Ek Duje Ke Vaste 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sumo eyes her mehendi lovingly. I don’t know exactly when I wrote your name in my heart. I waited for so long to tell you what’s in my heart but I cannot say it now. What if I cannot write your name on my hand and show it to the world? Love is there. It is enough for me. (Tumhara naam to jaane kab se apne dil pe likh chuki hu. Kitna intezar kiya tumhe apni dil ki baat kehne ko, lekin ab nahi keh sakti. To kya hua agar duniya ke samne tumhara naam likh ke jata nahi sakti, pyaar to hai. Mere liye yahi kaafi hai). She smiles to herself. Sumo ka Shravan, Shravan ki Sumo.

Kamini ji is plucking Pushkar’s eyebrows. He says no one will look at me. She insists. Lala ji says your mother loves you as much as she fights with everyone. Sumo greets everyone. Kamini makes faces. Lala ji asks about the tray in her hand. Sumo shares that they do Kuldevi puja in village before doing anything auspicious. All the ladies of the house tie it for a while as a blessing. Kamini tries to ditch as it itches her hand but Lala ji takes them from Sumo. He ties it on her hand. Shravan looks at Sumo but then looks away. Lala ji asks Sumo if men can tie it too. Sumo says it isn’t so but mostly men cannot. Lala ji says it isn’t necessary. It is blessing. The more the merrier. He gives one to Pushkar and then asks Sumo to give one to Shravan as well. He too will tie one. Shravan picks up one chunri from the plate. He tries to tie it on his own but is unable to do so. Sumo sees it. They look at one another. Lala ji asks Sumo to tie it on Shravan’s hand. Shravan denies but Lala ji insists. He makes Kamini tie it on his hand. Kamini looks at Sumo and Shravan while she ties the chunri on his hand. He notices her mehendi and finds S there. She covers it asap. I will tie it to Vandy Bhabhi too. Where is she? Lala ji jokes that she must be torturing some veggie in kitchen. Go. Kamini warns him not to say anything wrong about Vandy. They smile. Shravan is thoughtful.

Vandy instructs chef on the right recipe. Sumo greets her. Vandy makes her check the pasta. I have some work. Sumo agrees. She explains about the chunri. Vandy asks first about her MIL and then agrees happily. Sumo ties it for her. Vandy tells her to switch off the gas when the pasta is done. Sumo gets busy making pasta. Aditya comes there. I will get to eat something special today made by you. She denies. it is made by Vandy Bhabhi for Varun Bhaiya. He jokes about it. He notices her mehendi. The colour is so dark. It means your would be husband will love you very much. She does not reply nicely. He wishes to see the design. She tries to avoid but he does not let go. He too sees the S on her hand. Is this some college sweetheart, some x or some current flame? Sumo replies that it is the initial of the person who she loves most in her life. Shravan smiles broadly hearing it. Sumo notices him there. S stands for Suman. I love myself more than anyone else. Aditya smiles in relief. Shravan remarks that some people love themselves more than anyone else in life. Sumo reasons that the one who cannot love themselves cannot love anyone else. Aditya compliments Sumo’s thoughts. Shravan says you think too much all the time and pester everyone. He asks the servant to bring the remaining mehendi. He gives it to Aditya. Write A on your hand to tell the world how much you love yourself. He walks out angrily. Sumo smiles. Why you are so scared Shravan? Aditya asks Sumo to write it on his hand. She says some other day. Aditya thinks of her words. She speaks so well.

Kitchen is completely in mess. Two men have come to inspect the place. Family members try to explain it to them but in vain. They point out that this is residential place. You act as if this isn’t illegal. Sumo comes home. she is shocked to see the kitchen mess. The guys ask her if she is owner of PCT. Sumo nods. Dubey ji and Choubey introduce themselves. You got to take commercial place for your work or you will have to close it down. I give you a day’s time to clean it all or we will take legal action against you. Mausa ji ask Sumo about it. Sumo says they come once in six months. I forgot about it. Mami ji says all the guests are here. This can create a problem. Sumo apologizes to her. I will do something. Sumo wonders how she will do it in a day’s time.

