Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam and Akash thinking how will they arrange the money to free Poonam’s parent’s house. They think about various options and can’t get any good option. They have a romantic moment as they get closer. Poonam runs being shy. Kanno is thinking and laughing about Rs. 25 lakhs as if she is getting the whole amount. She imagines herself as a angel and Mangla as a thief.
Mangla comes to Kanno and fools her in her words saying we can’t claim the money which others earned and the pandit asked me to apologize to whoever we have hurt, else that money can be risky for us. Kanno says fine, then you will have to say sorry. Mangla says I would have but the pandit asked you to apologize as you will be using it more. Kanno is happy.

Kanno says I m

ready to apologize. Mangla smiles. Kanno apologizes to everyone at home. Everyone laugh being shocked seeing Kanno’s behavior. Dadi says why so sudden. Kanno says Mangla said. Mangla says I think she is doing right, maybe she wants to thank the Lord, but the pandit asked her to apologize too. Mangla asks Kanno to start. Kanno says I remember. Everyone looks on. Kanno starts with Shashikant and apologizes to him and says the lines which Mangla tells her. Mangla taunts her. Shashikant says fine, I have forgiven you. Kanno apologizes to Prabhunath and Vandana. Akash says for insulting you. Poonam stops Akash.

Kanno says I m sorry for insulting and taunting you. Prabhunath says we have forgiven you. Kanno then apologizes to jai, Mama, Mangla, Dadi, Akash and Poonam. They also forgive Kanno but after taunting her. Mangla says I forgive you as your mistakes are so much, my heart is very big. Dadi says you don’t need to apologize to me, be happy. Kanno thinks money is making me do this, else I would have not apologized to Poonam. Poonam says you don’t need to do this. Mangla says why not.

Kanno apologizes and says I have always done wrong with you as I could not bear your goodness, I m ashamed of myself. Poonam says enough, I don’t have any complains for you, you are elder, you don’t say sorry. Poonam hugs Kanno and everyone smile. Kanno thinks she will take revenge from everyone later. Mangla and Mama are happy as her plan has succeeded. Mangla says did you see her face, it was looking like she was ashamed, I did not see her like this before. They have a laugh.

Mangla says this was a sample, if Kanno is after the Rs. 25 lakhs, then see what I do with her. Mama asks what are you upto, what will you do with that money. Mangla says be patient, lets see and feel the happiness. Kanno hears all this and is angry knowing Mangla’s plan. She says you have cheated me and thinking not to give me money, you started this, I will end this now.

Mangla is spending some time with Poonam. Kanno sees them and is jealous. She comes to them and says great, you both look good together, you don’t treat me like this. Poonam says you sit with her, I will bring tea for you. She leaves. Kanno taunts Mangla. Mangla says are you jealous, you did not change after apologizing. Kanno thinks of an idea and makes Mangla busy. She takes the impression of the locker keys slowly by fooling Mangla in her talk. Poonam comes there and is shocked to see this.

Kanno is stealing the money and Mangla sees her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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