Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman wants to tell Vikram about past

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dumroo and Jhumri meeting. They say we miss each other so much. Shravan comes. Dumroo starts acting. He says I just came to fix the broken glass. Shravan recalls Suman’s words. He hits on the window and breaks it again. He says I also don’t keep anyone’s favor. He sends away Dumroo. Vikram likes the food. He says I have something good for you, Ramesh ji, Suman will tell you, our case is strong now. Beena says you have worked hard for the case, thanks. Vikram says no need to thank, I just took it as family’s case. Dumroo says I fixed the window, Shravan took the hammer and broke it again, he said he doesn’t want any favor. Vikram asks any problem. Ramesh tells him about Devraj’s son. Suman says that guy is much ill mannered. Vikram asks why are we tolerating the misbehavior.

He says let me just talk to him. Suman says let it be. Suman goes to drop Vikram. Ramesh says Suman took many favors from Vikram. Beena asks what about us, we also did favors. Vikram says sorry, case is almost over. Suman says to be true, I have seen many problems, its enough, I want to be tension free, I didn’t celebrate any job, if we win this case, I will celebrate it with you. He asks really. She says I promise. He says I will also say the truth, you are very sorted, you don’t judge anyone. Suman says I don’t give time to myself. He says its okay, we have to know each other. She says there are many things which I didn’t tell you, especially my past.

He says I want to listen everything, but its not imp for me to know your past, just present and future matters. He says I met someone, who helped me on the way, I have a relation with army officers now, you will come with me, I will meet him, the tea stall in his special spot also, he has memories with it. She recalls Shravan and asks what’s his name. He says Captain Malhotra, we will meet him one day and share old memories. He says I will go now. He leaves. Suman goes to her house. She writes a diary… The man who is behind my life’s problems has become Vikram’s friend, I don’t want Vikram to misunderstand me, so I will tell him my truth, why did Shravan come back.

Its morning, Colonel says Captain Malhotra is your patient, you both discuss and start the treatment today itself. He gives the official papers. Shravan and Suman go out from Colonel’s office. They argue. She says you didn’t know army basics, you have to maintain fitness, we will start tomorrow. He gets Vikram’s call. He says we shall meet for drinks, send me the address, I will come. Suman worries and thinks if Vikram meets Shravan, he may know my past, I want to tell him everything. Shravan says you have to say something now. She greets Colonel. She says Captain Malhotra’s treatment should start today, he wants to join duty soon. Colonel says you are right. Shravan says don’t know what’s her new drama.

Bassi says we got to know Suman is your assigned doctor. Shravan thinks. Suman says I had to tell you about my past, its about school time. Vikram asks what’s the matter that made you nervous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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