Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Slaps Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan, Suman, and all her classmates continue to play game at Anish’s party. They give a word and ask to describe what they feel about. Someone says aloo, pointing at Saheb. Kanchan says aloo enhances dish’s taste, Saheb mingles with everyone and enhances their friendship. Saheb then asks Shravan to describe friendship. Shravan describes about his friendship with Suman and her special qualities. Anish says he knows who the girl is. Shravan gets nervous. Anish says the girl is Suman and exaggeratedly describes how Shravan told that Suman is madly in his love, their late night parties, him discussing her secrets, etc. Suman is shocked to hear that. Kanchan tries to hit Shravan, but Suman stops her. Devika starts insulting Shravan next and smearing cake on his face says its a revenge from her and Suman. Anish continues insulting Shravan and asks Suman why her choice is so low, maybe because she is Shravan’s neighbor and buddy she fell for him. Suman asks Shravan if it is true. Shravan asks her not to conclude and let him explain, but she slaps him. Anish shouts at Shravan to get out and insults Saheb and others that they are insulted because of their leader and they can’t even come closer to him again. Shravan tries his best to explain Suiman, but she doesn’t walks away sadly.

Suman returns home and starts studying. Kanchan asks how can she forgive Shravan while she herself is fuming thinking what Shravan did. Shravan returns to his room and angrily slaps himself saying he let cheap people insult him, he cannot accept defeat and will revert back for sure, etc. Suman continues drawing sheddding tears while Shravan also cries loudly.

Next day, Shravan informs Bunty about yesterday’s whole incident. Bunty asks why did he suffer alone, he would have met him yesterday itself. He advises to attend school and not bother about Suman at all. Shravan says he will apologize Suman and whoever troubled him he will not spare them.

Precap: Shravan apologizes Kanchan who asks him to chill and speak to Suman, suggests to visit home tonight. Shravan decides to seek Suman’s apology at any cost. Kanchan provokes Dadaji to get his gun ready and thinks Shravan will face all the problems at once and will never forget them. Shravan reaches Suman’s house where his parents already present ask why did he come here.

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