Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash talking with the guests. Akash says he will also search for the money. Akash says how did you keep the money. The guests get annoyed by his questions. Akash cross questions him. The guests says it was 20000rs. Everyone starts looking for it. Akash says can I check your kurta. He says ok. Akash gets his hanky and asks him do you keep two hanky. The guests says yes. Akash gets his diary and sees his expenses list in the diary. Akash says you took 500rs along with you when you came from the village. The guest becomes speechless. Akash says you did not bring 20000rs according to this diary. The guest say he did not remember. Gawtham’s uncle pretends to save the guest from Akash’s questioning. Vandana and Poonam smile. The guests apologizes to Prabhunath.


shifts to Akash’s house:

Akash’s mum scolds Kannu that she has nod made good food. She throes the food plate. Kannu says she knows, as she did it purposely. Mamaji asks why did you cook like this. Kannu argues with Mamaji and her saasu maa. Kannu shouts back on her sasuma. Dadi and everyone are shocked. Akash’s mum says how dare you. Kannu says you just keep looking. Akash’s mum says no one dared to tell her like this. Kannu says you are responsible for all this, you don’t think about others. Kannu says now you cannot shout on me. Akash’s mum asks her to leave the house. Kannu smiles and sits on the sofa. Kannu says this is my house. Kannu says from today I will not listen to you, so I m not going anywhere. You do what you want to. Akash’s mum gets angry. Dadi stops her. Dadi asks her to calm down.

Akash comes home and asks Kannu what happened. She says go and ask your mum. He looks at Prathna and sits there. He says Prathna has told me everything, you should have not done like this. Kannu says she could not bear it today, how long should I take it. Prathna asks her to forget everything. Akash apologizes on his mum’s behalf. She comes and asks Akash not to get into this matter. She asks him to go to his room and rest.
Mamaji says he did not see anyone tell her like this. Kannu does not listen to her. She leaves in anger.

Scene shifts to Poonam’s house:

The guests wake up and does not behave well. Kiran and Vandana are shocked to see their lifestyle. Akash comes and asssks them how he is. They say they are fine. Akash comes to Prabhunath to talk about the marriage. The guests plan again for something. They plan to irritate Prabhunath. The make a nuisance. They ask Prabhunath to arrange some dance for them. They say we have done some arrangement in Gawtham’s school. He says can you tell Akash to do the arrangements for them. Akash says he will do it, its his duty. Akash asks Prabhunath not to worry. Prabhunath asks Akash to meet Vandana.

Akash comes to Vandana, and Poonam apologizes to him. Akash says no need to be sorry, I have handled well. Akash leaves. Akash and Chandru see the arrangements. Chandru sees Akash lost in thoughts. Akash says there is some work and explains him. Akash says the guests are doing it purposely. He says he cannot see Poonam and his family worried. He asks Chandru to go to Gawtham’s coaching centre and do as he says. Akash asks the guests is there anything else.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

The women asks Gawtham’s mum to gift them something. Gawtham’s dad says her that everything is happening as we wanted. She becomes happy. She says now we have to wait when Prabhunath will agree to us on every thing.

Poonam tells Akash that you always help us and thanks him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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