Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan’s Smart Move

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teacher asks Shravan to introduce himself to class. Shravan reminisces PT teacher scolding him to introduce himself with his father’s name. He says his name is Shravan Devraj Malhotra, etc. Teacher says they don’t want to know his lineage. All students laugh. Shravan says he heart this school has 60-year-old lineage and he thought they all like to know his lineage. Teacher says yes they like and walks away asking head boy Anish to takeover class until he returns. Anish tries to bully Shravan saying he is a civilian and doesn’t know anything about army, asks their national song. Shravan sings Jana Gana Mana. Anish laughs and says this is the knowledge of civilian and asks him to go and sit in a hen position for 5 minutes. All students laugh. Suman tells her friend that she proved that he is unfit to be in army school. Shravan says their national song is Vande mataram written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee and sung by Rabindranath Tagore, when it was written and its meaning in Hindi, etc. He says we civilians like to be humorous and they have a vast knowledge, not like army people whose knowledge is limited. Everyone stop laughing hearing that.

Shravan with Saheb then goes to cafeteria for lunch. Anish doesn’t give him space. Saheb says let us not confront and bear their physical assault. Shravan walks to Anish and warns him to move, but he doesn’t. Shravan raises hand when Suman walks to them and stopping Shravan warns Anish not to bully Shravan. Anish walks away. Shravan warns Suman to dare not try to become his mother and he doesn’t need her help. She walks away fuming. Saheb says she was his only protective shield. Shravan says he knows what army people think and knows what to do, orders poha and enjoys.

Next morning, Suman goes on a walk with Vijay and Daddu and challenges Vijay for a 10 km walk. Daddu warns Vijay that Suman is grown up now and walks fast. Vijay says he is rejoining battalion today, so will race some other day. Suman gets sad. Vijay says army man should be sent with smile. Suman smiles and they start walking. Devraj joins them. Vijay asks if Shravan didn’t accompany him. Suman says he can’t wake up so early and then apologizes Devraj. Devraj says its okay as Shravan is lazy. They continue walking. Daddu and Suman take an excuse. Vijay meets his trainer brigadier who praises Vijay. Vijay introduces Devraj to brigadier and says brigadier is handling bullet proof jacket project. Devraj says then they should meet again. Brigadier says why not and leaves. Vijay advices Devraj not to mix business with friendship.

Shravan waits in his bike until Suman’s school bus leaves and once it starts he follows it. Suman’s friend supports her saying thank god he is not allowed in their bus while Kanchan says he is so handsome and she can go and sit behind him. Suman scolds her. They reach school where Anish doesn’t give him parking space, he silently parks his bike somewhere else. Suman is surprised to see Shravan not opposing. During PT session, Anish signals his friend who cross legs Shravan and makes him fall. Suman walks to him to help hi, but he stands up saying he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Teacher asks what is happening. They all act normal. During class break, Shravan goes to get books in library, but Anish and his friends take all books. Shravan keeps his calm and thinks he needs to try something else to impress Suman.

Precap: Shravan provokes grade C students that they should also get equal chance with grade A and B students to participate in republic day parade. He tries to steal list to know if civilians are included. Guard notices them and they hide.

Update Credit to: MA

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