Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash receiving Poonam’s call. Poonam says Akash ji its me. Suddenly the phone slips from her hand and gets disconnected. Akash thinks how could ti disconnect. They both try the numbers and get engage tone. Prathna asks Akash what is the matter, he tries Poonam’s number. Prathna asks what happened, Akash receives her call again. Poonam says sorry, the phone slipped from my hand.
He says what were you saying, she says whenever you come this way, do come to meet me, I have to talk something important with you. Akash listens. She cuts the call saying bye, see you. Akash smiles. Dadi asks him what happened, he was sad few mins ago and now he is happy.

Akash says its my lottery day today as Poonam ji called him, as he loves her. He tells that Poonam ji

asked me to meet, Dadi says your being adamant will help you succeed. Akash recites the lines that Poonam is mine, and we are going to marrying.

Gawtham calls Poonam and she thinks it might be Akash’s call and picks the call and says yes Akash ji say, Gawtham is shocked to hear Akash’s name. He says I m Gawtham. He asks who is Akash. She says she just knows him as they met in a bank. Gawtham says we are coming your home tomorrow, inform everyone.

The next morning, Dadi tells Akash that today you are going to meet your dreams thats Poonam, and you will succeed. Dadi blesses Akash. Akash recites his lines. Dadi prays for Akash.

Vandana is cleaning the house as Gawtham’s family is coming today, she asks Poonam to get ready. Poonam is waiting for Suman. Prabhunath says Vandana that he can help her. She asks him to bring mithai. Suman comes and takes Poonam to make her ready. Prabhunath goes outside and sees bank manager, Prabhunath sees if the manager sees him, he will make an big issue, so he has to hide from the manager’s sight. Prabhunath hides in the bathroom.

Poonam is getting ready and Vandana sees her standing far. She says it reminds me of my times, as I used to go ready for your dad. She says history repeats itself. She blesses Poonam saying she is giving her dreams to her. She hugs Poonam and cries.

Gawtham’s family arrives at Poonam’s house, Vandana greets them and welcomes them. Gawtham introduces every family member. Vandana asks them to come in. Vandana thinks where Prabhunath is. He is worried as people are knocking the bathroom’s door.

Gawtham’s family asks for Prabhunath. They think these people look wealthy, we can take money from them and start come business. Vandana says Poonam that Prabhunath did not come till now. She asks Suman to give water to everyone as she is calling Prabhunath.
Prabhunath thinks if I go out, maybe I will see manager standing infront of me. The manager thinks he will give some bolt by meeting Prabhunath at his house. His assistant says he is not at home. The manager leaves. People says to break the door, as someone might have fainted inside.

Akash comes on his bike. Prabhunath opens the door, and comes out. People asks him is he fine, why he was inside for so much time. Prabhunath sees the manager has gone. Akash sees him. People asks Prabhunath why he is worried. Akash greets Prabhunath. Vandana informs him that Gawtham’s family has reached. Prabhunath asks Akash to help him and bring some mithai as he has guests today at his home.

Vandana offers snacks to the guests. She is shocked to see how Gawtham’s dad is behaving. Neel stares at Suman. Vandana says Prabhunath will come anytime. Prabhunath comes and apologises to all. Vandana asks Suman to bring Poonam. Akash comes home and listens everything and gets shocked. Akash sees Poonam happy. The families meet and hug each other. Prabhunath sees Akash, and asks him to get in. He brings mithai. Vandana gives sweets to everyone. Prabhunath introduces Akash to everyone. Akash looks at Poonam. The Episode ends on his sad face.

Gawtham praises Poonam, and says he is lucky that he is marrying Poonam. Akash is sad, and says I will leave. Poonam looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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