Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 196 LAST EPISODE (3rd Dec’s Episode)(46th of this FF)

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Scene 1: PCT
Shravan brings Suman to PCT. Suman gets really happy.

Sumo: PCT!

Shravan: Yes, PCT!

Sumo: Shravan? Am I going to work now? But now how will I work and Pari?

Shravan: Sumo have you gone mad! I just brought you and our Pari here so that everyone in PCT can see her, and Pari also can see PCT.

Suman smiles.

Sumo: This much you have thought!

They come inside PCT. Preeta comes there.

Preeta: Sumo!

Preeta hugs Suman.

Preeta: And how is our Pari?

Sumo: Pari is fine.

Preeta: Sumo, you know everyone is dying to see Pari for a long time, for me I managed to meet you and Pari in the hospital. Even then I am dying to see her. And everyone is waiting.

Sumo: Have you all done work or?

Preeta: Don’t worry, all set!

Suman comes and everyone gets happy seeing the baby. Preeta takes the baby in her arms and everyone enjoys with the baby.

Kajal: Suman didi, we all have a surprise for this cute Princess.

Sumo: Surprise, really!

Everyone moves away, and a big pink teddy bear is there.

Preeta: This is a gift from all the PCT members to Pari! We all gathered some money and brought this gift.

Suman gets emotional.

Sumo: You all have thought so much for us!

Preeta: No, no Sumo this is nothing compared to what you have done for all of us. This is just a small gift.

Sumo: See baby, these are Mamma’s staff. Actually they are more like my friends and sisters, and they gifted you such a big teddy bear. But I am thinking how to bring this big teddy bear home!

Shravan: Sumo, you no need to worry about that. I will manage.

Scene 2: Shraman’s Room
Later, everyone welcomes Shravan and Suman home, they smile.

Suman keeps the baby in the cot as the baby is sleeping. Suman looks behind and finds Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan!

Shravan: Finally we got some time alone! So now!

Shravan holds Suman’s shoulder,

Sumo: Now?

Shravan: Time for some romance!

Shravan winks and Suman hits Shravan.

Sumo: Oho Kutub Minar don’t you feel ashamed talking like this infront of our Pari?

Shravan: No, no Sumo! Anyways our Pari is sleeping!

Sumo: So?

Shravan: Sumo, may I say something?

Sumo: Say.

Shravan: Don’t you think our Pari needs a brother or sister?

Sumo: Shivin is there na.

Shravan: No, I mean why don’t we have another…

Sumo: Shravan, don’t even think about it! I got you now! Areh Shravan how much more romance you want to do! Look I am not in mood to romance!

Shravan: Why? What will happen about me?

Sumo: Shravan even if we romance for 5-10 minutes, I will have to bear the result of it for 9 months. You know how hard pregnancy is!
Recently, only I gave birth to a baby and now no way. I need some time. I am feeling dizzy even thinking about that.

Shravan: Sumo, what is this? Who said so? We will have some protection.

Shravan winks.

Sumo: You seem to be in very much hurry to romance! No way! No romance!

Suman looks behind angrily. Shravan gets desperate.

Shravan: What is this, Jaan! No romance!

Sumo: No!

Shravan: Sure!

Sumo: Yes, sure!

Shravan makes a naughty face and he teases her.

Shravan: Sumo, look cockroach!

Sumo: What! Where?

Suman looks behind and panics. Shravan gives her a kiss. Suman gets shocked.

Sumo: Shravan!

The baby wakes up and starts crying.

Sumo: See you again made her cry. She was sleeping.

Shravan: You were the one who screamed.

Sumo: So who told you to kiss me?

Shravan: Sumo, this is too much yaar. Kiss also problem! Sumo, we are husband-wife.

Sumo: Yes, we are Indian couples. Not like that English couples in your London. You learnt all this in London, right!

Shravan: That’s the problem. If not I kiss you every second also won’t have been a problem. Indian couples are so boring!

