Ek Deewana Tha 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya rescues Suvarna, Rajan and Madhvi

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Ek Deewana Tha 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radhika and Vyom come home. He remarks that this is the new beginning of their story. She nods. Now we will write a new stroy and no one will be able to separate us now. He smiles. I wont even let anyone do that. She brings him to his room to rest. Vyom says I felt I love you very much when I saw you for the first time. I just couldn’t say it. You came to me yourself. I had heard of this reincarnation, lovers only in stories and it turned into reality. Don’t know if we would have met otherwise or not? She replies that it was bound to happen so it happened. Why else would I get those pictures and remember your name? He says Vyom’s Sharanya. She assures him they will be together forever. He coughs and she gives him medicine. Take rest. Let me know if you need anything. He nods. Freddy closes the door from inside the moment she leaves. He walks up to Vyom. Why are you crying? Did something happen? I will fix everything. Vyom tells him everything is fine. Sharanya too loves him. She is so concerned about me. She brought me home and gave me medicine. I am still scared. What if she finds out that she took birth but I dint? She is 25 years old while I am 52 years old. She will be heartbroken. I think I should tell her the truth.

Radhika goes back to the basement.

KK comes to hospital. Doc is scolding his junior doc for discharging that patient (Vyom). His condition wasn’t normal. We kept him here as we dint know if he will survive the accident or not owing to his age. KK hears everything. He also remembers what doc had told him last time. He demands to know from him what had happened to that patient. I can easily call media and police if you wont tell me. Doc gives in. My Junior doc took money to discharge him. KK asks him what he was saying about the age of the patient. Doc tells KK that Vyom is 52 years old. His physique and looks don’t give up on anything. He has done a lot of surgeries and stuff to make himself look young and fit. He is also taking lot many supplements. I have no doubt that he is 50+. KK is stunned. If this is true then Radhika does not know what danger she is in.

Vyom does not want to lie to Radhika this time. I will tell her everything. He gets up to go when Freddy stops him. I am your best friend. I did something special for you. I promised to take care of you and help you. I fulfilled my promise. Vyom asks him what he did. Freddy shares that he has told her everything. She also knows that you are Vyom. I told her that she is Sharanya and you are his Vyom; and that you had been waiting for her since 25 years. She died and came back! You don’t have to worry as she likes you even after whatever happened. Vyom asks him when it happened. Freddy tells him that he told her yesterday when she came to basement.

Sharanya picks the rod but Freddy stops her. You might get hurt this way. She asks him who he is. He shares that he is Vyom’s best friend Freddy just like she is his best friend. He points at the photos in her hands. You and Vyom look so good together. She points out that it is Akash. He laughs it off. This is Vyom. He is 25 years elder to you and you are his wife Sharnya (from the last birth).

Vyom looks at Freddy angrily.

Freddy tells Radhika that Vyom is waiting for her since last 25 years. He is still waiting after having met you. Radhika drops the photos in shock. She bends to pick them when she starts to experiences flashes from her past. Freddy offers to help her. He shows their photo taken in college. You were best friends in college and then (rest in mute). Radhika is in tears. My best friend Odhni was right. Vyom and Sharanya will be together. Sharanya (not writing her name as Radhika anymore) remembers how she had died. Freddy adds that no one can come between them as Vyom is Sharanya’s while Sharanya is Shiv’s.

Freddy says I told her everything.

Freddy tells Sharanya that Vyom has killed Shiv in the past too. No one can save him now. Sharanya looks determined.

Freddy excitedly tells Vyom he told Sharanya everything. She even accepted it. He throws him on the bed and walks out of the room. He calls out to Radhika / Sharanya but there is no response. He asks Freddy if he knows that he ruined his hard work. Freddy tells him he knows about Sharanya’s whereabouts.

Sharanya comes to the secret room. She covers her nose because of the foul smell. She stumbles on the cartons while walking and finds Shivani’s dead body there. She is in tears. KK’s words ring in her mind. He (Vyom) killed her too! She notices a door there and checks inside. Suvarna, Rajan and Madhvi are kept inside. Sharanya frees their hands and mouths. Suvarna calls her Sharanya. I knew you would come back. God cannot be so merciless. Rajan suggests leaving from here asap. Suvarna nods. We must take Sharanya to a safe place. You don’t know that you were living with a devil all along! Sharanya calls her Ma. I remember everything!

Precap: Sharanya asks Shiv why he does not understand. KK wants to know who this Shiv is. He asks Sharanya too and Vyom stabs him in the back just then. Sharanya shouts his name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ithni jaldi upload kar liya. Wow. Luv it. Finally freddy se kuch kaam aa gaya. Well done freddy

  2. Tomorrow is last episode

  3. Btw edit ending soon……………

    1. Ri8 gonna miss edt

  4. plzzzz do not kill shiv this time.ab to mila do ShivAnya ko.???

  5. Why the hell is rajan and madvi alive???!? The devil they created (vyom) should’ve burnt them alive…. I hope they both die before the serial ends, they’re truly disgusting characters, along with that dimwitted Freddy! I hope they all die a horrendous death, and impart some form of justice to all that died because of Vyom’s obsessive craziness ??

  6. When is the last epi?

    1. Tomorrow I think

  7. vyom ki ki ghalatfehmi hai k iss baar b wo pehle ki tarah shiv sharanya ko alag kar skta hai iss baar shiv vyom ko saza dene or khud ka badla lene wapis aaya hai is liye is baar use kuch ni hoga q k ab vyom ki mout ka waqt hai or radhika or krish ki adhuri prem kahani puri hone wali hai.

  8. Where is 31st episode update?

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