Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan’s Master Plan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman over phone informs Shravan that she will explain her plan tomorrow when she meets him. Anjali asks Vijay why did he say that Ramesh can keep a manager for his business. Vijay says he couldn’t see children’s sad face, so he had to. Anjali says Ramesh shouldn’t have decided to shift house. Vijay says just like he shift after his posting in different city. Anjali says papa/Daddu has kept them together till now and even now he will somehow. On the other side, Ramesh feels guilty, but Beena says what he decided is right, so he shouldn’t regret. Ramesh walks away saying he will come in sometime.
At Shravan’s house, Devraj reads Vijay’s message and showing it to Kavita says Vijay has written that gattha sabji was tasty, thanks for remembering. Kavita says he wrote it rudely. Devraj says after that fight incident, things have changed. Shravan with Bunty picks tool from kitchen planning something, but when Kavita enters says he was feeling thirsty while studying, so came to pick water. Kavita takes water bottle and leaves. Ramesh walks into Daddu’s room and pressing his legs gets emotional reminiscing childhood incidents. Daddu also gets emotional. Ramesh asks if he says, he will not shift to Indore. Daddu says he shouldn’t compromise on work, so he should go and asks not to discuss their conversation with his wife. Ramesh nods yes.

Next early morning, Kanchan asks Suman how will she convince Shravan to attend class tomorrow. Suman calls Shra van and requests him to attend class tomorrow, she will find a solution somehow after that. Suman asks if power goes off in her house, can she convince daddu and uncle Vijay to set class at his house. She gets hesitant, but on his insistence agrees. He with Bunty hiding in her house’s fuse room removes fuse and cuts off electricity. Suman asks how did he do it so fast. He says he is her genie and will fulfill all he wishes. Daddu with Anish starts shouting and gathers whole family down. Suman hopes Shravan is not in fuse room. Daddu picks torch and walks towards fuse room with Anish and Suman. He sees door already unlocked and fuse missing and thinks someone stole it. Suman notices Bunty and Shravan hiding and acts that she saw a rat. Bunty bites Anish’s finger. Drama ensues. Suman somehow takes Daddu and Anish out hoping Shravan is not caught. Shravan hopes Suman convinces daddu and Vijay to commence class at his house. Daddu with whole family searches for thief. Shravan messages her that he is in her room. Suman keeps Daddu busy and lets Shravan and Bunty escape.

Suman tries to convince Daddu and Vijay to commence class at Shravan’s house. Daddu gets adamant, but Vijay gets convinced by Suman’s explanation. Daddu doesn’t agree. On the other side, Shravan informs family that Vijay likes him so much and will commence class at his house today. Kavita and Rajender say Daddu and Vijay will not.

Precap: Vijay tells Rajender that he looks confused. Rajender says his father Brigadier is confused instead and he should send his father to pilgrimage.

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