Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 182 (15th November’a Episode) (32nd of this FF)

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Episode No: 182
Episode Date: 15th November 2016

Scene 1: Sumo’s Room
The episode begins with a two months leap after Shravan goes to London for his training.

Suman is shown flipping the wedding album of hers and Shravan.

Sumo: (in her mind) it has been almost six months since we got married. And the way we got married in the court was all of a sudden, and then Nanu’s wish of this weird photo shoot of me and you. I never thought that one day I will be sitting in my room and adoring these pictures instead which I used to call weird. And so much have happened after we got married.

And then Suman takes another photo album, which is of hers and Shravan’s reception and when Shravan proposed her and they got married with rituals again.

Sumo: (in her mind) we had differences between each other which we cleared, and we again became best friends like before once again. Then, you surprised me by getting married to me and this time with all the rituals carried out. And yes, this was of course a much better photoshoot this time.

Suman smiles and blushes.

Suman closes the album.

Sumo: (in his mind) And then both of us went for honeymoon, and confessed the love we had for each other. You know when you rejected me when I confessed, I was shattered and I thought everything is over, but no! You came back and confessed your love to me, and then we were made for each other. It has been two months since you left London for training for your dream course. It seems it was two years and not two months, I missed you so much for these two months.

Suman gets thinking, and just then Nanu comes and pats Suman.

Nanu: What are you thinking Suman beta?

Sumo: Nanu…actually nothing.

Nanu: You are missing Shravan right?

Suman nods. Nanu comes and sits beside Suman.

Nanu: I know you miss him a lot, and you didn’t say how was this photo album? I got it washed and done.

Sumo: Really it refreshed all the memories back.

Suman looks at the time and is shocked as its 11.35pm,

Sumo: Oh no while looking through these albums I forgot about the time, I am already 5 minutes late.

Suman quickly jumps out of her bed and Nanu laughs as he knows what she is going to do.

Suman quickly took her laptop and switched on video call, and as she is typing to tell him that she is online now, she looks down while typing and Shravan comes there in the video, Suman looks up and her hair flips, Shravan lovingly stares at Suman. Suman looks and smiles and she also stares at Shravan in the video call. Title track Music plays.

Nanu comes there and he smiles as he sees Suman and Shravan lovingly stare at each other. He is goes from the room. Just then Preeti comes in, with a small baby bump as she is 5-6 months pregnant. She smiles as she sees Shravan and Suman lovingly staring at each other and she coughs.

Preeti: Uhum Uhum

Shravan and Suman breaks their eyelock.

Preeti: Will you both say something or just lovingly keep staring at each other?

Sumo: Preeti, keep quiet!
Preeti: I didn’t say anything wrong!

Preeti looks at the video call,

Preeti: And how are you Jiju?

Shravan: I am fine Preeti how are you? And how is your health? Is Pushkar taking care proper care of you?

Preeti: Yes I am completely fine, and yes he is taking very good care of me.

Sumo: Go! Go and talk to Pushkar, he must be waiting for your call for a long time.

Preeti: But Dii…

Sumo: You talk with your husband, and I talk with mine.

Shravan tries to laugh seeing Suman scolding Preeti.

Preeti: Okay dii, as you say. I don’t disturb you both. You both enjoy.

Sumo: Preeti!

Preeti: Going, going.

Preeti leaves.

Shravan: So how many days you and Preeti are staying at Tiwari Killa?

Sumo: It have been 5 days now, and Kamini Chachi and Lalaji will return back from her cousin’s wedding which is at Punjab after two days, and then by tomorrow we will return back.

Shravan: 5 days is fine, but do you know you are 5 minutes late today, which is 300 seconds and every second is precious.

Sumo: I am really sorry for that Shravan, I was looking through our wedding photos. Nanu got them washed and published, so I was seeing those.

Shravan: Really?

Sumo: Shravan when will you return? It have been two months already, which means 60 days, and 60 days means 1,400 no no 1,200, no no 1440, no 1240 hours argh!!!

Shravan: Which is 1440 hours equals to 86,400 minutes and equals to 5,184,000 seconds.

Sumo: Acha Baba I get it, you must have carried a calculator in your brain with you, right?

Shravan laughs.

Shravan: But I miss you every second, and missed you these 5,184,000 seconds.

Sumo: I missed you too.

Music plays and they stare at each other emotionally.

Sumo: I missed you those 5, 100,000 i mean 5, 800, 400 i mean 5,400…

Shravan: Let it be, you won’t able to say the full digit, it’s 5,184,000…

Sumo: I get it Mr. Genius!

Shravan: If I wasn’t helping you in maths you would have failed your maths for sure.

Sumo: No need to brag and tease me so much. I run a catering centre named PCT, and I do all the accounts now, so I am not that bad in Maths, okay! You better take note of this.

Suman points to Shravan.

Shravan: Sumo, there is something named calculator.

