Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 193 (30th November’s Episode) (43rd of this FF)

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Episode No: 193
Episode Date: 30th November 2016

*Maha Episode*

Scene 1: Tiwari Killa
The episode begins with Mamaji and Mamiji are surprised to hear about Ramnath,

Mamiji: This Ramnath Bhaisaab did? I can’t believe it.

Mamaji: Even I am surprised Manju!

Preeti: And Jiju is really angry with him and he won’t forgive him so easily!

Suman and Nanu are coming downstairs. They become silent.

Nanu sits down. Suman is standing. Daboo comes and sit.

Preeti: Daboo move from here!

Daboo: But I sat here just now!

Preeti: Daboo! Let Dii sit down!

Sumo: No, Daboo you just sit down.

Daboo smiles.

Preeti: No Dii, you shouldn’t stand in this condition, I said sit down!

Nanu: Yes Preeti beta is right sit down!

Mamiji: Suman is your health okay? Why is Babuji and Preeti keep on telling you to sit down?

Preeti: That you ask Suman dii.

Mamiji: What happened Suman?

Preeti: Dii, last time you made me say now you say.

Sumo: I am not shy like you!

Mamiji: Will anyone tell me what’s the matter?

Sumo: Mamiji, actually our PrettyPreeti’s baby is going to have another brother or sister?

Mamiji: Heh? That means? That means Preeti is pregnant with twins?

Mamiji gets excited. Preeti looks at her mom strangely,

Preeti: What Maa! You na…

Mamiji: Or does that mean?

Mamiji smiles as she gets it.

Mamiji: Suman beta, are you?

Suman smiles and nods.

Sumo: Yes Mamiji I am going to become a mother! I am pregnant!

Mamiji smiles and hugs Suman.

Mamiji: I am so happy for you. Congratulations beta!

Mamaji comes to Suman too.

Mamaji: Congratulations, Suman beta! May God bless you!

Suman smiles.

Daboo: Rachana Bua was right! Even with Preeti Dii’s baby Suman Didi’s baby is also going to come soon!

Sumo: Daboo! You didn’t tell me how was your exam?

Daboo: Okay, I have to go and play now. Bye!

Daboo runs upstairs. Suman smiles.

Mamiji: Suman beta, we are very happy today. And I have heard regarding that Ramnath Bhaisaab and Sharvan beta matter Preeti told me everything. Don’t worry everything will be fine.

Nanu: Suman told me about it already. What Ramnath did was wrong! But he realised his mistakes so he could get another chance? But its totally upto Shravan what he wants! It’s between a father and son.

Mamaji: Yes Babuji you are right.

Sumo: Mamaji, Mamiji there is something Nanu have to tell you both?

Mamaji: Babuji what is it?

Nanu looks at Suman and Suman nods.

Nanu: Sameer, Manju I have decided to send you both to US.

Mamaji and Mamiji looks surprised.

Mamiji: Us? US? Babuji I have spoke Anuj regarding it, he understood.

Nanu: No, you both will go US and stay with Anuj and it’s also for Daboo’s future.

Mamaji: But Babuji you? Are you coming with us?

Nanu nods no.

Mamaji: Then how can we go leaving you alone here! How did you even think of that!

Nanu: Initially I didn’t like it when Manju Bahu always wanted to go US, but later I knew she must had some valid reason behind which I took time to understand! So now I am saying you both and Daboo go!

Preeti: But Dadu you?

Sumo: PrettyPreeti Nanu will stay with us.

Preeti gets happy.

Preeti: Really!

Sumo: Yes Really!

Mamiji: But…but will everyone at Malhotra house agree?

Sumo: Shravan has no problems with it, after all he is the one who recommended it.

Preeti: And Pushkar will be fine and happy with it!

Mamiji: Sure?

Sumo: Yes, Mamiji. Now you can tell Anuj Bhaia to prepare to welcome you, Mamaji and Daboo.

Mamiji: Okay, and yes

Mamiji tells Mamaji.

Mamiji: Do all the work needed for that and those papers that need my sign, pass it to me!

Mamaji: Okay!

Sumo: In that happiness, I should cook something sweet!

Mamiji: No need to go to kitchen! You should just sit here!

Sumo: What Mamiji you also?

Mamiji: What what? I will cook sweets not you, and if I need help I will ask you.

