Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued (epi 4)

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Episode starts with shravan calling suman and happily asking her that did she try the dress he gave. She denies and says sorry shravan she didn’t have time plus nanu wasn’t well. Shravan gets concerned and asks what happened to nanu? Sumo says that he has caught cold. He says he is coming there to meet him. She says he has slept already and asks him to come tomorrow. He says anyway tell me what all you did today? Who did you met today? She says what do you mean? He says aren’t your family friends etc in your home? She says oh yeah she met all of them. She gets silent after that. Shravan says that sumo I know you are hiding something from me. Sumo says nothing. Shravan says sumo when you are comfortable then tell me okay? Shravan says bye and is about to cut the call when sumo says shravan aditya came today! He says what? Sumo says yeah and aditi is his sister. He says aditi? Who aditi? Sumo says that after you went to London, aditi was my only friend. He says but how dare he come there? She says exactly, I just hope he doesn’t spoil anything now. Shravan says if she wants he can talk to maa (Nirmala). Sumo says no don’t say anything to aunty. I m sure now he can’t do anything. Now we are together. He smiles and says yes but promise me one thing. She says what? He says you will never hide anything from me now. Whatever the problem is you will tell me. I will not always solve it but I will at least be your support. Let me be there for you please sumo. I want to be there with you, for you. She smiles emotionally and says yes shravan.

They talk a little more and end the call. They both are smiling happily on their respective homes. In the morning, sumo gets ready for her engagement ceremony when she gets a call from shravan. Preeti picks it up for sumo since she is wearing her dress and setting her hair. Shravan says “hi mrs. Malhotra, preeti coughs and says hi jeeju. Shravan says oh hi preeti. Preeti says mrs. Malhotra is getting ready, she cannot talk. Sumo says oye! Preeti laughs and puts the call on speaker. Shravan says sumo you should pick my calls, what if I m being romantic with you and someone else picks It up? Sumo says shravan you are on speaker. He says hey bhagwaan! Anyway send me a picture with you in that dress right now. She says itti jaldi nahi mr. Malhotra. Wait for sometime and cuts the call saying I love you shravan. He smiles and says dreamily I love you too sumo. Pushkar calls him from downstairs and says bhaiya are you ready? He says yeah just 10 more minutes. Ramnath comes there and says beta we are going in one car you come with pushkar in you car okay? Shravan says okay papa. Ramnath starts going when shravan calls him and hugs him tightly. Ramnath seems surprised but hugs him anyway. Shravan says thank you for everything papa. Ramnath smiles and says anything for you shravan. Lalaji comes there too and says bhaisaab chheddi chheddi chalo, warna muhurat idhar hi nikal jaayega. Ramnath says yeah chalo. Lalaji says to shravan “puttar jaldi se ajja teri sumo vaha tera intezaar karri hogi” shravan says haan lalaji. Whole family leaves while pushkar and shravan get ready.

Pushkar gets a call from preeti. She says to him that she is hungary. Pushkar jokingly says okay toh khana kha lo. She says noooo she wants to eat gol gappe. Somnath chat wale ke gol gappe. Pushkar says somnath chat wala? Voh toh bohot dur hai yaha se. preeti says she wants only that. She wants it right now. And then she cuts the call. Pushkar holds his head! Shravan says kya hua chhote?npushkar says that preeti wants to eat somnath chat wale ke gol gappe. Shravan says toh chal phir leke aate hai. Pushkar says par sagai? Shravan says are tu tension na le. Time se pohoch jaayenge hum. Pushkar smiles and says lets go bhaiya.

They both leave for tiwari quila after taking gol gappe. When suddenly a car comes infront of theirs. Shravan applies sudden breaks. And shouts are you blind? A girl comes out wearing a s*xy gown and says who are you? Delhi people don’t know how to drive. How sad. Shravan takes out his glasses and says with attitude, take your car aside I have to attend my engagement. She looks at him interestingly when he takes his car back and takes his car from the other edge. He goes off saying he was wrong, you aren’t just blind, you are deaf too! She says hmmm handsome and bold. A rare combination. She gets in car and goes off.

Shravan and pushkar reach tiwari quila and gets inside when Nirmala comes and asks where were you two? They are about to say something when she says that its okay now, she sends pushkar to do some arrangements and takes shravan with her. she tells him that she needs to talk to him. He says yes tell. She says that adi and aditi are here. They are her step children and your step brother and sister. He says adi is not his brother. He leaves while Nirmala gets tensed. The scene then shift to the hall where everyone is waiting while chatting and eating for sumo. Just then she enters wearing a gorgeous lehenga. Shravan gets mesmerized seeing her and stands up in awe. She smiles seeing him and goes in her direction. She stands beside him and smiles. He whispers to her that you are looking stunning, absolutely stunning. She blushes and says hi handsome. He laughs. Mamaji comes to sumo with the rings and says that shravan got couple rings. Lalaji says the best couple rings. Everyone laughs. Kamini says that chheddi ccheddi rings pehenao muhurat nikal jaayega. Sumo and shravan says yes together excitedly. They all laugh. Shravan makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Then its sumo’s turn to make him wear the ring. She is about to make him wear it but suddenly a girl comes there and says “ruko suman”. Everyone looks in the direction of the main door. Suman is surprised and shravan looks shocked.

PRECAP: Shravan shouts that he wants to have his wedding without those ahuja’s. Nirmala defends them saying that they are his step relatives. He says no, he won’t tolerate them and want them out of Delhi ASAP. Ramnath takes shravan’s side. At night, Nirmala and Ramnath fight about this, when sumo comes to them and looks on.

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  1. just awesome!

  2. Nikita

    OMG! you made me realize how I miss lalaji’s ‘cheddi cheddi’.. thank yoi for making me relive my edkv moments.. this was a bliss.. waiting for the next episode! Post soon..
    Love ya

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