Suman gets shocked as Shravan further teases her for her maths,

Sumo: Anyways change the topic, let’s talk about something else, you know in PCT today…

Suman and Shravan talks for hours.

Scene 2: Preeti’s Room
Preeti on the other hand is talking with Pushkar on the phone and complaining about Suman.

Preeti: You know Pushkar, today dii scolded me only because I teased her when she was talking to Jiju on the phone.

Pushkar: Areh my Princess Preeti, it’s okay. Next time if she teases you about you and me, you also scold her, okay?

Preeti: Scolding dii and me? Impossible!

Pushkar: Why are you so scared of Sumo? She seems like a real Sumo wrestler to you?

Preeti: You won’t understand her. Jiju na said the right thing, it’s not difficult, it’s impossible to understand dii.

Pushkar: Areh my Pretty Preeti, now change the topic and tell me what were you doing?

Preeti: Nothing much, just watched TV and also talked with Maa, and you?

Pushkar: Only missing you and our baby!

Preeti blushes.

Pushkar: We miss you!

Preeti: I miss you too! Okay I keep the phone now.

Pushkar: Listen, Preeti?

Preeti: Say!

Pushkar: I love you!

Pushkar smiles. Preeti smiles too.

Preeti: I love you too!

Preeti keeps the phone.

Preeti: Now Pushkar have work that’s why I can’t even speak with him and Dii is busy talking with Jiju!!!

Preeti sits down angrily. Nanu comes to Preeti too and pats her too.

Nanu: What happened? Someone looks very angry.

Preeti: Dadu, you know Dii doesn’t care about me?

Nanu: Now what have she done?

Preeti: Let it be Dadu, even if I say something, you will always take the side of your favourite Suman dii.

Nanu: Say what she did!

Preeti: Dadu, I was talking to Jiju and she scolded me…

Nanu: Such a small matter?

Preeti: What small matter? I knew you will take Suman dii’s side only?

Nanu: Oh ho, now my Princess Preeti got angry?

Preeti: Not angry Dadu, bored…

Nanu: Okay, I will tell you a story.

Preeti: Really?

Nanu: Yes,

Nanu tells Preeti stories and she listens to it with full attention.

Scene 3: Suman’s Room
Shravan and Suman are talking with each other on the video chat non-stop and then Suman yawns.

Shravan: Okay Suman I should leave now. You are sleepy. Get some sleep, and then I will talk to you.

Sumo: It’s fine, Shravan, I will sleep later anyways.

Shravan: No, you have to wake up early for your PCT tomorrow, right?

Suman nods.

Shravan: So quickly go and sleep!

Suman agrees.

Sumo: But I don’t feel like leaving the video chat…

Shravan: Sumo?

Sumo: Okay fine.

Suman ends the video chat and closes the laptop.

Sumo: (in her mind) Shravan you won’t understand how is it talking with you? It is a different feeling. I want to talk with you as much as I can in these video chats I missed out the last 10 years.

Shravan: (in his mind) Sumo, I miss you so much. I can’t wait to meet you back. Logically ten years maybe longer than but not for me. For the first time, I feel these two months is longer than those ten years. I miss you so so much, Sumo, I love you!

Sumo: (in her mind) I love you, Shravan!

They look at the bracelet on their hand and the rings and smile.

Suman keeps her laptop aside.

Sumo: Oh no, I forgot about Nanu, and also Preeti.

Scene 4: Preeti’s Room
Suman comes to Preeti’s Room and she sees Nanu telling Preeti stories and Preeti smiling. Suman smiles.

Sumo: Oh so now you both are talking and that too without me?

Preeti: Dii, you let it be. You always talk with Dadu, and me?

Sumo: Okay, okay fine. But I will join you two too.

Preeti: Dadu, now don’t forget I am also here.

Nanu: Areh no no. And yes Suman why did you scold Preeti?

Sumo: Nanu, actually…

Preeti: Yes yes say say

Suman realises Preeti is angry with her,

Sumo: Oh so now my Pretty Preeti is angry with me!

Preeti doesn’t talk to her.

Sumo: I was planning to cook Halwa and then we have it as supper, but let it be.

Preeti’s mouth starts to water, Suman is about to go.

Preeti: Okay fine dii, I forgive you.

Sumo: Okay you and Nanu keep on talking. I will cook Halwa.

Preeti: You need help?

Sumo: No questions for that. And yes I will cook.

Suman goes to cook halwa. She cooks halwa happily, and then she brings it to Preeti’s room.

Sumo: Here is some hot piping Halwa!

Preeti and Nanu haves some halwa. Preeti feeds Suman and she eats it, and they three enjoy. Just then Dabboo, who woke up comes into the room angrily,

Daboo: You three are having Halwa and didn’t even call me?

Daboo gets angry.

Sumo: Oh my dear Daboo, you also have some with us?

Daboo gets happy.

Daboo: Really?

Suman, Preeti, Daboo and Nanu happily haves some Halwa.