Sumo: Okay fine.

Mamiji goes to cook and Mamaji goes to attend some call.

Preeti: But Dii, Jiju? He wants to leave the house what about that?

Sumo: PrettyPreeti don’t worry about that we still have some days, I will persuade Shravan by then.

Suman gets determined.

And then Shravan comes,
Preeti: Jiju, you?

Mamiji sees Shravan and she comes out.
Mamiji: Sharvan beta? I heard about you and Suman. Congratulations!

Shravan: Thank you Mamiji, by the way where is Nanaji!

Mamiji: Babuji went upstairs a while ago, he was sitting here just now.

Shravan goes to meet Nanu.

Scene 2: Nanu’s Room
There Nanu is sitting and Shravan comes.

Nanu: Shravan beta, you have came?

Shravan: Yes Nanaji.

Shravan comes and sits beside Nanu.

Shravan: Nanu did Sumo tell you?

Nanu: Yes Suman told me and I am really happy for the both of you.

Shravan smiles.

Nanu: But beta remember one thing, with this your responsibility have now increased. Besides your work your family is also important. Becoming a father is a very big responsibility.

Shravan looks on.

Nanu: Not only that, besides your children you must take care of your family, and family is the most important thing! Beta, I have three children. And you know when Suman’s mom was born then I realised the responsibility of being a father. With that I became more responsible in work, and I had to take care of both my parents and children.

Shravan: Nanu, then you had so much responsibilities shouldered you didn’t feel stressful or anything?

Nanu: No beta nothing like that. In fact what made me happy was when I used to see my children bond with my parents, like Priya was very close with my mom. When I used to go for work and my wife was busy, and then I saw the way my parents took care of my children, and their smile on their face says it all.

Shravan looks on and gets thinking.

Nanu: Beta, I would say all the best for your future. I don’t know what destiny has stored for us, but I just gave you some tips, hope you didn’t mind.

Shravan: No, Nanaji why are you saying like this? By the way, Nanaji, I and Sumo should leave soon. I have to bring her to PCT for a while as I promised her also.

Nanu: Okay beta, Manju cooked some sweets in this moment of happiness and so you both should have some and then go.

Shravan agrees.

At night,
Scene 3: Shraman’s Room
Shravan is thinking about what Nanu said. Suman comes and sits beside him and looks at him.

Sumo: Shravan, listen!

Shravan: What is it?

Sumo: I feel like having something. I am very hungry.

Shravan: Sumo, it’s 12am now. Now how will I get food?

Sumo: But Shravan I am really having cravings. I feel like Kheer, Laddoo, and also Pakora, yummy! And yes best is something sour like pickles!

Shravan: You didn’t eat at night is it?

Sumo: Looks like my Patidev forgot that his wife is pregnant. So these cravings are normal.

Shravan: Sumo, just resist for today tomorrow I will bring you whatever you want to eat. Promise!

Sumo: No I want. I want it right now. Means right now!

Shravan: Sumo?

Sumo: I want it right now means right now!

Shravan: Sumo, you are stubborn.

Sumo: I want it, means I want it.

Just then Kamini and Vandy comes,

Sumo: Kamini Chachi! Vandy Bhabi!

Suman realises there are sweets, and pickle. She gets happy.

Kamini: Suman puttar, these delicious delicates are only for you.

Sumo: Chachi, how do you know that I was craving for all these!

Kamini: How will I not know? And the way you are talking about different food at the dining table, I realised that you were having cravings and it’s very common for pregnant woman to have all these cravings.

Vandy: Yes Suman,you know Mummyji prepared all these for you so that you can have them.

Sumo: Thank you very much Chachi!

Kamini: No thank you shank you. And yes if Nirmala Bhabhi was here she would have done so too, but she had to go to Mumbai for some emergency work for two days. So that’s why I decided to make all these for you.

Suman happily eats them,

Kamini: Enjoy eating them beta, and if you need anything. It’s late now, we should leave, and after finishing this you just keep it, Bahadur will take it away.

Kamini and Vandy leaves.

Sumo: So sweet of Chachi, really she changed a lot, she cares so much for me and knew what I wanted.

Suman is eating. Shravan looks on.

Sumo: I will miss Kamini Chachi a lot too. Shravan, can’t you rethink over your decision.