Sumo: Shravan, who said Indian couples are boring.

Shravan looks at Suman.

Sumo: See, Indian couples have the best love story. They have so many problems, and so many great examples. Look at us for example, we went through so many problems and now we are together. After all we are made for each other.

Shravan: Yes, we are made for each other.

The baby smiles and giggles,

Shravan: See, even our Pari agrees with us.

Suman smiles.

Scene 3: Malhotra Residence
After a few days, Aaru comes and visits Suman and the baby. Aaru plays with the baby.

Aaru: Sumo, this baby is so cute.

Suman smiles.

Aaru: By the way, what’s her name?

Sumo: Pari. Preeti and Pushkar named her.

Aaru: That’s the perfect name.

Aaru plays with the baby. The baby smiles. Just then Preeti comes with her baby and tries to stop him from crying.

Preeti: Stop crying my Prince!

Preeti tries to calm the baby down.

Preeti: Dii on one hand is your baby who keeps on smiling and is always happy and on other hand my son who keeps on crying and loves to disturb me.

Sumo: PrettyPreeti why are you saying like this? Give Shivin to me I will stop him crying now!

Suman carries him and he plays with Suman’s hair and earrings.

Sumo: See he became quiet!

Preeti: Okay dii, I go and make milk for him.

Preeti goes.

Just then Suman gets a message, and she looks on surprised. Aditya is walking.

Sumo: Adi, can you take Shivin for a while!

Adi: Sure!

Suman gives Shivin to Adi and goes upstairs. Aditya finds Aaru who is playing with Pari.

Adi: You are Aaru right, the girl in the airport that day!

Aaru: Yes, right. By the way sorry for that airport thingy. I had no other option that day.

Adi: No, no you did the right thing! By the way myself, Aditya Ahuja.

Aditya forwards his hand.

Aaru: You already know I am Aaru, formally known as Aaradhya Prakash.

Aditya and Aaru handshakes. And they smile looking at each other.

Scene 4: Shraman’s Room
Suman comes in the room and is happy to find the room decorated with photo frames some of their marriage and honeymoon, and also when Pari was born and also some fun moments.

Sumo: Even today Chashmish remembers about it!

Suman gets into a flashback,
Scene 5: Tiwari Killa
Teenager Suman and Shravan are helping Nanu out.

Nanu: Suman you place the picture in the photo frame and Shravan you hang them on the wall.

Suman is putting the picture on the frame and Shravan hangs it.

Nanu: I am going to see what others are doing by then you both should be done.

Nanu leaves.

Sumo: This Nanu na gave both of us this work! Uff!

Shravan: Sumo, now Nanaji ordered us we can’t deny him.

Sumo: Yes, yes whatever it is you will always take his side.

Shravan: Sumo, you are so cranky. Pass me a photo frame.

Suman passes Shravan one and then later they complete doing it.

Sumo: No! No! This is actually really good. It is looking so nice looks like the memory refreshed.

Shravan: See, whatever Nanu does he always has a reason behind it!

Sumo: Cool! Then when I will get married , I will tell my hubby to decorate our bedroom like that. Cool idea!

Shravan: What Sumo you have already thought of that too!

Sumo: You know Shravan these pictures actually you will get irritated when someone takes your picture but it’s actually to refresh memories.

Shravan smiles.

Sumo: So that’s why I want my husband to do this for me.

Shravan lovingly stares at Sumo.

Shravan: Don’t worry Sumo, the one who is made for you will do this for you. And I am also there. After all we are made for each other.

Suman stares at Shravan surprisingly, Shravan gets afraid.

Shravan: I mean our friendship are made for each other!

Sumo: Yes, Shravan you are right our friendship and hence we are made for each other. So…

Suman passes the picture of her and Shravan with Nanu.

Sumo: This picture should be hanged in the centre.

Shravan smiles and does so. And they smile looking at each other.

