Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanchan’s Secret Plan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman asks Kanchan to throw her towel which Shravan used. Kanchan says why don’t she give it to her BF Shravan. Suman calls Shravan. He with Bunty comes in balcony. She throws towel on him and asks to keep it himself and walks in. Shravan excitedly tells Bunty that its Suman’s first gift. Kanchan thinks her doubt is right, Shrvan considers Suman more than a friend. Bunty warns him that he will have a heart break soon. Shravan hits him with towel. Kanchan informs Suman that Shravan is using her towel. Suman says Shravan loves free items. Kanchan determines to prove her point. Vijay calls Devraj, but Kavita picks call. He asks if Devraj is at home. She says he is in bathroom, he can leave the message and she will inform Devraj. He says Colonel Khan informed that Devraj needs my sign on important documents, don’t know why Devraj didn’t discuss about it, once he comes, she should inform to come and meet him. Kavita nods yes. Vijay then informs Anjali about same.

Shravan dances holding towel. Jo tumna ho…song..plays in the background. He excitedly informs Bunty that Suman soon will realize his love. Suman uses new towel and says it is very rough. Kanchan asks why don’t she take back her towel from Shravan. Suman says forget it. Kanchan asks if she didn’t notice any changes in Shravan’s behavior. Suman says he has become too talkative and free. Kanchan asks anything more… Suman says she knows her best friend better than Kanchan. Kanchan says wait till tomorrow and see. Bunty enjoys tea at roadside stall with Bunty and forwards jokes to his friends without reading. Suman calls him and asks to meet her right now. She walks to him and asks what did he forward. He says he saw smileys and thought its a good joke, so he forwarded to all her friends without reading. Suman angrily warns him to dare not forward these kind of messages again. He afraid says he will not as he doesn’t want to lose her. Suman laughs and says she was just joking and wouldn’t lose her best friend just for a joke, even she enjoys these kind of jokes and clicks his serious looking pic. Shravan gets mesmerized seeing her laughing. Suman says she actually wanted to see where he hangs on with friends and asks him to order tea even for her. He orders tea according to her choice. They continue chatting. Suman enjoys tea while he continues looking at her smilingly. Romantic song.. continues to play in the background.

Colonel Khan over phone asks Devrqaaj to either get Vijay’s signatures on deal or he will cancel it. Devraj gets tensed. Rajender walks to him and asks why is he tensed even after deal is cracked with Vijay’s sign. Kavita says he didn’t get Vijay’s signatures yet.

Next morning, Shravan searches his towel and gets angry seeing Bunty using it. Bunty asks him to use Suman’s towel. Shravan says it is not for use and takes away his towel to bathroom. Kanchan calls Bunty saying Suman this is how one gets secret out. She asks Bunty if someone is around him. He flirts. She fumes, but asks what is Shravan’s favorite. He describes Shravan’s favorite dishes. She says she wants to share a secret which only both should know and disconnects call.

Precap: Daddu seizes Shravan’s mobile for a day as punishment.
Kanchan taunts Suman that Shravan gifts her things as he loves her. Suman checks Shravan’s mobile and realizes Kanchan is right. She calls Shravan and asks to meet her tomorrow at 6 a.m. where she shows Shravan’s mobile and asks him to confess.

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