Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Deepak tearing the cheque. He speaks ill about Prabhunath and calls him selfish. He says I need your help, and you are giving importance to money, why did you give birth to me then. You don’t have the right to be a father. Vandana slaps Deepak. Everyone are shocked. Vandana says how dare you talk to your dad like this. She slaps him and says your mum has died. She says you called him selfish, I will tell you what he is doing. He worked so hard, killed his desires, found happiness in your happiness, is he selfish, he saved you from every problem. She says when you were ill, he used to run around you and sit beside you all night. You learnt walking holding his hand. She cries and says great, very good. Today, you are spoiled my name too.


and Kanno are much happy. Vandana says people pray that he can have a son who can be their support. She says but a son who calls his parents selfish, I don’t want such son. Poonam cries. Vandana says I don’t want you. She tells Deepak and Kiran that they won’t get anything, not even their blessings and love. Everyone looks on.

Vandana asks Deepak to leave. Poonam pacifies Vandana and says you can’t say this, he is my brother and your son. She asks Prabhunath to explain Vandana. Prabhunath says what she did is right. he says Deepak crossed the limit so she slapped him. Poonam asks Deepak to talk and apologize. Kiran says stop this drama Poonam, you are the reason for this fight, you are doing all this for money. She says you have done this. Deepak says I m going Poona forever, they are your responsibility from now, think you never had any brother. He says you all will never see my face, even on death. Poonam stops Deepak.

Deepak is angry. Poonam asks her parents to stop Deepak. Poonam says you can’t leave your family like this. Deepak says I don’t have any family and leaves. Poonam cries. Akash runs to Poonam to console her. Akash hugs Poonam to pacify her. Poonam asks Vandana to stop Deepak. Vandana hugs Poonam and cries. Shashikant asks Prabhunath to have strength, Deepak will surely realize his mistake, I m sure they will come back one day. Prabhunath apologizes to Sharma.

He says I will make another cheque and give it to you. Sharma says why not. He says I will give you receipt beforehand, the house is only yours now. Prabhunath gives him a cheque. Sharma leaves greeting everyone. Shashikant asks Prabhunath to trust the Lord. Prabhunath says thanks, we will leave now. Vandana asks Poonam to stop crying. She says you have done a lot for us till now, now we feel you are a good daughter and should become a good bahu now. Poonam hugs her. Everyone looks at them.

They leave greeting Shashikant, Dadi and Mangla. Its morning, Akash wakes up smiling. Poonam gets up too. She sees the time and is shocked. She says I got up so late. She says I will manage the house well and everyone’s happiness is my responsibility. Akash holds her head listening her. She leaves. Poonam makes breakfast for everyone. Shashikant is happy with the food. Poonam says we will try everything different each week. Shashikant says I m happy the way you are managing the house. Mangla says I like Poonam’s suggestion.

Kanno says I will bring tea for everyone. Mangla says I will come with you. She taunts Kanno. Kanno thinks she has to do something to fire Poonam’s happiness. Poonam asks the servants to work with her. She changes the look of the house. Kanno looks and plans to spoil Poonam’s work. She thinks what to do. She gets an idea and smiles. Kanno sees no one in the hall and cuts the sofa with a blade. She sees Poonam coming and is shocked. She hides the blade and her finger gets cut. Kanno smiles looking at the sofa. She thinks it will be fun now.

Everyone come in the hall to sit on the sofas. Dadi says Poonam changed the house and is happy. Mangla says its looking good. Kanno shows them the sofa springs coming out. Mangla is shocked. Kanno says you would have got hurt by this. Kanno says whats Poonam doing, she torn the sofa, she wants to hurt us and send us to hospital. Mangla calls Poonam and asks whats all this. Poonam is shocked to see the sofa. Mangla scolds Poonam. Kanno smiles. Poonam says it was fine, I don’t know how this happened. Kanno says you should have the answer.

Poonam tells Kanno I know you don’t like me. She asks whats her problem. Mangla smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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