the competition. Shashikant meets Prathna and asks how are you and Sudhir. Prathna says Sudhir is a nice man who takes good care of me. Sudhir comes and asks Shashikant to have food. He says I m like your son. Shashikant is happy Sudhir has some work and greets Shashikant saying I have to leave. Prathna says I got a good life partner and a good family. This happened because of Poonam, she has good family values, she thinks about everyone’s good. She says she did a lot for me, she saved my life from Gawtham.

She praises Poonam adn says I can’t forget her good things. Shashikant says yes and smiles. Poonam tells everyone that she did not know the sage would say that. She is happy. Everyone are annoyed with her. They blame Poonam saying if you understood what the sage was upto, you would have told us, we would have not done that mistake. Everyone look at Poonam. Aarti and Tanya think of finding a way to win. Aarti says I want you to win. Tanya says you, for me. Aarti says will you do anything for winning. Tanya says I will do anything to win.

Ambika sees Aarti and Tanya going somewhere at night. They go to a room and Ambika follows them and tries to hear them but can’t. She hides. She says the money giver man and is shocked. Akash is giving sweets to everyone. Akash says Prabhunath you should have seen how much Poonam got praised today. Kanno is happy to see Prabhunath and asks him to bring the vegetables from the market and asks him to repair the toilet flush.

Akash says why will he do this. Mangla scolds Kanno. Kanno says why not, if he can stay here, he can work too. Akash says he is not your slave. Shashikant comes home and says enough. Everyone are happy to see him. Shashikant scolds Kanno for talking like this to Prabhunath. He says he is Poonam’s father, not your slave. Mangla asks how was your journey. Shashikant tells everyone if anyone insults Poonam’s parents, I won’t leave them. He says they are not guests, but a part of this family. Everyone are shocked. He says respect them as you all respect me and Mangla. He leaves. Dadi and Akash smiles.

Mangla comes to her room to talk to Shashikant and asks you hated me, we were losing Akash because of them, did you forget this. Shashikant says I did not forget anything, I met Prathna and she is very happy. He says Sudhir welcomed me well, all this is because of Poonam. He says we did not accept her, but she made our daughter a princess and gave her a good future. He praises Poonam. Mangla says you don’t know they made garlic in our house. He says I know you eat garlic. She says they have not told us about their house auction.

He says they have hidden it from their daughter as they did not want her to be worried. He says I m the head of this family, and they are our guests, don’t speak against them and tell this to Kanno and Mama. Mangla is shocked. The sage gives a new task to the women and asks them to cook by cow dung. Everyone are shocked to see it and say we have not cooked on this ever in our lives. Poonam looks on. The sage hears the women fight and thinks of seeing what happens next.

The sage sees the food prepared by the women. Poonam looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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