Prita suggests Sumo to shift PCT to the place told by Aditya. It does not look good if you do all this in a house where a marriage is about to happen. Sumo thinks of what Shravan had told her. Prita asks Sumo to call Aditya. She is in a fix. What to do!

Pushkar tells Preeti to tell sumo not to worry. Something good will happen. Shravan comes to take his sign on some papers. Pushkar looks worried. Shravan asks him if there is some problem. Pushkar tells him about the food officer coming to Tiwari House. They gave her a day’s notice to shift base for PCT. She is handling all the marriage preps and PCT and home herself. What all will she do all alone? She had only one dream but her problems are never ending. Kamini calls out for Pushkar. He takes the file from Shravan before leaving. I will give it to you after signing.

Prita asks Sumo why she refuses to take the place. Sumo shouts at her, asking her not to increase her problems. I will handle it. She calms down realising her mistake. I cannot afford that place for now. Investors haven’t paid us till now so I cannot take it. I will meet Ravi Sinha (the guy who gave them place for PCT earlier). Prita and Mausa ji tell her against it but Sumo wishes to meet him. Mausa ji offers to go with her but she tells him to stay here only. Mama ji has anyways gone to pick some guests.

Sumo gets Shravan’s call just when she is about to leave. He says I just got to know about PCT’s notice. She says I am going to look for a place for it. Hope I find something good. He requests her to listen to him patiently. I will speak to papa. He will be a bit upset as you said no earlier but will understand it. he looks hard from outside only but he is soft from inside. Sumo replies that she understands it well. He will definitely help me but I don’t need anyone’s help. Shravan cannot understand what problem she has in taking help from him. You can risk your family’s respect for her ego but not take help from him. Is it right? Think about your family instead of your ego for once. So many guests and relatives have come over to your house for the wedding. What will they think if they get to know about it? Your family will be insulted today and tomorrow it will happen to my family and relatives. She assures him she wont let any harm come to him, his family or relatives. Hope it will be fine. She ends the call. He is irked. This is ridiculous. She gives no importance to anyone in front of her stubbornness.

Precap: Shravan is on road. He notices Sumo and Aditya in the car. Shravan calls Aditya. Where are you? He tells him that he was with Sumo. There is some problem in PCT so I came to help her. Shravan feels bad. His friendship became bigger to Sumo than mine today. She can take help from him but not me?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Asmita...

    I hate this “so called self respect of suman”

    1. Y.balamirra

      Yeah asmita , ur right

  2. What a epi what a epi ….. Speechless …. Wordless……

  3. Yaar…I’m really sad for sumo…
    Matlab bichari ki kismat mey jitney sarey..problems hai…
    Ye tho saas babu se bhi dramatic hai..????????
    I mean..na sumo adhi k much pey ye bhol saki ki vo shravan se pyar karti hai..na adhi ka help let sakhi PCT k liye..cause shravan ko acha nahi lagega..aur vusey bhi adhi se dhoor rehna hai..
    Doosri tarf sumo shravu ka bhi help nahi le sakti..kyonki..usey..ramnath ki actually..uskey liye..kya feel karts hai..ye jaaneney k bad kisey use ramnath kaisey insaansey..help leney ka man karega..aur bichari sumo apni..reason nahi bats sakti shravu ko ki..kyo vo vuski help ko mana kar rahi hai..?????????????
    Na apni..family se help maang sakhegi..kyonki vo tho shaadhi mey busy hai??????
    Bichari…akeli..vilian banti jaa rahi hai..apni hi love story ka..????
    Abh tho lagta..so called self respect ka drama bhi is I liye hua..kyonki..ye shravan ko apni life se dhoor rakna chahti..this..kitna bada misunderstanding..ho gayi hai yaar mujhse..sumo k baarey mey..???????
    Well..my all prays..were with sumo…that hope she will get rid from all these problems..???????????
    Kaafi sent I hogayi hai na..sorri..??????☺?