Shravan is silent.

Sumo: Shravan, why are you silent? Are you rethinking to…

Shravan: No! My decision is final. We will leave this house by end of this month and that’s final!

Suman gets disappointed.

Sumo: (in her mind) This Shravan is so stubborn how to make him agree!

After a few days,
Scene 4: Malhotra Residence
Suman looks at the photo of the entire Malhotra family.

Sumo: (in her mind) I can’t believe we will be leaving from this house this week. I am already missing this house. I just hope some miracle happens which will make Shravan change his decision and also his problems with dad to get solved.

Just then Suman gets a call,

Sumo: Yes Preeta I will be there right now!

Suman is about to go, she feels dizzy and Kamini holds her before she faints.

Kamini: Suman Puttar are you fine!

Nirmala comes rushing.

Nirmala: Suman! What happened to you!

Sumo: Maa, nothing…

Kamini: Nirmala Bhabi, look at your Daughter-in-law she was about to faint!

Nirmala: Suman beta, you never take care of yourself!

Kamini: Drink some water beta.

Suman drinks water. Shravan is about to go to work,

Nirmala: Suman I think you should take leave today. Your health is not good. You must take better care of yourself in this condition!

Sumo: But Maa?

Shravan: What happened to Sumo?

Kamini: Shravan beta, your wife almost fainted! It’s good I was here, if not…

Shravan: Sumo, I told you to take care of yourself!

Preeti: Dii are you okay?

Sumo: Yes…yes I am. Maa I am okay I can go to PCT today.

Nirmala: Suman, not today! Shravan, say something!

Shravan: Maa is absolutely right!

Just then Nirmala gets a call,

Nirmala: I won’t be able to come today.

Nirmala keeps the phone.

Sumo: Maa, what were you talking about?

Nirmala: It was regarding some work but I postponed it.

Sumo: Maa, you postponed it because of me, right! Maa, I will take care of myself! Okay fine I won’t go today okay.

Nirmala: No beta, I can’t leave you alone!

Kamini: Nirmala Bhabi you go I and Vandy are here to take care of Suman. You don’t worry.

Nirmala: But?

Sumo: Maa if you don’t go to work, then I will go to work. If you go to work, then I won’t go to work.

Nirmala: But Suman beta?

Shravan: Maa, Sumo is right! You should go to work!

Nirmala unwillingly agrees.

Kamini: Bhabi don’t worry Suman is like my own Daughter. I am here for her.

Nirmala: Thank you Kamini.

Nirmala leaves.

Shravan comes to Suman,

Shravan: Take care of yourself and the baby okay!

Suman nods and Shravan also leaves.

Kamini: Let me go and call Preeti after all she is staying at Tiwari Killa for the last three days.

Scene 5: Shraman’s Room
Suman is lying down and speaking to Preeta.

Sumo: Better make sure everyone does their work well. And if there is any problem do call me.

Preeta: Don’t worry Sumo, you don’t take tension. You just rest, and if you want you can take leave tomorrow also.

Sumo: No, no I will try to come tomorrow. I was unwell today that’s why I didn’t come. And don’t think you all can skip work due to that.

Preeta: We will do all the work!

Sumo: And Shravan’s chamber is nearby so I will ask him to check, understand!

Preeta: Sumo, we will do work na. You just take care of yourself and the baby.

Sumo: Okay I keep the phone.

Suman keeps the phone.

Just then Nirmala and Preeti comes,

Sumo: Areh PrettyPreeti? Maa?

Suman is about to get up, Nirmala helps her.

Sumo: Maa, when did you come?

Nirmala: A while ago, my work ended early that’s why.

Preeti: Dii, I heard you were unwell, that’s why I came here.

Sumo: What Preeti, you should be resting too. I almost  fainted in the morning and nothing much!

Preeti: What dii, fainting is a very big thing and you are pregnant also!

Nirmala: Beta , here is milk. Hope you can feel better.

Sumo: Milk? Maa, I don’t want to have it.

Suman looks at it unwillingly,

Nirmala: Beta, you have to have it! It’s good for you and the baby. And anyways you are quite unwell today also this milk will make you feel better.

Sumo: But Maa?

Nirmala forces to have the milk and Suman unwillingly drinks it.

Nirmala: Even Shravan doesn’t like milk!

