Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman and Kavita play a prank

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shravan’s Mama dancing in the Sangeet. Ragini and Beena also dance. Kavita introduces her cousin brother Shoki, Shravan’s uncle. Shravan and Suman come. They take blessings. Shoki says everything is amazing here. Beena invites them for Ganesh puja. Kavita says I have to give you an advice, get Kanchan married soon after Suman’s marriage. Beena says we are not in a hurry, house will get lonely after Suman goes. Kavita says Kanchan has grown up, things should be done on time. She goes to get the things for puja. Bunty says Kavita felt bad. Suman says we have to tell Kavita about the prank. Shravan asks how is Kavita’s mood, we were just joking.

Avni says I don’t want to get scolding. Kavita says I got everything according to Beena’s list, check once. Suman says I had to talk something. Kavita says not now, I m busy. Suman says sorry. Kavita asks why. Suman says Kanchan…. Kavita asks why. Suman says Shravan… Kavita asks what did he do. Suman says we were just joking, it wasn’t serious. Avni and Kavita start laughing. Kavita says I m not so old that I won’t understand the prank. Suman hugs her and says I was scared that you will feel bad.

Kavita says you all went on your parents. Suman says Shravan and Kanchan are much worried. Kavita says come, we will tease them. Suman says you are very cool. Kavita says yes. Beena says it was fun, we will go now. Kavita asks Kanchan to tell her if she likes someone, they are family now. Beena asks Kanchan why is she saying about your marriage, stay away. Suman signs no to Shravan and goes. Shravan tries to talk to Kavita. She says I don’t have time. Kanchan says Kavita wants to get me married. Suman says you got romantic ideas, now bear this. Kanchan says you liked the ideas, not fair. Suman says you and Shravan convince Kavita. She goes.

Shravan calls Suman. She teases him and says you didn’t know whom you were going to kiss. He says I couldn’t see anything, I just heard your voice. She asks him to get habitual to tolerate her. She asks him to think of something to convince Kavita. She asks him to be there on time. She ends call. She says I like to tease him, I will tell Kavita that Shravan doesn’t know anything. Kavita reads the message and smiles. Devraj comes. He says you are happy. She says I was reading a joke. He says Shoki had slept. She says no, he is sitting with Rajender and others.

He jokes on Shoki. Everyone meets at Suman’s house in the morning. Shravan and Suman sit in the puja. Kavita asks Kanchan to come and sit, its her turn after Suman. She says I have seen everything, Suman and I have played a prank on you. Suman laughs. Shravan says thanks for pulling my leg. Kanchan says mine also. Kavita says I will find a nice guy and get you married. Beena says she is my daughter and hugging Kavita, Malhotras trap by love. Ramesh asks her to focus on puja. Shravan says Kanchan, we will also pull their leg. She says yes. Pandit asks Beena to give prasad to everyone. Beena thinks Shravan’s uncle got drunk and came in puja. She gets angry.

Beena and Kavita have issues about the clothes of groom and bride. Beena says either the marriage will happen our way or I won’t come in the marriage. Suman worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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