Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam being happy to know that the purse owner lady is here for the contest. The lady who fought with Poonam on the road is also present and comes to argue with her. She says so you were coming here so you diverted me to another way. She says I reached here before you. Poonam says listen to me. She says don’t talk to me. Someone comes and asks them to be peaceful. She says the sage says anger and violence ruins the mind, so we should be peaceful. The lady argues with her too. She says if we stay here as a family with love, it will be good. Poonam looks at them having an argument.

A modern girl Tanya also comes to participate in the contest. She looks at everyone and says I will be winning the contest. Parulben, the women who is arguing with everyone

scolds her also. Poonam assures to other women. Mangla sees Vandana washing clothes and asks Kanno to come. Kanno comes there. Mangla says what am I seeing, you can’t do this work, can’t you. Kanno says Vandana told she will do it. Kanno says yes, she is doing as the washing machine is not well.

Mangla scolds Kanno infront of Kanno and says you don’t do this, come with me. Vandana says I will do it, its fine. Mangla says you are so good, and praises her. She says come fast, we will see the sage’s pravachan together. Vandana gets happy. Mangla leaves and Kanno goes after her. Kanno says I was just…. Mangla says she is old, what if she gets ill by working in water. Mangla gives Kanno another idea to make Vandana work again. Mangla smiles and leaves. Kanno understands what she said and smiles.

Akash is outside the ashram and cries. The watchman says you can’t meet your wife now, it looks like you love your wife a lot. Music plays….. Akash gives a paper to him by writing a note on it and asks the watchman to call on his number and gives him some money to bring some items for Poonam. The watchman says your wife will be happy here, no need of money. Akash thanks him and talks to the Lord to keep up his faith and take care of Poonam.

Kanno slowly comes to Vandana and unties the rope on which Vandana was putting clothes. All the clothes fall on the ground. Vandana sees it and is shocked. Poonam sees some more women coming in the contest. She sees that one lady is blind. The other lady scolds the blind woman. Poonam says don’t be upset, she is blind. Poonam gives the stick to the blind woman and asks her name. She says I came to take part in the contest.

Parulben comes there and says you can’t take part as you are a criminal and you can’t be with us. Everyone are shocked to know that one woman is a murderer. Poonam comes to them hearing her voice. Parulben says she has killed her husband. Pinky Ahuja comes and says I m a Page 3 socialite and now I have to stay with criminals. Parulben says this woman will kill everyone here, so don’t keep her here. Poonam comes and supports her. She says its not necessary that who went to jail can’t be Sarvagunn Samparn. She says no one is a criminal by birth and we don’t know why she did this sin, life gives second chance to everyone then why not her.

Parulben says great, Poonam says I know that I m saying it right. Parulben says she will kill you first. Poonam says the sage said he will bring women from different backgrounds. Poonam takes the women with her. Parulben warns her and says you will be regretting later. The man who is giving 25 lakhs signs to come woman.

Prabhunath comes to Vandana. Vandana says did you bring the vegetables. He says yes, I gave it to Kanno, but whats this. Vandana says I thought to wash the clothes. Prabhunath says I will also help you and reminds her about their post marriage days. Parulben argues with other women and Poonam looks at her. Poonam hears them and comes to support the women who is being ill treated by Parulben. Poonam asks Pinky to go to Parulben. Pinky says no way, she fights with everyone. The lady says don’t fight for me, I m not habituated to sleep on mattresses, I used to sleep on ground in jail.

Pinky taunts her and takes her mattress too. Tanya says even I want two beds then, because we all are equal. Parulben says this ashram is not your dad’s, give the mattress and pulls Pinky. Poonam says what are you doing. All the women fight and the sage comes to see them. Everyone look at the sage and stop fighting. They get tensed. The sage says his pravachan lines.

Everyone one the sag’e blessings by lying on the ground and doing pranaam but Poonam only greets him folding hands and standing.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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