Suman gets out of the flashback and smiles.

Scene 6: Shraman’s Room
Sumo: (in her mind) Shravan clearly remember about that and he did fulfil this wish of mine too.

A lot of pictures are being hanged on the wall.  Suman talks to herself while seeing those pictures. The first picture is of Shravan and Suman’s childhood hugging Nanu.

Sumo: As we were teenagers, we used to always fight but at the same time had fun with each other. It was like sweet and sour types. Our bonding was hidden in the outside world, but not in the inside world. That was because of me so I was to be blamed for that.

And then Suman moves on to the next picture, where Shravan is dancing with Suman with Shravan wearing the mask,

Sumo: I don’t know how Shravan got this picture. And this guy is definitely Shravan! Just look at his height! That was during our first dance in that reunion party. Though things went wrong in the party after that dance, but that was actually much needed. If not we won’t have know much about each other.

And then she moves to the next picture, that was of Preeti Bhoj.

Sumo: Thank God, Vandy Bhabi got a picture of all of us together, that was during the Preeti Bhoj and where everyone was invited for dinner. We all sat together and had dinner together, and yes Shravan looks very happy in it right? That was the day when we started our friendship afresh,

Next picture, that was of Suman and Shravan having fries in their mouth,

Sumo: This selfie(laughing) was taken when Shravan was about to go London and we spent the entire day with each other. That day was so much fun. We did whatever we missed out in the last 10 years. And I got to know how much he loved me in a letter he wrote in the teenage times but was never able to give it to me.

Next picture was of only Suman (the one Shravan took without caring)

Sumo: When was this taken? It looks like in Tiwari Killa? Shravan may know. I will ask him.

Next picture was of Preeti’s marriage,

Sumo: This was during my most beloved PrettyPreeti’s marriage with Pushkar, that idiot! My younger sister finally got married, and yes I know Shravan looks angry in that picture, actually we weren’t in talking terms that time that’s why.

Next was of their marriage,

Sumo: Yes this picture is indeed very funny. That titanic pose is so weird. Actually  mine and Shravan’s marriage took place in a court and Nanu had a wish of having a picture of ours hanged so we dressed as bride and groom for the photoshoot but those poses were really weird. We look like jokers in that. But in the end after resolving all our problems we got together.

(I really wanted the show to show this type ending ?)

There are more pictures of Shraman’s Reception, honeymoon and when Pari was born.

Sumo: This was taken during our reception! The day when Shravan not only officially but also accepted our marriage wholeheartedly.

Their honeymoon,

Sumo: This was when the best moment of my life occurred, that was when we both confessed our love, yes it was very painful firstly it was just the way our story shaped. From so much friendship to so much pain to so much love, our confession was also exactly like that!

And then when Pari was born,

Sumo: This was when our symbol of our love was born, our Pari. I am sure she will go on me when she grows up.

Shravan: No she will go on her dad!

Sumo: Shravan?

Suman smiles seeing Shravan and hugs him,

Sumo: Thank you Shravan. Thank you so much for this surprise!

Shravan: It was your wish how can I not fulfil it!

Suman is crying.

Shravan: Sumo? You are crying? No tears.

Sumo: No no let them drop. These are my tears of joy.

Shravan smiles,

Shravan: Areh you got quite emotional!

Sumo: Shravan, why do you love me so much!

Shravan: I love you because I love you!

Shravan cups Suman’s face.

Shravan: No one can take your place in my life neither my place in your life. Because we are made for each other. Our friendship is made for each other, and our pain is made for each other and most importantly our love is made for each other,

Suman smiles.

Sumo: And we are made for each other,

Suman and Shravan hugs each other.

Suman looks at the picture that Shravan took without caring (that Tiwari Killa)

Sumo: By the way Shravan when did you take this picture?

Shravan: Which one?

Sumo: This one!

Shravan: Oh that, that was when your family told me to take picture of everyone.

Sumo: But that’s me.

