Ek deewana tha- A love story (Part – 1)

(Sorry guys for late update . I was busy in giving my exams. So, I am here with my story part-1)

(Story begins from abhi and meera engagement.)

Mehra Mansion

(Dance was going on every one was enjoying the party but Pragya was crying she was pretending to be happy but she was heartbroken😭.)

“Someone comes near abhi and says that it’s gift for you”.

“Abhi opens that and he sees that it’s an pregnancy report and the name written in that report was of pragya. In that it was written that she is 3 months pregnant.

Abhi was shocked seeing this. He goes near pragya and slaped her hard. Everyone was shocked by his sudden action.

Abhi – You cheated me Pragya how could you do this to me. How??

Pragya – what I have done and why are you shouting at me.??

Abhi – you are asking what have you done . You have cheated me you are a cheater.

Pragya – I have never cheated you.

Abhi – ooh really see this in… It’s your pregnancy report in this it’s clearly written that you are 3 months pregnant.

Pragya – Abhi it’s fake I don’t know who has made this but it’s fake.

Abhi – Shut up….. Just leave my house .

Abhi throws Pragya out of his house and he was crying by heart out she left the Mehra mansion.

Abhi enters his house and abhi gets a tight slap from dadi .

Dadi – what have you done abhi she was saying truth but you have thrown her out of this house

Abhi- she has cheated me and you are asking why I have thrown her out of the house.

Dadi – you never think before doing anything…….

Abhi – whatever I have done it was right

Dadi – It was wrong, Pragya is not pregnant.

Abhi – What are you saying dadi see this report……..

Dadi – she is not pregnant and she can’t be pregnant because you known when rhea and Prachi born at that time doctor has said that now she can’t be pregnant because of premature delivery her womb is weak. And secondly If she is pregnant than baby bump should be visible because in this report it’s written that she is 3 months pregnant.

Abhi – ooohh god what I have done I have committed a blunder. Now how am I going to face her.

Dadi – Abhi go and find her because she is heartbroken and she can take a wrong step.. Just go and get her fast as soon as possible……

Abhi – ok dadi

“Abhi was worried and he was crying because when he went out he was unable to find pragya ”

(Next Part) coming soon hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Wow it’s superb please continue waiting for the next episode

  2. SKD

    Amazing😍😍 . Idk why Abhi always acts out of stupidity and how can he ever think that Pragya can cheat him, anyways the episode was superb, btw are you gonna bring dusri peedhi in it? I mean Prachi, Rhea and Ranbir and Arhana.

    1. Pragya Richa

      I will focus on abhi, pragya and king but on request I can bring dusri peedi if you want 😘😘

    2. SKD

      Yeah please do, it will make it interesting ❤

  3. Vaishnavi Subramanyam

    Is it available in Wattpad if yes please send me the link

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