  4. love triangle between sumo aditya and shravan nice

    1. What is it nice with love triangle. Some one has to suffer and 2 more person will feel guilty throuhgout their life because the third person was heart broken because of them.

      Falthu track laya. To create some tragic and senti situation.

  5. mein pehle bhi comment post kar chuki hon.but comment ke chakkar mein apna introduction dena hi bhul gayi.hello guys,i am niyor from assam.niyor means fog.i read in class XI.i am studying in science stream.mein bhi EDKV dekh ti ho aur mujhe lagta hai ki it is the best serial in television.but today i feel very poor for shravan.why sumo,kyon aisa karti ho hamesha shravu ke saath?ha,janti ki tumhare kuch circumstances he,lakin thodi to respect karo usko.shravan ko jaldi dumo ko propose kar dena shahiye,preekar ke shadi ke din,nahi to yeh adi lim cross kar jayega.plz,kuch karo shravan.love u namik so much.bye,good night.

  6. Awesome episode! Thanks Pooja di for the updates.?

  7. hello guys,i am niyor from assam.i like

    EDKV very much and love u namik very much.

  8. i think sumo has a double personality disorder. just kiding. i liked the way sumo treated adi. o my shravu firse heart broke into a million pieces. how dare she take help from adi and not shravu. who was there to help her out khosla trouble????? where was adi at that time????

  9. Talking about the spoilers

    Adi will turn negative.. I thought CVS will
    Show compare nirmala and ramu’s upbringing…
    Where nirmala taught adi to give love, to have trust on others and how to live your
    On the other side raamu who just made shravan a successful man who doesn’t
    Know how to live life or have trust …..

    But acc to the spoilers ,they are saying
    Adi is negative…
    I still don’t believe on these spoilers….
    Or may be adi is acting to unite shraman……

    I just know one thing adi is a positive character by two dialogue s used earlier..
    Pushkar to shravan : ek din aap bhi maanoge ki voh ek acha ladka hai..

    Adi: is baar mai BAAT bana ke jaaunga……..

    What are your thoughts on this?

  10. baat toh sahi hai.. khosa problem ke vakt., sumo ke accident ke wakt??? tab khain tha adi.. it was the shrawan woh helped her… warna, abhi bhi problem mai hoti.. atleast shrawan ki help nai le sakti toh plz adi ki bhi mat loo…. be justice to everyone then… and shrawan bhi hamesha phn pe baat karta hai help karne ji kbhi toh adi ke tarhain sumo ke pass khud jaya kar…

    1. hey prateek shravan adi ke tarah chipku nehi hey or bina vajay sumo ke paas chale anese or bhi kam rehta hei shravan ko. jab bhaag ke ana tha tab to aya tha. ab shravan kya karega if sumo denies. force karega to sumo gussa hojaegi. now iam hell angry on sumo. adi will try his best to win her but she needs to maintain distance from him . she cant play wid two hearts as well mas her own heart

  11. Actually this entire mess is becos of shravans father…..and whatever shravan is suffering only becis of his father…and I dont understand if the girl stands on her own leg what is wrong in that …is that ego..nowadays shravan character issturned into male egoistic

    1. Nirmala is equally responsible for Shravn’s problem. Had she not decided to live Ahujas and stayed alone after leaving Shravan & Ramnath Shravan might not have this much anger towards her. She is heartless. She is the reason for all troble. She taught Adi to make relationship in seconds and take a life times time to break it. But she herself broke the relation in a second and even without any concern for her sone. Cursed lady

  12. Suman ki problems to khatam i nahi hoti….to love life kaise age jayegi !!!!!

  13. The way shravan helps, it doesn’t look like a help ..it looks like a bhik…yaar aap jab jaante ho ki sumo ko aise help Lena pasand
    Nahi hai Toh baar kyu karte ho same kaam…..you can help her in a different way…
    Like helping her in searching a place… Or giving her emotional support.. Buying it a land and giving is a very easy way…….