Shravan: What to do, Sumo when you are there, everyone around you seems invisible, only you, I can see only you.

Suman smiles.

Sumo: This much you loved me?

Shravan: No, no correction. This much I loved you, I love you and I will love you.

Suman smiles.

Sumo: Shravan, I love you.

Shravan: Sumo, I love you too.

Suman smiles. And they hug each other. Music plays.

7 years leap,
Scene 7: Malhotra Residence
Suman is dressed in red saree and she happily looks at the frame and she cherishes it and puts two more photo frame,

One is of she winning an award for PCT,

Sumo: This was when my PCT won the best catering centre award and when I took a big step to accomplish my dream and to make PCT the no.1 catering centre in Delhi.

Another one is Shravan, Suman and toddler Pari in London,

Sumo: This was when me, Shravan and Pari went to London. Shravan fulfilled his dream course with his hard earnings and hard work, we even roamed around a few countries in these 3 years.

Just then a little boy comes running.

Sumo: What happened Shivin Beta?

Yes it’s none other Shivin, Preekar’s champ.

Shivin: Badi Maa save me from Mumma-Papa.

Sumo: Why beta what happened?

Just then someone comes and Shivin quickly runs and Shravan takes him in his arms.

Shravan: Where is my nephew going?

Shivin: Bade Papa good you came now only you can save me.

Just then Preeti and Pushkar are coming,

Shivin: Bade Papa quick!

Shravan: Okay, my superhero!

Just then Pushkar and Preeti comes,

Sumo: What happened Pushkar-Preeti, you both look very angry?

Pushkar: You ask your most beloved nephew that will be better.

Sumo: Will you say please?

Preeti: Areh Suman dii, this Shivin didn’t do well for his exams! He always plays the whole day!

Sumo: So what’s the problem in that?

Pushkar: Everytime playing that’s not good. He should study also! Where he is?

Sumo: I don’t know.

Just then a little girl comes to Pushkar.

Little Girl: Chachu! Chachu! I know where Shivin is!

Sumo: Pari!

Yes that little girl is Pari, Shraman’s Princess. Suman gestures Pari to keep quiet.

Pari: Mumma, let me say where I saw Shivin! Chachu-Chachi I saw Shivin with dad just now!

Pushkar: Thank you Pari beta!

Scene 8: Malhotra Residence
Shravan is sitting with Shivin,

Shravan: Oh so this is the matter?

Shivin: Yes Bade Papa, but I didn’t do it by purpose!

Pushkar: So here you are!

Shivin gets scared seeing Pushkar and Preeti, and he hides behind Shravan and hugs him.

Preeti: Come here, don’t hide behind your uncle.

Suman and Pari also comes there. Suman tells Pari.

Sumo: See Pari what have you done!

Pari: What have I done Mamma!

Pushkar pulls his ears.

Shivin: Ouch papa leave my ears!

Pushkar: You didn’t do well for your exams and now hiding behind your uncle.

Shravan: What Pushkar-Preeti why are you both getting angry on Shivin!

Pushkar: Bhaia you don’t say anything.

Sumo: You and Preeti are acting as if you both were toppers. Both of you forgot how you both used to manage to pass your exams with difficulty once!

Preeti and Pushkar gets embarrassed and Shivin looks at his parents.

Pari: Chachu-Chachi, really whatever Mamma said is it true?

Shravan: Pari Princess, don’t say like this!

Sumo: Shravan, explain it to your daughter they are becoming naughtier day by day.

Pari: I have learnt it from you only Mamma!

Sumo: Oh okay, now you are talking like Mamma also.

Shivin: Pari, you told me that you will teach me. You didn’t fulfil your promise.

Pari: What Shivin Bhaia, yes I didn’t fulfil your promise because you broke my favourite water bottle and you didn’t say sorry.

Shivin: I am sorry Pari.

Pari: Okay I forgive you, but I love that water bottle because Dadu brought it for me specially from Singapore.