Sumo: I know that. Lucky boy!

Nirmala: Okay beta, you and Preeti speak. I have some work so I should leave and yes Aditya is coming here tonight also.

Suman nods. Nirmala leaves. Preeti is sad.

Sumo: What happened to my PrettyPreeti? You look sad?

Preeti: Dii, really everything will become  boring after you, Jiju and Bade Maa leave. Please don’t go.

Preeti becomes sad.

Sumo: Preeti,I know even I am missing everyone already. But this Shravan is so adamant! You know Preeti, I don’t like staying alone.

Preeti: Dii you should take care of yourself?

Sumo: You go and take rest now, and also your date is nearing. So go back home and rest.

Preeti: Okay dii, I go and rest now.

Preeti leaves. Pushkar waits for her.

Pushkar: When will you comeback? I am already missing you!

Preeti: Very soon!

Pushkar: Let me drop you there.

Sumo: (in her mind) I have to talk to Shravan regarding this.

Just then Ramnath comes,
Sumo: Dad, you?

Suman is about to get up,
Ramnath: No Beta, you continue taking rest.

Suman does so. Ramnath comes to her.
Ramnath: Look beta, this is for you.

Ramnath brings a gift for Suman and Suman gets happy as she finds a jewellery.

Sumo: Dad, this is so pretty and this must have been expensive what was the need of it!

Ramnath: I didn’t gift anything to my daughter, and by the way you all are going to leave soon so I decided why not I give you something.

Sumo: You are still worried about the Shravan matter? Don’t worry we still have 2-3 days I will try to persuade Shravan.

Ramnath: There is no use beta, he won’t agree.
Ramnath leaves. Suman looks on sadly.

At night,
Scene 5: Malhotra Residence
Shravan just comes from work and he finds Lalaji showing Kamini something.

Lalaji: Kamini see what I brought!

Kamini: What is it?

Lalaji: I brought some toys! It’s for the babies. Pushkar and Shravan’s babies.

Kamini: Really! Let me also see! Let me call Suman and Pushkar.

Lalaji: Call them later let me show what else I brought.

Lalaji shows Kamini a small bracelet and chain.

Lalaji: If they have a boy then chain, if girl then bracelet.

Kamini: This is so cute and lovely.

Kamini happily sees it. Shravan looks on.

Shravan: (in his mind) Everyone is so happy about Pushkar-Preeti and mine-Sumo’s baby. I wonder what will happen after we leave from here.

Shravan walks upstairs and he finds Ramnath sitting down and talking to his father’s picture.

Ramnath: Babuji please forgive me, I couldn’t fulfill your wish.

Shravan looks on.

Scene 6: Ramnath’s Room
Ramnath: I have promised you that I will make sure I won’t let this family break. But see what is happening. My own son is leaving this family!

Shravan: (in his mind) If you didn’t do such things, I would have never left this family!

Ramnath: If he would have gone London to fulfill his dreams, I won’t have mind but here he’s leaving the family and it’s all because of my mistake! My one very big mistake! I wish I never misunderstood Nirmala and to hide that I did such dirty things.

Ramnath cries. Shravan feels bad.

Ramnath: I am sorry, for my this mistake, I have to suffer. And that is I couldn’t fulfill the promise I made to you that of keeping the family intact, but I hope Shravan can stay happily no matter where he is!

Shravan feels really bad and as he is about to come to Ramnath,

Shravan: (in his mind) No Shravan! What are you doing! This man has ruined your mom’s life! And you are…No! But… but how about the promise he made to Dadaji, what’s his fault in that!

Shravan gets angry and goes from there.

Scene 7: Shraman’s Room
Nirmala is showing Suman Shravan’s childhood pictures.

Suman and Nirmala are chit-chatting and laughing.

Nirmala: You know Shravan was so naughty in childhood!

Sumo: Shravan was like that? Can’t believe that’s Shravan!

Nirmala: It is true.

Sumo: Yes yes, if he can turn from Chasmish to Kutub Minar everything is possible, and Maa how did Shravan get so tall?

Nirmala: Even I didn’t expect him to grow that tall.

Just then Shravan comes,

Shravan: So here my height is being made fun of.

Sumo: You came on time, Kutub Minar!

Shravan comes and hugs his mom, and gives Suman a kiss on the forehead.

