Ek Deewana Tha 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika recalls her wedding with Vyom

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Ek Deewana Tha 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK says I feel Akash also loves you. She calls it rubbish but he is sure AKash loves her and not Shivani. I think he only did something to Shivani. She asks him if he isn’t going a little overboard in his assumptions but he denies. It is just a possibility. People can do anything to get their love. You can take my example. I can do anything to get you! Vyom looks at KK. Radhika says it isn’t so. Akash really loves Shivani. He was ready to even die for her and you are saying all this. KK says it might just be drama. Vyom looks above and there is a long rope attached to a pointy rod. He moves back quietly.

Radhika is looking at something.

Vyom loosens the rope. KK bends down to pick something and the rod misses him. It is going towards Radhika. Vyom watches it in shock and they all hear a sound. They turn and find Vyom getting stuck with that rod. Blood spills on the floor. KK pulls it out and takes Vyom with him. Radhika sees flashes of her past.

KK and Radhika wheel Vyom to the hospital. Radhika is again visited by her past. Nurse asks KK to do the formalities. He tells Radhika to stay there. I will come back after finishing the formalities. Radhika experiences incidents from her past. She peeks inside Vyom’s ward. She begins shouting for help. Someone open the door! KK pulls her. What are you doing? She requests him to save him (Vyom). He will die because of the snow. KK tells her there is nothing but she keeps saying the same thing. Another doctor tells her not to disturb everyone. Operation is going on inside. Radhika peeks inside again but sees nothing. KK also tells her there is nothing. What happened? She decides to find out and runs away. KK begins to follow her. Doc calls after KK. KK signs the form. Doc tells him that it is really difficult for him (Vyom) to survive in this age. Write the correct age. You have written it incorrectly. Nurse comes to call the doc. KK signs the form absentmindedly. Nurse stops him from going anywhere. Patient’s condition is critical. You must stay here.

Radhika comes back to the same room and checks an album. She finds her and Vyom’s wedding photos there. Freddy comes from behind. Radhika senses someone’s presence behind her and picks up the rod. Freddy shouts as he tries to get closer.

Radhika comes back to hospital. KK asks her where she was. I was calling you but you aren’t picking calls. What happened? She tells him that she saw everything. I saw my past. I remember everything. I remember my past and who I loved! I remember everything including my connection with that house, with that name Sharanya! KK calls it great news. Who was that lucky guy? She tells him that she loved Akash. KK is taken aback. He also experiences some flashes of Sharanya and Akash. What are you saying Radhika? She says I loved Akash and he loved me. She denies. It’s not rubbish. Akash and I used to love each other. We were married. KK says it cannot be. Maybe Akash loved you but you cannot love her. Radhika looks at him pointedly. You love from the heart and not mind. Only heart can understand those emotions. My heart has understood it already. I only loved Akash.

KK says your heart understood it but what about my heart. What about what I feel towards you? What about the connection that I feel towards you? I called you Sharanya and you called me Shiv! What about all that? These things also came from the heart only. Truth cannot be what you are saying. It is because you are in my mind, my heart and in every drop of my blood. This relation is very old and I know it. She shakes her head. I loved Akash only and I remember it now. I would have fallen for you if I loved you but it dint happen! It is because Akash was my lover in last birth and not you. I came back for Akash and not you! KK calls it a lie but she calls it her truth. I know it now. I found all my answers. You are not needed in this story anymore! Please leave. He refuses. What about my questions? Our meeting cannot be a coincidence! Shiv and Sharanya cannot be a coincidence! Why did I come back as well if I am not needed in this story? She replies that it is because his love was incomplete. You loved me in last birth while I loved Akash. You came back to gain your love in this birth but you wont get my love even in this birth. She is in tears. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. Please leave. He says it might be that you figured out half truth. She denies. I have understood everything. Now please leave. He refuses. I wont. I can’t. She again asks him to leave. I don’t love you. I only love Akash. He reasons that he loves her. How can I leave like this? Her repeated pleas are unheard. She shouts at KK to leave. Why are you after me? She experiences some more flashes (when she had thought that Shiv’s spirit was trying to hurt Vyom). He says I love you to her but she firmly tells him that she does not love him. You came between us last time also and are coming again. I only love Akash. Leave! She walks away.

Her words echo in KK’s mind. Title track plays in the background. You broke all the relations in a second! What did you do Radhika! I loved someone more than myself for the first time in life and you snatched it in a second? No! I cannot let you go away from me as I have sure our relation is not just confined to this birth. We were together in the past, are together today too and will be together in future as well. I can’t let you go.

Precap: Radhika shows the photos to Vyom. They both say I love you to each other and share a hug. KK thinks you chose Akash over me. I don’t care if that story of rebirth is true or not but I wont leave you! I am coming.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wtf radhika is definitely dummy sharanya ?? kk should just leave her, is it worth dying again lol ? I hope she likes akash in his wrinkly, crusty, dusty form ? ? ?…… Unless it’s merely a plan of radhika’s? ??Sharanya only had said when she first awoke from the coma, “even without her memories, her heart doesn’t recognize vyom as her true love! “….. So why is she being misled now, maybe she wants to protect kk!

  2. Radhika jassi dumb ladki aaj tak nahi dekhi.

  3. vyom is a b****and radhika is a dumb a**.sharanya only said that she would never be vyom’s neither in this birth nor any other to come.then how can she interpret some blur flashes to be the ultimate truth???what are the makers doing???they said in the video that EDT had a happy ending.how is it supposed to be a happy ending without shiv n sharanya’s reunion??shiv beech me ni aaya vyom aaya tha tab b or aaj b.i wish i could kill this mad old dog with my bare hands.

    1. Chill, this is a serial after all

  4. I think sharanya ko sab yaad aa gaya hai.. Or WO krish ko protect krne k liye vyom ko apna lover bol rahi hai.. Isiliye to WO baar baar krish ko jaane k liye bol rahi hai.. Mujhe lagta h k sharanya ko sab kuch yaad aa chuka hai.. Shiv ko bachane k liye vyom k saamne naatak kr rahi h

    1. Same thinking. Because it is heading towards the end… So I think it is radhika/saranya’s turn. It may be her master plan to end the story of vyom. May be there is something more happened after she saw her and vyom’s wedding photos.. May be she saw the dead bodies of all…and realized the dangerous vyom…so try to protect shiv.

  5. After leap this show waste of money same story only vyom get aged names are changed shivani entry like passing clouds its not worth to watch the show because I only read updates if the show will end ,makers should bring some strong content show in future same crew or new crew

  6. Isn’t this show supposed to end this week?

  7. Yeah, saranya(radhika) wanted to protect her shiv(kk), maybe she got to know murder of shivani, rajan and madhvi. Now film shoot will happen andbin climax when radhika has to shoot kk,she will kill vyom.

  8. Same thinking. Because it is heading towards the end… So I think it is radhika/saranya’s turn. It may be her master plan to end the story of vyom. May be there is something more happened after she saw her and vyom’s wedding photos.. May be she saw the dead bodies of all…and realized the dangerous vyom…so try to protect shiv.

  9. Same feeling that radhika wants to protect KK hence she is behaving like that. Bcz there was no clear scene of radhika and Freddy in the episode that what happened there…..

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