Sumo: Okay so both Pari and Shivin were at fault, Pushkar-Preeti forgive Shivin he is a kid.

Preeti: Come my beloved son, mom have forgave you.

Shivin: Really!

Preeti nods.

Just then Ramnath and Nirmala comes there.

Shravan: Mom! Dad! How was your trip?

Nirmala: It was good. Adi really helped us after all now he settled in Dubai with Aaru.

Pari runs to them.

Pari: Dadu, what did you bring for me?

Ramnath: A lot of things, Pari beta.

Sumo: Pari beta, ask Dadu how are you first? What is this!

Pari: Sorry Mamma I forgot.

Nanu also comes there.

Nanu: So you all are conversing and everyone forgot about me.

Sumo: How can we forgot about you, Nanu?

Nanu comes.

Pari: Mumma Ke Nanu, will you tell us stories tonight.

Shivin: Yes even I want to listen.

Nanu: Okay Pari beta and Shivin beta. I will tell you both stories, happy?

They both get happy. Before Pari goes,

Pari runs and gives Shravan a kiss on the cheek,

Shravan: Oh great, my Princess remembered if not I thought she forgot about Papa.

Pari: What Papa, what’s my fault in that? Sometimes I enjoy with you when you come from work and sometimes Mamma when she comes from PCT!

Shravan: Really looks like my Princess is smart!

Pari: After all I am a topper!

Shravan tickles Pari.

Pari: Leave me Papa, its tickling me.

Shivin: Pari you don’t study much how can you top the exams!

Pari: I can do everything after all I am Suman Malhotra’s daughter,

Sumo: This is like my daughter! Come, don’t want to hug Mamma?

Pari hugs Suman.

Shravan: Looks like the mother-daughter forgot about me!

Pari: Oho dad, I topped the exams because of you na, if not it would have been impossible! How would have Mamma make me topper?

Sumo: Okay so now I am at fault!

Shravan: What Sumo, why are you getting angry at small reasons!

Suman, Shravan and Pari shares a hug Everyone smiles.

Scene 9: Shraman’s Room
Shravan comes in the room. Suman smiles.

Shravan: Where is Pari?

Sumo: Nanu is telling stories to Pari and Shivin.

Shravan: Oh okay.

Shravan is about to go, Suman holds his hand.

Shravan: Sumo, is there anything you need?

Sumo: What Shravan I am realising that you are becoming unromantic day by day!

Shravan: What made you suddenly feel like romancing?

Sumo: Shravan you are very strange. Now your wife is in romantic mood and you dont even want to romance with her. Leave it, you can’t romance anymore.

Suman gets angry and Shravan hugs her and kisses her.

Shravan: Who said I can’t even romance! Even today I am that romantic Shravan Malhotra!

Sumo: Oh really!

Suman puts her hand around Shravan’s neck.

Sumo: Shravan I want to tell you something.

Shravan: What? My love.

Shravan pulls Suman close to him.

Sumo: Shravan what are you doing? What if anyone sees us here?

Suman smiles and blushes.

Shravan: Anyways it’s only the both of us in this room so we both are alone, so why don’t we…

Sumo: It’s not necessary!

Shravan: Why? Who else can be there besides the both of us? And Pari is with Nanu, then…

Sumo: Shravan, yes Pari is with Nanu, but her sibling is with us.

Shravan: But Shivin, he is also with Nanu. Then, Sumo….

Shravan realises what Suman is trying to Suman.

Shravan: Sumo, are you….

Suman nods.

Sumo: Congratulations, Mr.Shravan Malhotra, you are going to become a father, again!

Shravan gets happy.

Shravan: Really!

Suman nods, and Suman and Shravan shares a hug.

Shravan: Thank you. Thank you Sumo for this happiness again!

Suman smiles.

Just then, Pari comes in, and sees their hug.

Pari: Mumma, Papa you both forgot about me this time!