    Jab jaante ho ki sumo ko self respect imp hai uske life aur voh gussa ho jaati hai…..toh kyu chedte ho usse…..

    Like sumo jaanti hai shravan ki weakness voh woman ki loyalty vala topic hai…Jab ki
    Sumo ki soch opposite hai..tab bhi voh kabhi shravan ko question nahi karti.,…..aur baar baar poke bhi nahi karti,………I am a bit pissed from shravan.,……

    1. Too many mistakes..lol…

    2. Self respect !!!!!!!!!?

      Hurting the loyal lover from childhood even after knowing he dislikes to share his beloved ones with others.

      If she loves herself, and if she is so bold as displayed by the writer then she sould have told Ramnath she will not sacrifice Shravan for Marriage of Preeti.

      She doesn’t love here and hence she can not respect others love.

      The producers failed to instill a respect for the serials. Too much sweet is not good. Even a small tea spoon of sweet more than required qty, will ntoe taste and create hate. The same is with EDKV nos.

  14. Nice episode !!!

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    I liked the Mehendi part a lot Areh sumo u should have said is for Shravan not for yourself 😛 Shravan’s reaction when he heard that too good. Namik and Nikita are fab actors doing a gr8 job. And also when sumo tied the red thing on Shravan’s hand Areh Aditya couldn’t understand this Mehendi sumo applied for Shravan only stupid guy 😛 and precap MU 🙁

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have a feeling due to dadaji’s illness sumo and Aditya’s marriage will be fixed and then Shravan will be heartbroken n sumo too will be upset but she will be hide it and then Shravan will know b4 or on the day of sumo’s wedding about ramnath’s truth n then later on Aditya will tell sumo to accept Shravan and confess love to him as he will realize how much shraman love each other, and then sumo will run and stop Shravan and confess love to each other. And then In presence of the entire family shraman will get married 🙂 that’s my thinking I don’t know about anything but I just want Shraman’s wedding to happen in the end as I m big fan of shraman 🙂

    1. Dont day dream. Wait and watch this writer will surely marry off Suman to Adi. He has cheap thoughts.

  17. First n foremost I couldn’t watch edkv yesterday I am feeling so bad for that due to heavy rain from 2 days yesterday we lost cable connection thank god at least I can watch repeat telecast I comment only watching edkv…. So bye …tc… Good morning…..
    But reading update I felt only first part was nice I mean starting…… Lets c

  18. I am sick of the serial. The producers want to drag the serila for another 2 years.

    No sensible scenes. Sumo runs and hugs shravan, then where confession is needed. Kaha kaha se naya naya problems leke are hai. bus they want to make money.

    I thought they have manipulated the track only Suryapetra karn. Now they are draggink Kuch Rung Pyarr and EDKV. Now better switch of the TV or change the channel to watch some other sensible show.

  19. Wind up the show. Falthu me rath ka neenth karab karo our suba ka kham mey be tension ley. BP badakar hospital jana ye sab isiliey ye show ko dekne se.

    Bandh karo ye bakwash

  20. Pay attention to this guys

    1 nanu is sick .ramu looks worried for his health. Nanu shares his fear about sumo
    Sumo asks adi about nirmala aunty…adi tells her that she was really worried after
    Knowing about nanu health….
    Raamu comes asks the whole family why did they hide the fact that nanu is ill.
    Then he tells them about the facilities he will provide nanu at home….and asks is there any other problem.. Then adi says that nanu wanted to do the kanyadaan of preeti .but it can’t be possible if shaadi is happening at hotel..so can we change the venue from hotel to tiwari killa..ramu once again ask this why did they hide this..sumo
    Says we already told this to shravan but he refused.. Raamu gets alerted and says ya he gives value to kamini..but nothing matters for me..only nanu wishes matters him..that’s why he will talk to kamini…he goes ….aditiya also gestures sumo and goes…. ..

