Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 189 (24th November’s Episode) (39th of this FF)

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Episode No: 189
Episode Date: 24th November 2016

Scene 1: Nirmala’s Residence
2-3 days later,
The episode begins with someone knocking the door. Aditya opens the door and is surprised to find Ramnath.

Aditya: Ramnath Uncle, you?

Ramnath: Adi beta, where is Nirmala?

Aditya: Maa…

Aditya looks behind and finds Nirmala coming.

Nirmala: What is it Ram? What happened? Is everything fine?

Ramnath: Come with me.

Nirmala: Me? But where?

Ramnath holds Nirmala’s hand. Nirmala looks on.

Ramnath: I don’t have much time just come with me.

Nirmala looks on and follows Ramnath. Aditya gets surprised.

Aditya: After all where did Ramnath Uncle take Maa? Is everything fine? Should I follow them?

Aditya is about to go,

Aditya: No, no this won’t be right!

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence
Shraman and Preekar are playing ludo, and enjoying. Pushkar is much better now.

Pushkar: See I told you no one can defeat me in Ludo.

Sumo: No need to show off so much, there is still another game to go.

Shravan smiles.

Just then Aaru comes,

Aaru: So you all are playing Ludo without me?

Pushkar smiles seeing Aaru.

Pushkar: Aaru!

Aaru: Sorry yaar Pushkar I couldn’t come when you were in hospital, actually I was in Dubai for a month, and I came back yesterday. I heard about your accident and I came here. So how have you been?

Pushkar: Much better, but this bandage.

Aaru: Oh so Sumo Madam already doodled on your bandage?

Pushkar smiles.

Pushkar: Yes.

Aaru: I still remember how she used to doodle on my bandage when I fractured my leg.

Pushkar: And you used to get so annoyed with that.

Pushkar and Aaru laughs.

Preeti whispers to Suman,

Preeti: Was Aaru Pushkar’s crush?

Sumo: Why are you asking that?

Preeti: The way he is smiling speaking with her.

Sumo: Oh so PrettyPreeti is getting jealous!

Preeti: No dii, is not like that.

Sumo: I know how is it? No need to tell me.

Pushkar: Areh Preeti I forgot to tell you, Aaru na was my very good friend also.

Preeti: Oh really?

Pushkar: Just the way Bhaia and Sumo were very hard to separate, same was for me and Aaru. Bhai and Sumo were busy with themselves, so me and Aaru spoke with each other to give accompany.

Preeti gets more jealous. Suman whispers to Shravan.

Sumo: PrettyPreeti is getting very jealous, just see her face!

Shravan: Sumo?

Sumo: You don’t act so naive!

Pushkar: By the way why did you go to Dubai?

Aaru: It was actually for some property work there.

Suman remembers something.

Sumo: (in her mind) Oh yes I forgot. I had to ask Shravan regarding the Nanu thing.

Sumo: Shravan come with me, I have some work.

Shravan: Me?

Sumo: Yes you?

Shravan: But why?

Pushkar: Bhaia, looks like Sumo is in mood to romance with you. Make all use of it!

Sumo: You keep quiet! Shravan come!

Suman holds Shravan’s hand and takes him to their room.

Scene 3: Shraman’s Room
Shravan: What is it Sumo why have you bring me here all of a sudden?

Sumo: I had to ask you something.

Shravan: What is it? Ask me.

Sumo: Shravan, the Nanu property papers? He renamed all his property between his children and grandchildren. You knew that?

Shravan: So Nanaji told you already?

Sumo: Yes he told me that day.

Shravan: Yes Nanaji told me about that. Actually it was a matter a few months back. He sounded quite worried. And then I spoke with him, and then I realised that….

Sumo: That?

Shravan: Nanaji did so as he wanted the family’s happiness. He knew Rachana Mausi was going to shift with Mausaji to Benaras soon, and then also Sameer Mamaji and Manju Mamiji wanted to settle to USA.

Sumo: But now? Now they are fine with staying here.

Shravan: Yes, they finally agreed to stay in India, but Nanaji felt that Manju Mamiji was missing her son in US a lot, and she really wanted to settle and also for Daboo’s future, but she was taking care of the family. Nanaji said that he realised the fact, and he wants to make sure they get settled in US too.

Sumo: Nanu have thought so much! But…But? Shravan? I am happy for Mamaji and Mamiji if they go US it will be good for them, but Nanu will be all alone, how will he stay alone at this age? There won’t be anyone to take care of him!

Shravan holds Suman’s shoulder.

Shravan: Don’t worry Sumo, I also have a solution for that.

Sumo: What solution? Are you thinking to also send Nanu to US. Shravan, you know Nanu right! He won’t agree. He wants to stay in India only.

Shravan: Listen to the entire thing first.

Sumo: Okay okay!

Shravan: So what happened if Manju Mami and Sameer Mama went US? We are still there. Yes, Sumo Nanaji will stay with us here at Malhotra Residence.

