Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Devraj bags the deal

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Suman asks Shravan to come but he asks her why she is in a rush. What if uncle doubts us? What if asks something? She assures him she is with him. Hold my hand tight if you face any problems. They hold hands and smile.

Anjali tells Vijay she is feeling good to see him in his uniform after days. He smiles. Shravan greets him. Vijay asks him why he stopped coming to class. You were performing so well. Shravan says things weren’t well between you and Dad so I thought to stay away for a while. Vijay asks him if he expects the same for him and Devraj if he fights with Suman. Shravan denies. He apologizes. Vijay compliments Shravan for not missing his assignments even though he was away. Bunty is your very good friend. He helps oyu a lot in making videos. Suman and Shravan steal a glance. Vijay says I sent the results of everyone to their home but I called you 2 here for a reason. Suman begins to say something when Vijay says you have always made me proud. I am very impressed by Shravan’s performance. I could send this result home but I want to congratulate the best male and female cadet of group study personally. Shravan and Suman thank him. Vijay tells him to continue making his family and country proud. Shravan salutes him. thank you so much, Sir. I don’t know what you saw in me but you have always encouraged me. Thank you for trusting me always. I wont disappoint you and Suman ever. Vijay notices the eye exchange between Shravan and Suman. He tells Shravan to work hard and make everyone proud. Shravan nods. Vijay excuses himself.

Shravan and Suman hug as soon as her parents step out. They realise where they are and part. Shravan says the matter was such that. They both smile.

Anjali tells Vijay what he did with Shravan today was good. Vijay says I don’t mix professional and personal. I will fulfil my end of the bargain if Devraj does his work nicely. Anjali nods. He leaves. Suman comes outside but is sad to see that her father has left already.

Devraj sends a text to someone. Make sure Vijay does not reach on time. The guy assures him about it. Col. Khan walks in just then and tells him that they are only waiting for Col. Tiwari. He will be here in 10 minutes.

Vijay’s car hits a bike. The guys fall down and pretend to be hurt.

Suman is sad that she couldn’t bid adieu to Papa. Shravan says we have something which no one else has – uncle’s letters. Shravan reads his first. My most favourite cadet!

Vijay asks the boys why they put brakes suddenly. They request him to take them to hospital. Vijay complies.

Col. Khan says I wanted Col. Tiwari to take this handover itself but seems like I will have to do it today. He has never been late till date. Devraj thanks him.

Shravan reads the letter. Vijay has written many good things about him. Col. Khan signs the deal and congratulates Devraj. Vijay enters just then. I apologize for the delay. There was a small accident. Let’s do this now. Col. Khan tells him that he has signed the deal as interim officer. He excuses himself. Devraj talks to the receptionist at the hospital. She shares that those guy left as soon as he brought them in.

Vijay confronts Devraj on his move. Devraj acts innocent. Do you have proof? Vijay says asking for proof means it is true. You ended whatever we had after doing this. I dint expect this from you. Devraj tells him not to talk about hope and faith. I don’t want to give you any explanation. Vijay says I am not interested. If I see anything against my principle then I will stop it mid-way. Devraj says I don’t do anything which is shallow. I have my own set of principles when it comes to work. You are welcome to do it though. He leaves.

Suman continues reading Shravan’s letter. It would have been great if you too had dream of joining army. Shravan gets a text from University. Suman asks him who it is but he lies to her that it was Bunty. She repeats her words for him upon his askance. He says I dint plan anything. She asks about the US University. Did you hear from them? He says I dint apply or you would have been upset. She replies that she would have been sad if he had actually left. They discuss about his birthday. He is excited but she tells him to focus on studies.

Devraj happily signs some papers. Suman notices Shravan looking at someone’s tattoo.

Days go by. Everyone is busy in their own work. The kids keep meeting stealthily whereas Devraj and Vijay avoid looking each other in the eye. Exams get over.

Suman screams in pain. She asks the tattoo artist to stop when she receives Shravan’s call. He asks her to meet him at their spot. She tells him that they will meet at midnight at their spot. I have a surprise for you. Wont you have any plans with your family on your birthday? He assures her that they will be asleep like every year. What is it? She tells him to wait till midnight. Kancha asks Suman if it wasn’t hurting when Shravan was on call. Suman says it is for him. I can bear this much pain for him atleast. She tells the artist to resume. Kancha gives in. Suman winces in pain.

It is midnight. Suman calls Shravan. He assures her that he will come flying to her to see her surprise. She starts counting. He assures her he will be there before it. Shravan’s family surprises him at midnight. Shravan’s mother asks him if he wont stay at home even at this hour. Where are you off to? Bunty notices the ongoing call on Shravan’s phone and makes an excuses. Shravan’s mother says it was your father’s idea. Devraj says I must do it for you today. I want your last birthday party in this country memorable. Shravan is confused. Devraj asks him if he does not want to fulfil his dreams. We wont be able to come to America. Shravan begins to say something when his father says there was a misunderstanding. Everything is sorted. He tells everyone that it is official. My son is going to America. Suman overhears it and is heartbroken.

Precap: Suman comes to meet Shravan stealthily and he helps her climb up using a stair. She shows him her new tattoo. He blows on it. They come closer for a kiss. Vijay and Anjali come to Malhotra House looking for Suman. Devraj says we are right here. She isn’t here. they go to Shravan’s room and find Suman.

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