Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno scolding Poonam. Mangla takes Poonam’s side and Kanno gets angry. Mangla scolds Kanno and says how dare you challenge my decision. Kanno leaves angrily. Poonam thanks Mangla for supporting her. Mangla asks her tow ear salwar suits and carry on with the work. Vandana tells Mangla we are lucky that Poonam got a house like this. Mangla says I know how to deal with my bahus. Akash talks to Monica Didi and informs him that Mama left from here. Vandana comes to Poonam to help her in kitchen. Poonam says no need. Vandana insists. Poonam asks her to talk to her, thats all. Vandana smiles and asks her is this dish Akash’s fav. Poonam says everyone likes it.

Vandana asks what does Akash like, Poonam says I don’t know. Vandana looks on. Poonam says Akahs does not have any special choice, he likes everything. Vandana says a wife should know what her husband likes in everything, and this can happen when a wife shares her choice with him. Poonam says I understand. Kanno comes to her and sees Poonam in the salwar suit. Kanno looks out for the servant and asks Poonam where is he. Poonam says I have sent him to bring my dad’s medicines. Kanno scolds her and asks who will do the work now.

Kanno taunts her saying you always do what you want, first you wore this suit and now sending the servants, now see he won’t come before night. She says I will tell Mangla, all this is happening because of you. The servant comes and hears all this. Kanno takes him with her. Poonam looks at Vandana.

Mama reaches Poonam’s locality. Monica Didi and Suman are looking at him. They hire a man to fool Mama. Mama talks to the man and says he is from Sitapur and came to visit his relative Prabhunath. The man says treat him well, he is Prabhunath’s relative. Everyone treat Mama well. Mama is happy to get VIP treatment. Monica Didi and Suman laugh seeing this. Mama gets Mangla’s call but he does not pick it. Kanno welcomes the property agent and Mangla asks Kanno who is he. Kanno says he is the property agent, I have asked him to come so that I can help Akash. Akash comes and Kano says I called him for you. Akash asks why. Kanno says I wanted to help you, you can get good office in Lucknow.

She says he is a good honest agent, he will make you get the office according to your budget. Akash is tensed. Poonam says you can help us, we want a office near our house. Poonam tells him her address. Akash gets worried. The agent shows them photos of the property. Akash tries to find some errors in it and rejects it. Akash pinpoints at everything. He says show something else. Poonam does not understand why Akash is doing so. The agent is scared of him and leaves greeting them.

Kanno says I called such a good agent, but Akash made him go away. She says I think Akash don’t want to go to Lucknow. Mangla says leave it on Akash and asks them to help her in kitchen. Akash is relieved and says I got saved today, what will I do next time.
Mama comes to know that Prabhunath is not at home. The men say you are our guest now. Mama is happy. Mama is fooled by them. Mama says I will stay at Prabhunath’s house. They say we can’t take you there as its under repair. They say we will keep you with us. Mama is heppy. Poonam comes to Akash and he says you work a lot. She asks him why he said no to all the properties. He says I know the faults in them, as I have seen Lucknow. I have seen those properties earlier. She says did you start looking for a house. He says yes, we have to think of a better place as you will have to stay alone. He says you don’t worry, I m going tomorrow to see a house, trust me, we will get a good house and office. She says I trust you. She leaves. Akash smiles saying how much more I have to lie.

Kanno talks to Mama and comes to know Mama is being a spy to find out about Poonam’s family.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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