Ek Deewana Tha 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK and Akash’s confrontation

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Ek Deewana Tha 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK asks Radhika what she thinks of Akash. She speaks positively about him. He next asks her opinion about Shivani. She reacted so rudely when you spoke about her parents? Radhika says she cannot hurt anyone. Anyone would
Mr. And Mrs. Bedi seem to be the only culprit now. He nods. We cannot go directly to them. We must search the house thoroughly before that. Radhika speaks of taking SHivani’s help for that. He tells her to think through. She is verymuch upset with you. She wont help you. Radhika agrees to apologize to Shivani. I will lie that it was my imagination. I know her well. Things will be fine when she will help us. I will get rid of this finally. It has been haunting me since childhood! He asks her what she means. She shares that she used to come here in childhood and play here with Shivani. I was
You think I said yes to become your secretary? I had to come in this house to find out the secret. KK says it means you came here as a secret agent. You could have told me before taking advantage of me? She tells him to stop his drama. You were so busy screaming at me and scolding me. He speaks of another idea. We were lovers in past birth. We united in this very house. Sadly, we got separated somehow. Our spirits returned in our body to seek revenge. She suggests him to focus on reality. We have to pacify Shivani. It wont be easy. KK nods. the guy wonders if Shiv can remember everything. He will have to die before that.

Akash tries to be romantic with Shivani but she gets up. Mom will come. He says I should have fallen for someone from London. You are so boring. She warns him not to call her that atleast. He calls her boring again and gets up to go but she holds his hand. They are about to come close when someone knocks at the door. It turns out to be Radhika. She says I hope I dint disturb you. Shivani says you actually did disturb us. Say what it is. Radhika says I want to say something. Akash requests Shivani to atleast hear Radhika (in gestures). I have some work. I will be back. He goes.

The mystery guy peeks inside from the keyhole. Radhika apologizes to Shivani. Do you remember how you felt so scared in this house? I remember it very clearly. I too used to feel the same way. I used to feel that someone is watching me. Shivani calls it illusion. Radhika agrees. I think I got scared thinking about that. Shivani asks her if that is why she blamed her parents. Radhika denies. I think it was a very bad dream that I saw. I got so afraid. I am really sorry. I dint intend to hurt you. Shivani says you did hurt me badly though. Radhika apologizes to her again. Punish me like you used to do in childhood. Shivani says I wouldn’t have minded it if you would have said so about me and Akash. Radhika says he is your fiance. Why would I say so? You love him right? Shivani nods. He can do anything to make me happy. He loves me so much. Radhika nods. What about you? You do wish to marry him right? Shivani agrees. We got engaged already. The marriage would surely happen. She thinks Radhika would have understood by now how much Akash loves her. I hope she will stay away from Akash from now onwards. Radhika asks her if she forgave her. Shivani hugs Radhika hoping that she will stay away from Akash now. The mystery guy is not at all happy to see Sharanya apologize to Shivani. She should have apologized instead. She did wrong. She will be punished now!

KK is exercising when Akash comes. He tells KK that Shivani and Radhika patched up. Don’t you think we should also patch up now? KK asks him when they had a fight. Akash says never but there is tension between us. KK tells him to chill. I have no problem with you. Akash ends up saying that he has problem with him. You are a big star. Many people run around you but it does not mean that you can be rude to people. First of all, you banged the door on Shivani’s face and then misbehaved with Radhika also. I dint like either of it! We all know why you hired Radhika as your secretary. You wanted to take out your anger on him. KK tells him he has problems with him. Forget about what I did with Radhika, why are you always around her. What’s with this hand holding, touching her shoulder and taking her to her room? What’s all this? Akash calls it chivalry, courtesy. You might not have heard about it. That’s manners. KK tells him to show it to others. Akash says something to him. KK retorts. Akash says that is why I will have to be more careful. We all know what kind of a guy you are. Radhika is not like that. She is sensitive, caring and not at all like others. KK says I decide myself as to what I have to do. You don’t have to tell me anything. Why are you so bothered about Radhika? Who is she to you? Akash experiences flashes from the past and replies that she is his best friend. KK smiles. You met her 4 days back. How did she become your best friend? Akash experiences some old flashes again.

Precap: Shivani notices a shadow on the curtain and notices the chandelier moving. She shouts as it begins to fall. Drops of blood fall on the floor.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. now the track going interesting.romantic thriller is on.but sadly the show going off air.egarely waiting for monday episode.?

  2. Bansari Patel

    Will akash kill shivani?? ??

  3. According to spoiler Aakash will kill shivani,?

    1. Bansari Patel

      Which spoiler?

  4. Namik and Vikram were too good loved the scene between KK and Akash. One of the best scene in EDT. Scary precap. I feel bad for shivani she loves Akash soo much.

  5. Isn’t Shivani getting kidnapped?

  6. i feel tht person who is peeping through the window is vyom..

  7. Not so happy

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