  21. I saw the repeat epi…. Ahh I loved the way shravan held her wrist n saw s confusingly n his smile when sumo said s is the one whom she loves the most as expected she told her name only I couldn’t see his smile disappearing at that time…. N I am really feeling bad for sumo I think she is forgetting how much shravan helped her in her toughest times none in her house except nanu were supporting her during that khosla track it was shravan who helped her …. I think she would have been little sweet instead of being so much rude I am not talking about todays epi the epi still now… She had become very rude to him…. But I also felt the way shravan choose to help sumo I mean knowing that she doesn’t like that he is again doing the same mistake…. I also agree with here many sayings that shravan would helped him just like Adi did…. N I liked that sumo started to being rude with Adi too…. Thank god…. But they r dragging this marriage track unnecessarily they would have dragged sumo’s accident track but still now they didn’t dragged any story then y this???? They should end this marriage track soon n also should stop creating misunderstandings between shraman….. None can see them in pain….

    No offence…..

    1. U r correct. Unnecessarily they are dragging the story itself. I think the writer exhausted with ideas. SO he borrowed something from Bollywood.

      Again he portrays the charector of Suman as a sacrificing girl too much.

      And now Kamini become silent and no scheming. Ramnath gone Vanvas.

      Why so much complication in this twos relationship while hastilly marrying of yonger brother and sister so happily.

      Too much of head ache.

      Better if they wind up the show in the welbeing of viewers.

      KRPAB has much better story line. Single mother fearing loosing her sons love. Sons struggle between mother and the other women’s love.

  22. 4444 I think you are really pissed off from the serial..I think you should take a break from it for 1 week..I love to see namik …so can’t take break…….
    And still I find shravan at fault…see guys no one is perfect in life …we should accept every one with their faults..so if sumo has that problem ,so why shravan repeatedly do the same thing that make sumo furious……. He could have been patient…. Dekho

    1. Lily it is not like that.
      See I am watching this serial without a single break waiting till 10.00 pm. I used to watch 3 serials. Suraya Putra Karn, Kuch Rang Pyra Ki Aise bi and then EDKV. Even I discontinued watching KRPKAB for some time during Natasha entry and engagement.

      But you are right now I will give a break for 3 months.

  23. Go to hell this serial……yeh shrawan na to kuch bol sakta hai or na kuch kar sakta hai.yeh larki hai larka nahi.ha ha ha .aur sumo ka self respect.usko patabhi nahi hai ki self respect kya hota hai.yeh dono keyse hero heroine ho sakta hai.wakad nahi in dono ki hero heroine hone ki.isse toh adi hi achha hai.

  24. Abhi Mein Exam deke wala ayi aur episode k bare Mein kya bataun …Shravan to jaise Apna dimaag Oxford university Mein hi Bhul k chala aya hai ….. ?? Mein to ab iss show ko Seriously nahi lene wali ….mujhe Nimik ko dekhna hai….bas….well @Lily u r absolutely right….no one is perfect …..Cvs r showing us very hard things in this show…….abhi show Mein Dekho to Galati dono tarf Ki lagti hai….Sumo ne Shravan se kaha “S”for Suman. ….Aur humare hero ne Maan bhi liya …wah ji wah….Aur fir Sumo K PCT k liye ….Apne Papa se Baat Karne wala tha like seriously…..? Well I m not surprise Ki Jo Banda Pyaar karne k liye apne Papa Ki permission maangta Ho m..USS k liye sab normal hai …..Aur Sumo ….har re Woh Pressure mein ake aur ek Kaand karne jaa rahi hai……Aur plz @Lily Kisi Ko ans back dene Ki zariorat nahi …All r frustrated now……..Hum loyal fans Hain Hume koi Change nahi kar sakta…..Hume bas Show KO samjhna chahiye….bas ……Hum chah k v Kisi Ki thinking process ko change nahi kar sakte……Soo chill my dear…m??