Shravan:  Sumo, did you take enough rest? Are you okay now.

Sumo: Yes, I was unwell in the morning, but now I am better.

Shravan: Sumo, you know how much worried I got! You know you have to take care of your health, you are already having low BP problems and also on top your pregnancy. So don’t stress. If not our baby will say that Papa doesn’t take care of Mama.

Sumo: Shravan you also don’t take stress, if not our baby will say that Mama always make Papa do work!

Shravan smiles.

Sumo: Maa, I am very hungry. I am craving for delicious food from you.

Shravan: Sumo, why are you making my Maa do work? She came from work and you…

Sumo: Okay, then I cook?

Shravan: No, you stay here I tell someone to cook food.

Sumo: Shravan you really don’t want Mom’s cooked dal.

Shravan: I want! Maa, now I agree with Sumo hearing about Dal I got hungry. Now cook Dal for us!

Nirmala: Okay, you both stay here, I cook dal.

Nirmala goes.

Shravan: So what’s my wife thinking?

Sumo: Shravan there is something I want to ask you.

Shravan: Ask.

Sumo: Can we stay back at Malhotra Residence?

Shravan nods no.

Sumo: But Shravan please! Please ! I ! I will be so lonely!

Shravan: No, Sumo I can’t! I understand but I can’t even see that man’s face!

Sumo: What is this Shravan! It has been long since you didn’t speak to dad properly, now this is too much! Forgive him!

Shravan: No Sumo, I can’t do that! Forget about one month or one year, I will never forgive him! Never!

As Shravan is about to go, Nirmala comes with the tray,

Nirmala: Here it is Dal.

Shravan and Suman gets happy.

Shravan: Maa, please feed me!

Sumo: Me too!

Nirmala feeds Shravan as he is about to have it, Suman eats it on his behalf.

Shravan: Sumo, what is this! It was for me!

Suman makes faces at him.

Shravan: Maa, see.

Sumo: What see? I was hungry I said first so I had dal first.

Shravan: Sumo, I was suppose to have dal first.

Sumo: So have now, I am not stopping you.

Nirmala is again about to feed Shravan, Suman eats it again.

Shravan: Sumo!

Sumo: It’s not me, it’s the baby.

Shravan: Wow now you are framing my innocent baby into this. You will never change. See what I do. Maa feed me.

Shravan cover’s Suman’s mouth using his hand and eats it.

Sumo: Shravan this is cheating!

Shravan: Yes it is, if not you would have finished the entire dal.

Suman and Shravan are fighting.

Nirmala: Oho, you both are completely fighting kids. Who will say you both are going to become parents?

Sumo: Maa, you tell him!

Shravan: Maa, you tell her!

Nirmala: Okay okay fine, you both stop fighting if not I will not feed you two.

Shravan: Sumo, you are looking very pretty today, what have you done?

Sumo: And you are looking very handsome, looking no less than Hrithik Roshan!

Nirmala: Who wants to eat first!

Shravan: Me!

Sumo: Me!

Nirmala: I will feed both of you, and Suman don’t take Shravan’s turn, and Shravan cooperate.

Sumo: But Maa…okay fine.

Nirmala feeds Suman and Shravan. They smile.

After she is done, Nirmala gets a message.

Nirmala: Adi is here!

Nirmala looks behind and finds Aditya.

Nirmala: Adi!

Aditya smiles.

Adi: Maa!

Aditya hugs Nirmala. Suman smiles. Shravan doesn’t react.

Nirmala: Adi, how is everything in Mumbai?

Adi: Maa, everything is fine there in Mumbai, and I can settle to Delhi!

Nirmala: Really!

Aditya nods.

Adi: I will resume work from this week.

Nirmala: Adi where will you be staying?

Adi: I will stay with one of my friend who stay with us.

Nirmala: But beta, us? You can stay with us.

Adi: No, no Maa it’s fine.

Nirmala looks at Shravan and realises why Aditya didn’t stay with them.

Adi: Suman I heard about you and Shravan? Congratulations.

Sumo: Thank you, Aditya.

Aditya comes to Shravan.

Adi: Congratulations, Bro!

Shravan nods.

Adi: You still didn’t forgive me?

Shravan looks on.

Aditya folds his hand and apologises.