Suman gets really happy.

Sumo: Really!

Shravan: Yes, really!

Suman gets really and she starts jumping in happiness.Shravan gets surprised and happy seeing her like this.

Shravan: Sumo, relax! Wow you are so excited.

Sumo: Today I am so happy,

Sumo is about to fall, and Shravan holds her. Music plays as they share an eyelock.

Shravan: I told you to be careful!

Sumo: I am sorry.

Shravan: You know that I can’t see you hurt, after all you are my life. My Jaan.

Sumo: Oh so sweet Shravan.

Suman and Shravan gets close and share a small kiss.

And then as they were about to get closer, Shravan’s phone rings.

Shravan: Dad’s call!

Shravan picks up the call.

Shravan: Hello? Dad?

Ramnath: Shravan, can you please come to the address I send you?

Shravan: Why is there some important work?

Ramnath: I can’t say much. I just say please come.

Shravan: Okay dad as you say.

Shravan keeps the phone.

Sumo: What happened Shravan? You seem quite worried!

Shravan: No actually dad call me for some work. Maybe something happened in the office.

Sumo: Okay fine, then you go.

Shravan: Sumo, can you come with me?

Sumo: Me?

Shravan: Please drive the car for me.

Sumo: Just for driving? Shravan please don’t tell me that you are still upset regarding the accident matter?

Shravan: I have moved on but I am…I am scared to drive the car. I need time. I don’t think I can still drive my car till now.

Sumo: Okay fine, I will drive you, but very soon you have to get over this okay!

Shravan: Okay, now let’s go.

Shravan and Suman about to go, Suman holds her head as she feels dizzy. Shravan realises this.

Shravan: Sumo, are you okay?

Sumo: I don’t know suddenly my head is spinning.

Shravan: Oh God have you ate anything today?

Sumo: I have ate.

Shravan: What?

Sumo: Actually…I ate…um no I didn’t eat anything.

Shravan: I knew it!

Shravan calls out Bahadur.

Shravan: Bahadur!

Bahadur comes.

Shravan: Bring her some food. She hasn’t eaten anything since morning.

Sumo: Shravan I will eat later, I will drop you first.

Shravan: No need of that, you take rest first. And you know you have low blood pressure problems, why do you always starve yourself?

Sumo: Shravan, you will manage?

Shravan: Yes, I have to manage. Don’t worry about that. I am going now. And yes you better make sure you eat this entire food.

Suman nods.

Shravan: Okay I leave now, and you better take rest.

Shravan leaves, and Suman cheers in happiness.

Sumo: (in her mind) Now Shravan will have no other option but to drive the car by himself! Wah Sumo, what an actress you are! Taking advantage of the situation! Someone should learn from you!

Scene 4: Outside
Shravan is standing near the car and gets thinking.

Shravan: How would I even drive this car? Sumo is unwell, and if I call driver he will take time, and then dad will get angry. What to do?

Shravan walks around and he finds Varun coming out. Shravan smiles as he gets an idea.

Shravan: Varun Bhaia thank you so much you came here?

Varun: Why what happened Shravan? Any problem?

Shravan: Actually the thing is… I have to go the address dad sent me, so if you can drop me there?

Varun: But you can drive the car by your own, right?

Shravan: Look Varun Bhaia, recently such a big accident happened and then my license?

Varun: What about your license?

Shravan: Actually my license got blocked for few days due to that accident!

Varun: Oh! Okay then I will drop you.

Shravan and Varun gets into the car and Varun drives the car.

Shravan: (in his mind) Thank you so much Sumo for this idea! I have learnt taking advantage of a situation from you only, sorry Varun Bhaia I had to lie to you! But what to do! I didn’t want to drive the car and I had to reach there as soon as possible! So sorry! I wonder how Sumo can do all these?

Varun: Now you tell me where should we go?

Shravan checks the address and gets surprised while reading it.

Shravan: Park? Why does dad wants to meet me in a park!

Varun: Park? Okay I will take you there!

Varun drives him to the park.

Scene 5: Park
Varun drops Shravan to the park.

Shravan: Thank you so much Varun Bhaia!

Shravan goes to the park. And he waits for Ramnath.

Shravan: Now where’s dad?

Ramnath and Nirmala comes to the park too. Varun sees this and gets surprised.

Just then Kamini calls him,

Kamini: Hello Varun beta, where are you?

Varun: I just dropped Shravan to the park.

Kamini: Shravan? Park?

Varun: But I am surprised why Bade Papa called him here, and Badi Maa is also with him? What is happening?

Kamini gets shocked and she realises.

Kamini: Varun I talk to you later, I have some work.

Kamini keeps the phone and gets shocked.

Kamini: I have to tell Suman about this.

Scene 6: Preekar’s Room
Suman, Aaru, Pushkar and Preeti are playing ludo now.

Aaru: Where is Shravan?

Sumo: Actually dad had some work with him . I  sent him alone so that he can drive.

Kamini rushes.

