Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla dialing Mama but unable to talk to him. Kanno redials the number and talks to Mama. She comes to know that Mama has gone to Lucknow to enquire about Poonam and her family. Mama is being fooled by Suman, Monica Didi and some fellows. Mama asks Suman where are the keys of Poonam’s house. Suman gets tensed.

Suman fools Mama and says the house is under repair. Mama says so Prabhunath is renovating the house. Suman takes him with her. Poonam talks to Prabhunath and Vandana saying I have to take care of both of you, if Deepak can’t bear your responsibility, I m with you. Prabhunath says I understand your feelings and worry for us, but this is your in laws house, and we feel wrong to stay here. Poonam says I understand, I don’t want you to stay here forever, as its hurting you, but how can I send you to Lucknow in this state, once you get well, we will go together.

Vandana says I think you should be with your in laws. Poonam says its Mangla’s decision. Akash hears Poonam talking to her parents and gets worried. Monica Didi calls Akash and tells him that Mama is fooled and he left from Lucknow. Akash thanks her and says I have to manage Poonam here. Mama is still with Suman at a shop and meets the bank clerk. The bank clerk asks about Prabhunath. He tells Mama about the house’s auction and Suman is tensed.

Mama is shocked to know the reality about Prabhunath’s house. Someone takes the bank clerk with him and Suman talks to Mama and diverts his attention. Mama is told a lie and Mama believes him. Mama comes back to his city. Mangla is waiting for him and Kanno sees her. Kanno says don’t know where Mama went, he is not seen since morning. Mangla scolds her and asks her to go and sleep. Kanno makes an excuse. Mama enters. Mangla talks to Mama and asks where were you, you look tired.

He tells her that he is tired and says I can’t eat now, Prabhunath’s neighbors made me eat well. Kanno comes there and hears all this. She questions him and Mangla is shocked. Mangla asks Kanno to leave. Kanno says Mama went to find out about Poonam’s family. Mangla is stunned. Kanno says even I want to know what he found out, as I m also related to them. She says even I have a right to know. She asks Mama whats the news. Mangla says tell it to her, what you found, whats there to hide. Mama says Prabhunath is very much respected there, everyone took care of me knowing I m his relative.

Mama says he is a good guy with lots of influence. Mama says he used to work in bank and his son is in America. Kanno says did you understand, it means they are good people. She says Akash will get rich under their influence. Mangla looks on. Kanno is happy getting fooled.

Poonam comes to Akash and thinks of Vandana’s words that she should know few things about Akash. She talks to Akash. He tells her about his work. She says can I help you. He says no. She asks him what does he like in food, like which dish and vegetables. Akash is happy and shocked. He says no one asked me till date about my likes and favourite food. Poonam smiles. He says I have to think about it, I eat anything. Poonam says I know, but you might have any like. He says I never thought, but will think now. He thinks and she looks at him. He says I like these dishes….. He says leave it, why are you asking. She says it will be good if we get a home soon, we will shift with my parents to Lucknow. Poonam wishes him good night and thinks of his likes. She says I have to learn what he likes and take care of him. Akash smiles knowing Poonam’s concern for him.

Everyone are shocked to see Akash badly hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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