Sumo: Daboo, if you wake up late tomorrow, don’t blame us if not you know very well what I can do.

Daboo: No, no I won’t tell anyone. Pakka Promise!

Preeti: Haww Dii, you are threatening or bribing Daboo?

Sumo: You keep quiet!

Preeti: See Dadu, dii always make me quiet like this!

Nanu: Suman!

Sumo: Okay okay, now let’s all four of us finish the Halwa before Mamiji or Mausaji wakes up.

Daboo: Yes Mummy will scold me and Papa himself will finish the entire halwa.

They all four share a laugh. They eat halwa, Suman feeds Daboo and take pictures and enjoy.

Next day Morning,
Scene 5: PCT
Suman is telling Preeta and others to hurry up.

Sumo: Preeta! Kajal! Everyone quickly finish cooking, we have to make sure the order reaches in two hours. If that doesn’t get on time, I will cut everyone’s salary.

Suman is also cooking with them and then she checks the accounts. She remembers about her conversation with Shravan yesterday and smiles. Preeta sees this and smiles.

Preeta: Looks like someone is remembering about her lover?

Sumo: Preeta?

Suman yawns.

Preeta: You talked with Shravan yesterday in the video chat right?

Sumo: You seem to be quite interested. Why do you spy my house?

Preeta: Spy? Na, na I don’t have time for all these, bringing my husband back to sense is already a headache for me.

Sumo: You don’t even mention that Durinder Singh Bagga’s name infront of me!

Preeta: He is my husband, D se Durinder Singh Bagga.

Sumo: Whatever! Now quickly complete order if not S for scolding for sure.(Jaldi Jaldi kaam khatam karo varna D se Daad milega zaroor)

Suman does all the accounts and she gets thinking.

Sumo: (in her mind) I just need 1 lakh and then…

Preeta: Sumo, the order is complete.

Sumo: Okay I will help you take the order to the van.

Just then the client comes,

Sumo: Khuranna sir, your order is here.

Mr.Khuranna: I can say that. I am quite impressed. With not much of staff, and also a short time given you managed to finish the order. I am impressed Mrs.Malhotra.

Sumo: Thank you, sir.

Mr.Khuranna passes her a cheque.

Mr.Khuranna: This is your cheque.

Suman sees the cheque and gets really happy.

Mr.Khuranna leaves with the order.

Suman quickly goes and checks her accounts, and she calculates again and again and she gets happy. Preeta and others are surprised and confused.

Preeta: What happen Sumo? Is there any mistake in the accounts?

Suman hugs Preeta.

Sumo: Preeta, I am so happy!

Preeta:I know now don’t thank us, we got it.

Sumo: Idiot! I am not praising you!

Preeta: Then?

Sumo: Finally, after paying out all expenses and savings I managed to accumulate 20 lakhs. Now I can pay off my mom’s debt.

Preeta gets happy.

Preeta: Really that’s a good news! Now it’s celebration time! Won’t we celebrate?

Sumo: Definately, we will celebrate but after I pay off my mom’s debt.

The episode ends with Suman’s happy and determined face.

Precap: Suman hands the money to Mamiji saying that she pay off her mom’s debt, and Mamiji gets emotional. On the other hand, Suman calls Shravan and as he picks it up, she gets shocked and tears drop from her eyes as he says he won’t be able to come here.

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And for those who are asking about the Nirmala Ramnath truth track that track will unfold in next week’s episode. Next week’s episode the truth of what happened 10 years ago will come to the fore. As for this week’s episode I will say just read this week’s episode and next week’s episode will be more of emotional. And love u all ???

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  1. WeirdSister

    Oh wow..
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    The family bonding was also nice..
    And Shraman were as always.. Adorable..
    These small small things were not shown in the serial.. Because of obvious reasons..
    But it doesn’t matter now.. Because I can read them here..
    You are doing a great job by picking up all the loose ends…and mending them..
    Post soon..
    Love you loads…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Happy u liked the family bonding and Shraman scene thank u so much ??? Will post the next part soon ? Love u too ???

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    Dabbooo ♥♥ I love that little fella.. gosh I miss EDKV… this was beautiful, I lovedd itt.. why can’t shravan return?? Ughh.. and sumo finally paying of the debts.. perfect .. waitingg for tmr’s ep.. lovee yaaaaa


    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      IKR Daboo ??? happy u liked the epi well u will get ur answer in the next epi ? Love u too ???

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      Aur door mat rakho **

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? And well u will get ur answer in the next epi love u too ??? will post the next part tonight ?

  4. i loved the episode very cute and so now shravan will not come but sumo will go to london right????? one week is more for nirmala’s track sucha long time?????? and yeah u deserve millions of comments and i am very happy to comment

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rohini thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ?Well as i said u will get ur ans in the next epi ? Yeah a bit more time for the Nirmala track ? Love u too ??? Will post the next part tonight ?

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