Kamini: Suman beta, Ramnath Bhaisaab is going to tell everything to Shravan today!

Suman gets up as she gets shocked.

Sumo: What!

Kamini: Yes, I talked to Varun a while ago and I got to know Bhaisaab told Shravan to come and Nirmala Bhabi is with him too! They went to a park.

Sumo: What? Which park?

Kamini: You talk to Varun, he will tell you the address!

Suman talks to Varun and she rushes to go to the park after passing Kamini the phone.

Sumo: Chachi, you look after the house and I am going there.

Kamini: Yes, quick!

Suman leaves. Pushkar and Preeti looks on confused. Aaru gets the situation.

Pushkar: What happened? Badi Maa and Bade Papa called Bhaia to the park, truth…what’s happening?

Aaru: I will tell you both everything.

Aaru narrates the entire story and they both get surprised.

Pushkar: Oh God! What have Sir done? If Bhaia get to know this, then everything will be…

Scene 7: Park
Suman reaches the park, and she goes there.

Nirmala: But Ram, Shravan he won’t able to tolerate the truth! I can’t tell him the truth.

Ramnath: There is a time when everything has to get revealed anyways. Please Nirmala please agree.

Nirmala: No!

Ramnath: Okay I will myself tell Shravan the entire truth but I need you.

Ramnath holds Nirmala’s hand.

Nirmala: Ram! You are not doing right! Shravan…he will shatter after knowing everything?

Ramnath: And how about you?

Nirmala: I have tolerated for 11 years, so…

Ramnath: Now, it’s enough I will tell him everything!

Shravan on the other hand is waiting for Ramnath and looking at the watch,

Shravan: Now where is dad? He told me to come first and now he himself haven’t come? Did he send me the wrong address by any chance?

Shravan is looking at the time.

Shravan: I think I go office and look for him, that’s better, why would he call me for work in a park?

Shravan is about to go, and he smiles seeing Ramnath,

Shravan: There is dad!

Shravan gets surprised seeing Nirmala with Ramnath, Suman reaches the spot and gets shocked seeing Nirmala and Ramnath coming towards Shravan, and Shravan looks on shocked.

Shravan: Dad?

Ramnath: Yes I have called you here!

Shravan angrily looks at Nirmala.

Shravan: But what is she doing with you?

Ramnath: Shravan there is something you need to know?

Shravan looks on surprised, and Suman gets shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shravan is taunting Nirmala, Suman says it’s enough now let’s leave from here Shravan, Shravan calls Nirmala a heartless person and Ramnath slaps him. Shravan is shocked. Ramnath says you should call me heartless instead because I was the one who was responsible for all this. I separated you from your mom, is that clear! Shravan gets shocked and shattered knowing that! Suman and Nirmala gets sad and teary-eyed.

So I finally managed to post today’s episode. And yes in tomorrow’s episode Ramnath will confess all his deeds and how Shravan reacts upon it is something to watch out for in tomorrow’s episode. Do you think he will be able to tolerate the truth? What do you think he will do? Okay that you will get to know tomorrow. That’s for today. Sorry if there is any mistake in today’s episode as I was a bit unwell today so I couldn’t edit properly but hopefully tomorrow’s episode will be posted as per normal.

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  1. WeirdSister

    What an actress.. really!??
    And Shravan too.. he is picking up all the bad things from her..?
    Anyway.. it feels good to know that now.. Suman has got this newly found ally..?
    Finally.. confession and confrontation..
    Loved it..
    Eagerly waiting for the next one..
    Love you loads?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi hehe sumo ??? yeah Shravan ? And I already posted the next part love u too ?

  2. Nikita

    Arre yaaarr.. so Ramnath will speak about his and sumo’s stuff na? Like how he gave her the check on the stake of preekar marriage nd everything? But shit! Cant wait for tomorroww! This is gonnnaaa bee soooooo excitingg ♥ I loveedd itt.. woww.. aww, pretttyypreettii is upset! Aww. Waiting for tmr’s episode sooo bad! ♥

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishita thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi well u will know that in next epi ? Hehe pretty preeti jal gayi ??? I already submitted the next epi ?

  3. Berry

    Omg …the truth is always bitter n it will be much bitter fr Shravan cuz he loves his dad more than anything n he has always suffered due to him ..jst eager fr the truth to be revealed n how Shravan reacts fr it ….it will really be amazing to knw that ..love u …tc ..get well soon dear ..??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well yes truth is bitter n u will know everything in tomorrow’s episode love u too ??? n now i much better ?

  4. Ruchi

    Hey Jo!!!
    How r you dear??
    Wow man m in love wid ur ff…
    Jealous Preeti … Haha
    Finally the Ramnath will confess everything!!
    eager to see Shravan’s reaction
    m sad that u r going to end this ff soon…
    but i can understand that u r busy wid studies …
    take care
    lots of love
    Ruchi !!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ru thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Love u too ? And so happy to see u commenting and thanks for understanding dear ?

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