Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanchan’s Plan To Trouble Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bunty suggests Shravan to attend school, just act normal as nothing happened, and never speak to Suman. Shravan says he can’t stop speaking to her and he loves her, he will convince her via Kanchan who is really good and likes her. Bunty asks him to stop his drama again, he was insulted by a girl just yesterday and doesn’t want to change even now. Shravan says he just wants to convince Suman again. In school bus, Kanchan tells Suman that she will punish Shravan, Suman asks not to overreact. Shravan drives bike near them and calls Kanchan. Kanchan throws paper ball on him and riddles his bike. Suman scolds Kanchan. Anish and his team enjoy.

After sometime, Shravan reaches class where Anish throws paper ball on him. He fumes, but stops seeing Suman. He then walks to Suman and says he likes boasting about himself, but he will never do it again. Suman says he is just another sound in the class for her. Teacher enters and announces that they need to submit their buddy project. Shravan asks Suman if she will submit project or not. She says yes and thats it. During break, Kanchan walks to Anish’s team and asks if she can join their team. Anish agrees. She grins at Shravan and walks with them. Suman accompanies them. Shravan stops her and tries to speak, but in vain. He then sees Saheb hiding and asks reason. Saheb says earlier Anish’s team were bullying him a bit, now they will torture him, so Shravan should stay away from him. After school, Anish gives compass to Kanchan who punctures Shravan’s bike. Shravan walks to his bike and seeing it punctures fumes at Anish’s team who laugh at him, but calms down seeing Suman pulls his bike alone. Suman seeing that asks Kanchan why is he pulling bike alone without mechanic or friend’s help. Kanchan walks to Shravan and asks same. Shravan says its his punishment for his mistake. Kanchan asks why don’t he meet Suman and calm her down. He seeks her help. She suggests to visit home tonight and speak to Suman personally. He agrees and thinks it is the best way and his family will not know about this problem. Kanchan thinks Shravan is gone tonight.

Back home, Shravan tells Bunty he wants to know what Kanchan’s plan is, just wants to apologize Suman and calm her down somehow. At Suman’s house, she decides to invite Shravan’s parents home and makes arrangements. Kanchan asks Dadaji about his vintage gun and if its working fine. He says it is. Suman thinks dunno what Kanchan is up to. At night, Shravan gets ready and informs maid that he is going out and to inform parents that he will be back home in 1 hour. Maid says even his parents have gone out. He reaches Suman’s house with a cake and rings bell. Kanchan opens door and greets him in. Devraj with Kavita already present there asks what is he doing here. Shravan stands shocked. Kanchan says Shravan has a surprise for them.

Precap: Kanchan tells everyone that today’s topic is Shravan.
Bunty suggests him to run away from there. He jumps form balcony and runs away, meets Bunty and says he loves Suman since the beginning and cannot lose her, so he will convince her at any cost.

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