Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman meets Shravan

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The Episode starts with Shravan coming home. He opens the gate and sees his house. Lamhe guzar gaye….plays… He recalls his happy family. He thinks of Suman. The servant says I have taken care of the flower plants. Bassi teachers Shravan. Shravan says there are lights in the vacant house, Bunty was saying, anyways, its fine if they aren’t here, there is no relation between us. He goes angrily. Suman’s family waits for her. Beena says Suman isn’t coming for us, she is coming for the case, this time, talk to her about the house, we have to take care of our son and his future, this time I will talk to Suman.

Suman calls out Chachi and says don’t shower so much love behind my back. She greets Beena. She says times have changed, Chachi changed a bit and so did I. Veer says the brave captain saved my life. Beena says who is he, I will worship him when I meet him. Veer says he is my new friend, he promised to come and meet me. Suman gives Shravan’s number. Chachu calls on the number. Shravan answers. Chachu says I can’t hear you, maybe there is a network problem. Suman says I will try. Shravan says I can’t hear you. Suman doesn’t get voice clear. He says there is still network problem. Suman jokes on Chachi. Beena says yes, you can make fun of me, everything changes when one becomes a mum. Suman says I know, this house has my dad’s memories, it will never get sold. She goes upstairs.

Suman and Shravan miss each other. Suman comes out of the house. She cries seeing Shravan’s house. Suman meets Dumroo and asks him to make her feel like home. She says everyone changes a bit, but I will be old Suman for you. He says sorry, I will make special ginger tea for you. He goes. She answers a call and says sorry to keep you on hold, thanks I got your flowers. The guy says great, when are we meeting next. She asks can we meet tomorrow morning. He says fine, nothing is urgent, you also must be tired, better take some rest. She says okay, Vikram, thanks for everything. Shravan talks to his dad on phone about the case. Bunty comes home to meet him. He hugs Shravan. Shravan says you changed your look. Bunty says I have a GF now. Shravan says I m very happy for you, did marriage date get final. Bunty says there is much time, you tell me. Shravan says new life, new life and new dreams. Bunty says oh, you forgot old life and old friends, you didn’t meet me since 4 years. Shravan tickles him and laughs.

Shravan argues with him about Suman. He says I won’t tell anyone about Suman, I was foolish that time, I don’t want to look back now. Bunty says fine, if you moved on, then I will move on with you, take rest, I will come later to meet you. He leaves. Shravan gets sad.

He gets ready. He sees his friends sleeping. He asks them to get up, they have to report to Colonel. Bassi asks him to go and meet him. Suman tries to stop Veer. Veer goes inside Shravan’s house. Shravan sees Veer and says whose kid is that, who is that girl. He goes out and sees Veer. He smiles and says champ, how did you come here. Veer says I was playing hide and seek with my sister. Shravan says you got my house to play. Veer says its my sister’s friend’s house. Shravan asks who is your sister. Veer says Suman Tiwari. Suman comes and sees Shravan. They see each other. Ek duje ke vaaste….plays…

Shravan and Suman get introduced to each other at Colonel’s office. They greet each other formally.

Update Credit to: Amena

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