Adi: Shravan, I am really sorry yaar. I shouldn’t have done so! I shouldn’t have kidnap you. I didn’t know what happened with me! Why I became crazy! I just didn’t get it.

Shravan: No Aditya, I am not angry related to that, but I am still angry with what you were going to do with Sumo. Leave it it was my mistake actually. I shouldn’t have instigated you. So forgive me for that.

Adi: No, no Shravan why are you?

Shravan: But I am sorry I can’t forgive you for what you did with Sumo? I admit what I said was completely wrong, but you did doesn’t justify. I didn’t expect that.

Shravan goes from there. Aditya looks on.

Sumo: Don’t worry Maa, don’t worry Aditya Shravan is like that. He will become fine soon and forgive you.

Adi: Sumo, you forgave me?

Sumo: Aditya, I forgave you the day itself you told me the entire truth, if not I and Shravan won’t have been together. So I thank you instead.

Adi: Thank you so much for forgiving Suman.

Nirmala: Adi beta, let me cook your favourite paneer dish, and then we will eat together. And Suman if you need anything do tell me.

Suman nods.

Just then , Suman gets a phone and she gets shocked.

Sumo: Don’t worry I will come right now.


Nirmala: Adi beta, do come here again.

Adi: Okay Maa, I will try.

Aditya is about to go, and he is talking on phone and walks.

Suman quickly climbs the stairs and she is about to slip. Suman gets scared and Aditya saves her. Shravan and Nirmala sees this.

Shravan: Sumo!

Aditya helps Suman and makes her sit in the sofa.

Shravan: Sumo are you okay?

Suman nods and Shravan realises she is super scared.

Shravan: Drink water. I told you so many times to be careful!

Suman drinks water.

Aditya: Sumo are you okay?

Suman nods.

Aditya: I think I should leave now.

Aditya is about to go,

Shravan: Aditya!

Nirmala consoles Suman.

Nirmala and Suman looks on.

Shravan: Thank you so much! Thank you for saving Sumo, if not I wonder what would have happened today!

Aditya: No, no it’s fine.

Aditya is about to go,

Shravan: And yes ,I forgave you!

Aditya smiles.

Shravan: It’s my fault too even it was my mistake. No one can deny the fact what you did was wrong too, but today by saving Sumo, I decided to forgive you and yes please do forgive me too even I have done wrong.

Aditya: No Shravan is nothing is like that. Please don’t say like this.

Aditya gets happy and Aditya and Shravan shares a hug. Suman smiles a bit and Nirmala smiles.

Shravan: From now you are my younger brother and I am your elder brother okay!

Aditya: Okay!

Suman happy face gets into a worried one.

Sumo: I have to go now.

Nirmala: Suman beta, what happened you sound quite tensed?

Sumo: Maa, Preeti?

Just then Kamini

Kamini: What happened to Preeti?

Sumo: Pushkar’s call came. Preeti got into labour pain!

Nirmala: What!

Kamini: Preeti! Oh god, please protect my Daughter-in-law and grandchild.

Sumo: We have to go to the hospital to visit her!

Aditya: Suman, I will drop you all to the hospital.

Shravan: Thank you so much Aditya!

Aditya drops them to the hospital.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman and Shravan are talking and Suman feels pain in her belly and screams in pain. Shravan gets shocked. The doctor tells Shravan that he must seriously take good care of her as she has some complications. Shravan gets thinking.

Hey all, so sorry for the late update today. Actually I had both lessons and work today, and also my lesson ended late today which is why I had to rush to work and got a very short time break due to which I didn’t get any time at all to post this ff or edit this ff that’s why I got late. So so sorry. But in compensation this is a Maha Episode so yeah ?.

And 2 episodes to go!!!
Please do comment if possible and feel free to express your opinions. Thank you ???

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey meera thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? And it’s okay and all the best for ur episodes and hope u will love the ending too yeah just submitted the next part ?

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? And the dal part ? Love u too ? And enjoy the last 2 episodes to the fullest ???

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      Hey shameema thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and dal part and also yeah Shravan forgave adi ?

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fenil thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and dal part yeah Shravan forgave him happy u liked the epi overall ?

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey dhristi thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ?

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      Hey Reema thanks for commenting happy u liked the Maha epi ? Love u too ? Already submitted the next epi ? Now depends when they will post it ?

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