Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akash telling Poonam has called him and he is talking to her. Shashikant smiles and asks did you get to know her location. Akash says no, she called from where she is kept by the goons. He tells them everything and asks them to find Poonam. Akash asks Poonam not to worry as he is coming. Poonam says everyone might be worried at home. He says yes, but I promise you will be with us soon. She tells him more about the place like the way had some garbage yard in between. He asks what smell. She says about raw meat. Akash thinks he has to find out the market. He stops. She asks what happened. He says such market is only one, I was going in wrong direction.

He turns the car and says I m coming. He asks her to see any window. She says I can hear a bell like in schools. Maybe a school is nearby. He says ok, I will find out. Shashikant, Prabhunath and Jai come to the police station. Jai says this is the same inspector who arrested me in wrong case. They look on. He sees Jai and smiles. He asks how are you here. Jai says these are Mata Singh’s goons, we can’t tell infront of them. Shashikant asks inspector to talk to them in alone. He says no, tell me here.

Prabhunath says please. The SP comes and scolds him. Shashikant says we want to tell him, but we need to talk out. The SP says you all come with me. Akash says Poonam he is on the right way. Poonam smiles. He says I m looking for the school. He says pray to Lord that everything becomes fine. Akash asks people about the school. He gets the school and reaches there. Poonam says come soon, if anyone see me talking on phone, don’t know what will happen. He says fine, coming.

Jai gives the number to SP. The SP finds out the location. He says you can go home now, I will tell you the details, don’t worry, Mata Singh will not know this. Prabhunath says save my daughter please. The SP says law is with you, don’t worry. They leave. Akash tells Poonam he reached the school. He thanks the Lord. He says if we hear the ring together, it means we are close, then I will find you in every building. The bell rings. Akash asks her can you hear the bell. Poonam cries and says no. Akash is shocked. He says it means I m at wrong place. He says I don’t know where are you.

Poonam says don’t lose hope. I m sure you are nearby. He cries He sees a small temple and goes to pray. He says I m getting dad’s call, maybe he wants to tell me something, I will find a PCO and talk to him. The PCO has lots of people in queue. Akash argues with the man. Akash makes the call to Shashikant. Shashikant says we got the location, its on Lucknow road. Akash says tell me whole address. Shashikant says there is Bajrangi Dhaba, we will reach there, you also come. Akash says fine and leaves.

Everyone are shocked to see Mata Singh at their home. Shashikant thinks did he hear anything. Mata Singh asks them where are they going. Shashikant says where can we go.Mata Singh says I understand your problem and helplessness. Mata Singh says I can help you, He sees everyone quiet and thinks why is anyone not telling anything, its something fishy. He signs his men. He says I will leave now. Shashikant says we will leave after some time.

Mata Singh calls the goon and asks to check Poonam. Akash says my phone’s battery is low but I will charge it, don’t worry. Poonam hears someone coming. She gets tensed. The goons sees her sleeping and leaves locking her. Poonam gets up and talks to Akash again Mata Singh how can a kidnapped girl sleep, I can’t digest this. Akash meets the police inspector. The SP says come, we found her location. Shashikant, Jai and Prabhunath also come. Akash says we are coming, don’t worry. They leave to see her.

. The goon sees Poonam talking on the phone and takes the phone. Poonam is shocked. They inform Mata Singh about this. They catch Poonam and says tell us what to do, fine we will take her from here. Poonam says leave me. They tie her mouth and hands. Akash reaches there with the police.

The goons brings Poonam out. They make her sit in the car and leave. Akash runs after them. Poonam cries.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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