Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone talking to Mangla and Shashikant about the Lucknow business.Poonam says Akash can do the business there and I can take care of my family. Kanno also supports Poonam and says it would be good if they go for doing business there. Kanno’s husband also says the same. Mangla looks on. Poonam tries to convince her further. Shashikant says I have left the decision on Mangla last time.

Shashikant says Mangla will decide who will go to Lucknow. Mangla says I will tell my decision at night. Vandana comes to Prabhunath and tells him nothing is fine between Akash and Poonam. Poonam does not regard him as her husband. Prabhunath says tell me what you saw or heard that you are saying this. Vandana tells him about the pillows wall on the bed. Prabhunath cries with Vandana and says whats going on with our family. He says our children and we are not happy. He says why is this happening, the Lord is testing our patience. He says Vandana, we are responsible for all this. Vandana looks on.

He says we went against Poonam’s wish and forced her to get married, this is that result. Poonam married for our happiness but did not accept Akash as her husband. Vandana says Akash did not complain about our Poonam, and he won’t tell us anytime, I think we should ignore this. Prabhunath says we should bring happiness in their lifes, its our duty. Vandana says yes. Kanno and jai talk about who is going to Lucknow. He asks her not to take tension. She says I have to talk to them, Mangla will tell us the decision at night, but you don’t speak up infront of them. jai says we will know it at night, have some patience. She says learn anything from Akash, he argues with everyone with confidence.

She says Mangla will send me to Lucknow as she does not like me, jai says no, if Poonam stays here, her parents will be here, so Mangla will not keep them here. He asks her to impress Mangla. She says no, you see, she will send me to Lucknow. She will keep Poonam’s parents here. Akash is thinking about Mangla’s decision. Poonam sees him tensed and Akash sees the medicines. He says its your dad’s medicines, I will go and give it. She says I will give it. She asks him to get ready. He says I will give it. Poonam sees Akash wore the jacket wrong. She asks where is your concentration. He says I m worried about Mangla’s decision. She says I m happy you take care of my parents but I m hurt thinking you will be away from your parents.

He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Poonam goes to give the medicines. Akash thinks what to do now. He thinks of something to postpone Mangla’s decision. He thinks of going out of city stating some work. Kanno looks at the clock and comes to Mangla. She tries to impress Dadi and Mangla. Mangla says whats going on, you are pampering us. She says I m seeing that you are working hard today. Kanno says nothing, I was doing my duty. Mangla laughs and says I understand what you are upto.

She says you want to hear about what I talk with Dadi about my decision. She says sorry, I won’t you hear that. Kanno makes faces and leaves. Akash comes to Shashikant and says I will do for some work. He says you can also come with me. Shashikant scolds him and says we are going to discuss who is going to go to Lucknow, what happened to you. He says no need to go anywhere. He says we will go for that work in the morning. He asks Akash what happened to you, you look lost, is everything fine. Akash says yes. Shashikant asks him to leave as he has to talk to Mangla. Akash is tensed.

Mangla discusses with Dadi whom to send to Lucknow. Dadi says sending Akash would be better as he is more responsible and hardworking. Kanno comes to Poonam and says even you are thinking about Mangla’s decision right. Poonam says yes. Kanno says even I m waiting for her decision. Mama asks Mangla about her decision. She asks Mama’s opinion. Mama says I think it would be better to send Kanno. Mangla says you are right, but I will talk to Shashikant before taking any decision.

Akash is tensed thinking what to do. He says yes, I will call Chandru and asks him to call Shashikant and say the godown caught fire. He says it will be much, I will call Chandru and see what can be done. He looks out for his phone and Poonam comes to him. She asks what are you looking for. He says my phone. She says wait, I will call on it. She says its 10 now, Akash says yes, but I have important work.
Poonam says you do your work later, we will go and meet Mangla first. Akash gets his phone. Poonam says come lets go now. She leaves.

Everyone gather in the hall. Mangla comes with Shashikant and everyone looks at them. Everyone stand seeing them. Mangla says I know everyone wants to know my decision. Mangla says so my decision about who will be going to Lucknow is…… Everyone looks on. She says Akash and Poonam will go to Lucknow. Akash is tensed. Poonam smiles happily. Kanno and jai are also happy.

Akash talks to Monica Didi and Suman and tells them his idea.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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