Shravan, Suman and Pari shares a hug.

Shravan whispers to Suman.

Shravan: Now the three, sorry four of us will live happily ever after.

Suman blushes.

Sumo: After all we are made for each other.

They smile looking at each other. Music plays.

The fan fiction ends.

Hey all, well this time this is really the END. Frankly I enjoyed writing this ff from the bottom of my heart as I am a forever die hard fan of Shraman and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. I can never get over it. And I started this fan fiction only cause of my semester break which was of almost two months and I was suppose to end it when my lesson began. But I still continued for two more weeks. But now I had to end it as I have to juggle between class and job and writing.

And please do checkout wattpad I will publish my new Shraman ffs there too that’s why. And yes Wattpad have a lot and a lot of awesome Shraman ff and mine is nothing infront of all those ff. Its my request please do visit wattpad there are amazing Writers who write amazing and awesome Shraman ff and it’s a lot of them. Just search wattpad on google and you can go to that website already.

By the way I will miss you all a lot and to the infinity, and I love the fact there are so many silent readers who made an effort to comment in my ff which encouraged me even more. I can’t mention names as there are too many to mention but special thank you to WeirdSister and Nikita (she commented on the last few episodes on wattpad though)who made an effort to comment in each and every episode and update of my fan fiction.
And also a special thank u to Alina who made edit for all the epi of my ff (wattpad n Facebook n Twitter readers knows about the edit)

Well Please please do comment it’s your last chance please do comment if you felt my fan fiction deserved it. Love u all readers ???.

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      Hey Reema thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff and happy u liked and enjoyed every epi which means a lot to me and yaar u r not the only one even I am missing EDKV like hell ? Even today I just can’t get over it and yes I will post my next ff here though I won’t post Rozana (the wattpad one here) i will post the next and new one here too love u too ???

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff infact I should be sorry instead for replying really late ? N yeah it ended abruptly which was very heartbreaking ??? n happy u liked the ff overall and the last part ? Well is that u who commented on my Rozana ff with the same name n yeah will post the new ff on wattpad ?

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ishu thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and ff ? Yaaaaaaaaar! I m soooooo happy u commented u know when u stopped commenting I was afraid that either my ff became boring or maybe you maybe still angry over that emoji matter ??? but thank god it isn’t like that ? Okay anyways ff ended so no worries ???

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey meera thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff ? Yeah even I wanted EDKV to have a complete ending and thanks for the wishes ?? yes I will write more ff in the future ?Oh so you read my Rozana ff too. ??? well actually i m an ishkara fan (Ishana+Omkara) but no Ishana anymore ?But i like Rikaara too but no getting time to watch the show due to classes and job and it aires really late at my place ? But ya i watch afternoon shows star plus sometimes when i m free as most r diff concept and well my fav pair is one n only Shraman there r other pairs i like too but i don’t like the shows of those pairs , and as for Shraman i loved the story n pair like anything but m disappointed with the fact about the ending of EDKV due to which we didn’t get to see the full story anyways whatever happened cannot be change well if there is one pair i adore from an on air show is RashMeet from Ghulaam serial but I don’t think most knows about this show (i only like the pair n the story and they r supporting characters, but I love that pair n their story for some reason)

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    Loads of love ❤

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey beas thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well i m so happy to see ur comment here i thought either you didn’t know about my ff or you didn’t like it ?But i m so Glad to know you actually read my Ff? N thanks for the wishes love u too ???

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Sri thanks for commenting and m so Glad that u could imagine my ff ? Even i miss them like hell ??? n thanks for the wishes ???

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fenil thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi n yeah will comeback with a new ff once i return from my trip ? N it’s okay at least u made an effort to comment n read my ff that’s a lot for me and best of luck for ur exams

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      Hey zannatun thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff and now u commented that’s a lot for me even i love EDKV like anything even today ???

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    How are you dear??
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