Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mata Singh coming to meet Poonam. He says no one will come to save you now and laughs. Poonam looks at him stunned. He says you wanted to stand against me, now fight, now you won’t be able to vote too, how did you like this place. He hurts her and says you have to stay here till you die. He says if public speaks against the king, the king can’t bear it, so don’t dare to go against me. He says Akash will not reach you, we will stop him, if I want, I can kill you now, but no I will not give you easy death. I will keep you here in this walls and you will die alone. He throws Poonam on the floor. He says you will die to live, without your family, totally alone.

Poonam looks at him with anger. Mata Singh laughs. Vandana and Prabhunath come to Akash’s house. They cry thinking Poonam is missing. Vandana says do anything, but bring her back. Shashikant says we will find her soon. Kanno says Mata Singh has kidnapped her, we won’t be able to find her. I told her not to stand against him, you all go to him and apologize.

Kanno says tell him that we won’t do this again. Vandana says yes. Prabhunath says lets go and meet Mata Singh. Everyone leave to meet Mata Singh. Vandana prays for Poonam. Mata Singh tells them that he does not know where is Poonam. Jai says we promise Poonam will not fight elections. Mata Singh denies to accept his mistake. He says I will die, but not leave my values. He says I don’t plaky bad politics. Shashikant says we are sorry, we will do what you say, please leave Poonam. Mata Singh says we don’t have Poonam. Prabhunath also requests him. Mata Singh refuses. Mata Singh asks his goons to help them in finding Poonam.

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He leaves for campaign. Akash sees this and thinks no one should see him, but he has to find about Poonam. Everyone leave. Akash says I have to go inside the house but how. Poonam thinks she is sure she will meet Akash and stops crying. She looks around the godown. The goons laugh seeing her knock the door. Akash hears Mata Singh talking to his family. Mata Singh says you did good, by disappearing Poonam. His mum says we all know what to do in such situation, she was going against you. Mata Singh says I learnt all this from you. Akash hears them. His mum says now you will win the elections.

Mata Singh says Poonam and Akash can’t do anything, Akash will not be able to find her, her family came to me, begging me to leave her, a girl ruined them, its their mistake not to control her. Akash gets angry. His mum says why did you let this happen. Mata Singh says I m punishing her as she is wrong. Akash says I will not leave anyone. His mum asks where did you keep her. Mata Singh says she is very smart, I have kept at a new place. A lady catches Akash and slaps him. Mata Singh is shocked to see him. Akash says I m sorry, I came to find my wife.

They scold Akash. Mata Singh smiles. Akash gets more slaps. Mata Singh says I told you Poonam is not here, don’t do this again else I will send you to jail. He says get out. Akash says I know what you did with Poonam, I just heard it, I will find her at any cost, then I will settle the score with you. Akash leaves. Poonam gets a phone there and tries to connect it. The goons think they should check her once. Poonam connects the phone. The goons come to her.

Mata Singh talks to the media and speaks in favor of Poonam. Akash looks on.

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