Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno getting fooled by her husband. He smiles and says I did this for you and you doubted on me. He says I love you truly. He says I have a beautiful wife, then why will I look anywhere else. She says you will be punished even now for not telling me about Rani. He asks him to do situps. He does so. Kanno smiles. Shashikant asks him where he is going, and did Kanno say anything. He says no, I told her today as I was strict to her. Shashikant asks Akash to learn from him and talk to Poonam. He says be like my son, be like a man. Poonam comes there with Prathna and offers milkshake. Everyone gather in the hall. Kanno also comes there and looks at her husband. She says so now the time has come to decide about Dadi’s decision about Poonam. Dadi and Mangla look

at each other. Dadi says I will talk to Mangla and give my decision tomorrow. Shashikant agrees.

Mangla says lets go to our rooms and rest. Kanno asks her husband where he is going. He goes to his room. The next morning, Poonam is lost in thoughts. Prathna says are you worried. Poonam says yes. Prathna says you will win, you have all the qualities of a good bahu. Prathna says don’t worry, we can guess what might be Mangla’s decision. Poonam thanks her. Akash comes and says you made good food. Poonam thanks him. He takes her side. Poonam says I will go and give the accounts to Mangla.

Dadi tells Mangla that Poonam did her duty well. Mangla agrees. Dadi says Poonam denied to accept Akash. I was not favoring Poonam, but I m thinking something else. Poonam is an educated girl, I think we should change our decision, we should accept her as our bahu. Mangla says I can’t change my decision. Prathna won’t marry till Poonam is here. She has to go from this house. Dadi says then why are you supporting her. This is not good. If she gets attached to her, then we can’t separate her. Poonam comes to Shashikant and says she came to meet Mangla. He says she is with Dadi in the hall. Dadi says think about Poonam. If we are not accepting her, then why are you trying and speaking to her sweetly. Mangla says Poonam is nothing for me, Kanno is my mistake, but to rectify it we can take Poonam’s help. We have six months, and I will use Poonam and control Kanno. She says I cannot see Kanno fly infront of me, I have to try to tell that I m the queen of this house.

Poonam hears everything and is shocked. She thinks about Mangla’s words and gets disheartened. Akash calls Poonam and asks her some meaning. Mangla sees Poonam and speaks sweetly with Poonam. Akash smiles unaware of his mum’s act. Everyone gather in the hall again. Mangla says its good everyone came here. I spoke to Dadi about this and Dadi told her decision to me. She says Poonam did her work well and impressed us. She says I felt Poonam could not do it, but she did. She praises Poonam a lot. Poonam is puzzled. Mangla says you passed in the challenge. Everyone smile. Kanno is angry. Mangla taunts Kanno. Mangla takes Poonam with her. Prathna says I knew it Poonam will pass. She says I will go and thank Dadi. Akash goes for his work. Kanno says I should get rid of Poonam.

Mangla gives gold bangles to Poonam and speaks sweetly to her. She says I thought of giving you this if you passed in the challenge. Poonam gets hurt. She says shall I leave. Mangla looks at her and smiles. Poonam comes to her room and sees her parents photo and cries. She says everyone here are materialistic, I m missing you and I m feeling alone here. She says I want to come to you and don’t want to leave you. I did not want to marry but I accepted what life gave me, I did not know where I will be. She is hurt by Mangla’s words. She says she came here in between strangers, I accepted them but they did not. She says I thought they have accepted me but I was wrong. I don’t understand what to do. Akash talks to Prathna about Poonam. He says Poonam did her duty well, I want to gift her something. He says shall I give her a book. Prathna says which book. He says ask Poonam what books she likes. Prathna agrees. Shashikant sees Akash is he fine. Akash says Poonam is not at home. Everyone are shocked. Prathna says I looked everywhere, she is no where. Poonam is walking on the streets.

Akash asks Prabhunath did Poonam call you. He gets worried. Akash says she is not at home.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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