Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman and Shravan miss each other

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Avni meeting Dumroo and asking about Suman. Dumroo says Suman fell weak and turned strong with time, but then Shravan came back, she doesn’t stay happy, she is happy that Shravan is there. Avni is confused. Veer and Beena talk about Shravan. Kanchan argues and says Shravan is just a PG. Suman gets upset. Kanchan thinks to change her mood. She asks shall we go out and have some kachoris and jalebis. Suman says no, you guys go, I don’t want to come. She goes. Kanchan thinks what happened to Suman. Suman says why is this affecting me, I have got upset and made everyone upset, Shravan didn’t even answer my call. She gets angry. Suman sees Shravan’s house and recalls their moments. She smiles. Ek duje….plays….

Veer calls out Shravan. Suman runs to see Shravan. Beena says Shravan, I was just asking Suman where did you go. Ramesh asks Beena to let Shravan rest. Suman smiles. Ramesh asks Shravan to have breakfast with Veer. Veer takes Shravan. Beena asks Dumroo to get coffee for Shravan. Suman scolds Shravan. She says anyone could call you for something urgent, you just left, everyone was so worried, especially Veer. Shravan asks why were you missing me. She asks how did you go on mission without my permission. He says I didn’t go on mission till my arm injury gets fine, I just checked that file, you know this protocol, tell me. Suman says nothing. He says you wanted to shout on me. Suman says Kanchan’s idea was good, we will go out for breakfast. Kanchan says my idea was good before also. Suman says we will go now. She goes.

Shravan gets Suman’s hair from the towel. He stops Suman. Kanchan asks what’s the problem. He shows the hair and asks Suman how did it come to his room. Suman says I don’t know. He says its your hair. She asks does it have ny name written on it, it can be anyone’s. He says you came to my room for files. Kanchan says it could be Sophie’s hair, she sits and lies here. He says I know its Suman’s hair. He recalls Suman.

He asks Suman to accept its her hair, why is she lying. Kanchan asks Suman to say something to him. Suman says its okay. Shravan says I will say if I get hair like this. Kanchan gets angry. Suman says its okay, he just came, leave it. Suman and Kanchan go. Shravan smiles. Kanchan says old Suman would have scolded him, you changed. Suman says no, his mood will get spoilt. Kanchan says I don’t care, why do you care. Suman says I don’t care, maybe he came from imp work, leave it, we can’t scold him, get the keys. Kanchan goes. Suman smiles and sees old Shravan with her. Shravan sees old Suman with him. Ek duje….plays…. Their imagination ends. She thinks these feelings for Shravan didn’t go away or came back, I feel the same, maybe he doesn’t feel it now, what happened to me. Shravan thinks I know Suman, I still have feelings for you, I m happy, you don’t have feelings for me.

Sophie says you love Suman, right. Shravan looks at her. Vikram says we got the date for the court case. Suman looks at Shravan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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