Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th August 2013 Written Update

Maha Episode- Independence Day special.

The episode starts with Akash asking to Kannu that why can’t Poonam enter this house. Kannu says because this is a respected house and not a guest house where anyone can enter with their own wish and goes off. She says even in hotel, The customer have to tell the manager about their leaving. This is Poonam’s sasural and she have to keep its respect intact. She says Poonam could have informed Dadi, Maaji, Babuji and how she left the house without informing them. Kannu says she knows her responsibilities well then shy she forgot everything. She says everyone was tensed because of you. She says Poonam can’t enter the house without her permission. Mangla shouts at Kannu and asks her to stop. She says she has the right on the house

laws and you can’t take the decisions. Kannu says you are breaking your own laws which you made for the house. Mangla says let her come inside and says she went after taking permission from me. Akash and Poonam looks at each other. Mangla asks Poonam to go inside. As Poonam is walking inside the house, Dadi asks Mangla that why you didn’t tell us before that Poonam went with your permission. But Poonam says she didn’t take Maaji’s permission before leaving. Kannu smiles. Dadi says it means mangla lied. Poonam says Maaji was trying to save me,She asks for forgiveness from Mangla and says she knows whatever she was doing is for her good. But everyone should know the truth. She says she wants to say the truth to everyone and the truth is that I went from this house without informing anyone. Kannu taunts Maaji that Poonam uncover your lie. Dadi asks Kannu to stop talking and asks Poonam, why she left suddenly.

Prathna asks Poonam why she left without informing them. Poonam stare at Mangla who also look at her. Poonam remembers Mangla words that Poonam is nothing for her and she is not bothered about her qualities and she is just a pawn (Mohra) for her. Poonam lies that she remembered her Maa and Papa and that’s why she left to meet them. Akash asks her to share her worries with him. Poonam says she wants to talk to maaji that it is not right to give her house responsibilities as Bhabhi shall get the responsibilities. Kanno blames Poonam. Akash says Poonam is not like her. Akash talks about Poonam’s values. Poonam says you are thinking me wrong and asks her to have faith on her. She says she is not connecting herself with this family. She says she don’t have any right on them or anything. Poonam says she will leave the house in 6 months. Akash is shocked and speechless. She says Bhabhi have the right on everything. She folds her hands and says sorry if she hurt them. she says whatever she did was right. Dadi asks her to go inside. Mangla stares at her.

Meanwhile Akash and his father Sashikant are busy on the phone. Mangla asks them to have breakfast. Shashikant says they have so much work and talks about his work. Mangla says it seems they will don’t have dinner until evening. The ladies sits for dinner. Akash is talking on the phone, Poonam comes. Akash and Poonam bump into each other, Akash says her sorry. Poonam says she brought the breakfast for him and asks him to eat while talking. Poonam says today is special and asks where they celebrate it near the neighbourhood. Akash says Independence day is celebrated in school, college and offices. Poonam says but they used to celebrate Independence day in their neighbourhood every year and they used to raise the flag and sings national songs. She says she used to get the prize during the day and it was fun. Poonam asks him to have breakfast, Akash have breakfast while Poonam leaves.

Mangla asks Prathna did maaji called. Prathna says yes, she will reached Lucknow and will come before Puja. Mangla asks Poonam to serve the food as Sashikant came to have breakfast. Akash comes and suggests his dad Sashikant that they shall celebrate the festival of 15th August Kannu asks what is the festival on 15th August. Akash says our nation got independence on that day and it is not less than a festival. Prathna says but how we will celebrate? Akash says we will invite our neighbours and raise the flag. Kanno asks from where you got this idea. Akash says this idea came from Poonam and she used to celebrate Independence day at her neighbourhood and I thought to celebrate it as well. Kannu says she knows that it was Poonam’s idea and says you are obedient husband. Sashikant scolds him that they have so many orders for Independence day and they have to cancel the order if he plans to celebrate the Independence day. Akash asks him to have faith and asks for Mangla’s opinion. Mangla says she liked Poonam’s idea and it is good that we will celebrate Independence day. Sashikant leaves without having breakfast. Prathna decides to make the list of the invitees. Mangla talks with kannu that are you getting angry on Poonam that she is going to celebrate Independence day. Kannu says no one will come but Mangla says they will come as they are inviting them.

