Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Daddu Insults Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman returns home. Family worried for her asks if she is fine, if she is injured, etc. Suman gets tensed. Kanchan says Suman is fine and even her friend is also fine, it was just a minor accident. Family continues concern. Kanchan says let Suman rest and take her to room. At Shravan’s home, Ragini serves tea to Devraj. He asks about Rajender. She says he went to meet client. He says he knows where he went. Shravan walks in. Devraj asks where had he gone skipping class. Kavita keeps her hand on his shoulder. He writhes in pain. She asks if he is hurt. He says he is fine and she kept her hand roughly. Devraj warns him to mend his ways, else he will slap him some day He apologizes and goes up to change. Kavita confronts Devraj for scolding Shravan. Devraj thinks she is acting as if he cannot scold his son.

Suman thanks Kanchan for saving her. Kanchan asks to tell her what exactly happened. Suman describes whole incident. Shravan goes to his room. Bunty sees him writhing in pain and forcefully checks his shoulder wound. He forcefully tries to apply medicine when Suman calls Shravan. He snatches phone from Shravan and tells her that Shravan is injured and doesn’t want to apply medicine. Shravan snatches back phone. Suman reaches his room via back stairs. Shravan is shocked and concerned scolds her asking what if she had injured herself. She looks at his shoulder and insists to apply medicine. She bandages his wound and asks if he has any injury mark on the other side of shoulder. Shravan says yes and shows it. She says even she has mark in same place, what a coincidence. He says thats because they love each other and are made for each other. Their romance continues. Kanchan calls him, and she says she will leave now. He asks her to go via main door. She returns home. He reminisces bike incident and thinks if she felt awkward when he asked her to hold his shoulder. He messages her if she felt awkward. She replies no. Their romantic discussion continues.

In the morning, Daddu waits for Vijay near gate to go for walking when inebriated Rajender rams his car at door and falls unconscious in car. Daddu falls down and starts drama. Vijay rushhes to him and seeing inebriated Rajender helps him out of car and takes him inside with Damroo’s help while Daddu continues yelling and insulting Rajender. Suman calls Shravan and asks him to reach her home soon. Daddu’s insists to call police and get Rajender arrested. Vijay asks him to calm down. Rajender confronts Daddu. Shravan enters and holds him. Daddu yells that looking at Devraj and when he met Shravan inebriated for the first time, looks like Devraj also is an alcoholic and the whole family is chronic alcoholic. Shravan gets angry, but Suman signals him to calm down. He controls his anger.

Vijay slaps Rajender. Devraj warns Shravan to not meet army family again. Daddu warns if he sees Shravan around his house, he will send him to jail like his uncle.

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