    1. Minakhi just like you I too a die hard fan of Nimik & Nikita. I do like the rolls of Pushkar and Preti and Lalalji. I have not missed a single episode. If I miss, then next day morning I will cover up.
      Nw for reasoning. Please go back to the flashbacks. Young Shravan was hesitant, no friends, His only love is his Mom, next Papa and if he loved any one else that is his unconditional love for that Fat Sumo with all her shortcomings. He took all her taunts for the sake of his love.

      Now his mom leave the home one fine morning and his most trusted friend with whom he wants live his whole life ditched him.

      His only love now is his father. When the two women in his life ditched him for whatsoever reason, and his sachi plots against him it is natural for any man to depend on his only hold i,.e Ramnath. It is natural for him to consider his fathers feelings as he sacrificed his everything only to bringing up. Now why complaint Shravan. If sumo is feelings are so strong to go in the middle of the night in search of Shravan, then the track now played is simply bull___t.

      I am not going anywhere . I have already mentioned that I am watching all three serials of Sony.SuryaPutra karn. KRPAB. & EDKV. We should appreciate good things in other serials too.

  25. @44444 yes my dear ….KRPKEB is the God of all Indian Shows …u should comment on that Page only ….plz dear don’t waste ur time here …KRPKEB is waiting for u…..Go Baby Go ….Jeele apni Zindagi ….yo?

  26. 4444 don’t take a break for four months…..as show tab tak end ho jaega…I think 2 weeks are enough…or you continue to read the updates and chat with us…then we can tell you when the track is going smooth ………

    1. Thank you Lily

  27. I don’t understand what people are complaining about. Sony TV’s serials are the only relatively sensible serials going on in Indian TV dramas. Be it KRPKAV or EDKV, they portray realistic, flawed characters who are very much three dimensional.
    Can you even compare either of these two to something like Kumkum Bhagya or any other such meaningless, TRP toppers?

    The writers here are highly skilled and they have an actual story to tell. Because, it is still a story at the end of the evening. At least they do not write stories thinking their viewers are stupid. (And we are stupid if we watch KB and then complain about EDKV.)

    And I am in full support of Suman. Anyone complaining about her is surely not intelligent enough to admire a well written character.

  28. Oooho…44444,aashiqui…two more like me…nice,really hate edkv… M cmmting for the first time…nd see ha ha…edkv ka popat ho gaya…well u guys r really losing yr frnds.. First Nazia then smile..hey hey kittuuu…kahan Hai WO…tumhari shayari Queen, ryt?.yaar had Hai tum logo ki.. Kuch naam Hai ya nahi… Bakwaas…nd where r yr old frnds.. Abhi,lado,amesha,priyali,khushi…nd all …ha ha..all have left..kahan tak le jaoge isi akele..loll..nd see..yr new frnd rashi has also left…double popat..nd 4444 superb.. Nd m thinking where is yr sweetheart hmmm??nd kya kehti thi..mai kahin nahi jaungi is pg ko chodke..ha ha..nd such shayaris..godd.. How can anyone write that muchhhhhhh longggggg shayari.. Ha ha, ollo bana k chali gayi..well very irregular.. Ryt…2 din se us faltu Kittu k darshan Q nahi huye….surely she has left this pg…ha ha…nd really don’t like edkv, not u,not this pg..nd especially yr shayari…???
    Well use batana ki mujhe cmmt kare….
    Ha ha ha haaaa???

  29. I too hate this “self respect of suman”…….what will happen to her self respect when she takes help from Aditya? ?
    But still I love EDKV……and love you NAMIK

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