Akash and Poonam starts decorating the house. Kannu sees it and gets irked. Poonam calls Prathna, while Kannu eyes the invitee’s list. She captures the list in her phone. As she is leaving, she bumps into her husband and asks her to do as she says. He complies. Poonam accidently slips but Akash holds her orn time making the scene beautiful, flowers falls on them and they have an eyelock. Both of them get up and Akash says her sorry. Poonam feels shy and leaves. Mamaji tells Mangla what is the need for them to celebrate the Independence day. Mangla says she just gave them permission but she is actually waiting for the drama, which she will watch happily. Shashikant comes and tells Akash that caterers didn’t reach to their clients. Mangla asks him to calm down. Shashikant gets angry and says he said no for the festival. Akash says that he sent the caterers in the morning itself and thinks to do something. Sashikant scolds him older son and says you always stands near to Kannu and asks him to do work. Akash says he will get the food prepare and send it.

Mangla asks Kannu that you seems to be happy. Kannu says as it is the festival, she needs to be happy. Akash, Poonam and Prathna decorated their house for the Independence day. Guests comes and praises their thoughts to celebrate the Independence day. Prathna says it was Poonam’s idea but later we implemented it. Akash praises Poonam idea. Some lady asks about Kannu, Akash says she is inside. Mangla looks on. Everyone starts to leave, Akash tries to stop them but in vain. Someone says let them do for what they came for. They enter inside the house, Mangla says she is not understanding anything. She goes inside to check. Kannu welcome the neighbour and says she throw the party as she thought everyone would be free today. She thanks the guests. Mamaji and Mangla feels happy. Sashikant comes and sees the neighbour and asks Mangla. Mangla says Kannu invited them for the party and didn’t inform me either. The guests sees the food and asks kannu, whether she had prepared everything. Kannu says her husband took care of the food. Sashikant gets angry on him and says so it is you who is behind all this.

Mangla acts innocent and says she feels sorry as Kannu took away her guests. She says she is feeling bad. Some reporters comes there, Akash, Poonam and Mangla meets them. They asks about the flag raising in their house and asks whose idea is this. Akash smiles and says it is Poonam’s idea. One reporter identifies Poonam as the one who said no for her marriage because her to be inlaws demanded dowry.

Prathna says yes, she is the one. The reporters starts bombarding with questions. Mangla tells them to asks what they wants to know and says She is very happy. This idea of celebrating the independence day is her’s and we are together as out thoughts and love for nation are same. She says you will like our efforts. Mangla asks his brother to take care of the guests. She tells the reporters that she will get her other family members for raising the flag. She informs the guests and Kannu that the reporters came from the TV channel as they will telecast our family on the television. Sashikant asks who invited them. Akash says he didn’t invited them. All the guests gets excited and is about to leave. Kannu tells them about prize and game. She tries to temp them with the prizes. Akash comes and asks them to come as everyone will come on TV. Poonam says we shall celebrate the party afterwards and before that we shall raise the flag and sings the national song. Mangla asks Kannu to come along but Kannu says they will stay to play. Mangla says it is important day for every citizen. Childrens of the guests asks their parents to come for the flag raising. Everyone goes irking kannu even more. Kannu too comes now. The reporters asks Poonam to raise the flag but Poonam says it is not because of her but because of her entire family it was made possible. She says Kannu took care of the food of the guests. She asks Maaji and Babuji to do the honours of flag raising. After they raise the flag, together they sings the national sing Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka….

Akash says you was right when we raise the flag, we feels so connected with the nation. We are proud to be a Indian. Poonam and Akash looks at the flag. The episode ends.

Akash tells Kannu to stop talking rubbish about amma, and says he will not tolerate next time. Kannu says where was your manhood when Manish entered this house and misbehaved with your sister. Prathna feels bad.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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