Ek Deewana Tha 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika tries to understand KK

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Ek Deewana Tha 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK gets flashbacks while Radhika does his aid. He then sees Sharanya’s blo*dy face from past asking him whether he remembered anything. He says no no. Radhika asks him if he is okay. KK sees no blood on Radhika’s face. She asks what happened? He’s behaving as if he saw a ghost. Madhvi is watching them from outside.

Shivani thinks situation is getting serious. Shooting stopped, then basement scene. She’s worried for KK. Akash says he will be fine. She asks how he can be so casual. KK broke glass with his hand. There must be something. He says she doesn’t know actor’s life style. It’s very hectic. Rajan is outside their room. Akash says he might be hallucinated. Other day in party, he also fainted. Shivani doesn’t agree.

Radhika asks KK whether he takes drugs for real like Rajan said? KK feels bad. She says she didn’t mean to hurt him. KK looks at the door and someone / Madhvi closes it. He checks outside, but no one is there.

Rajan calls Madhvi and asks her to meet him in hall.

Shivani tells Akash maybe Rajan is right that there is a ghost in that house who is doing all this. Akash says what? She says they should leave the house.

Madhvi comes to Rajan. He asks they both are busy, right? She says yes, but she fears about them. She sees same closeness between them as Shiv and Sharanya. She doesn’t find that closeness between Akash and Shivani. Rajan says they don’t have time to talk about that. All four are busy, they should take care of Suvarna right now. They go.

Akash tells Shivani that running away is not problem’s solution. She should fight with her problem and she is not alone. He is with her. He then gets romantic with her. She realizes it and moves away. She asks him to leave saying nothing before marriage.

Radhika asks KK to sit and let her finish the aid. He sits down. He watches her as she does the aid. She smiles at him. She apologizes saying she didn’t want to hurt him. She worries for him. He starts behaving strangely sometimes. She doesn’t understand where he gets lost. She tells him he can share with her if he wants to talk about anything. He thinks he wants to tell everything, but he fears that she might leave him. How he will tell her that he gets her unclear face in his memory. He tells her not to worry, maybe everyone is right that this is his imagination. He then asks she is sure he can share anything with her? She says yes. He asks she won’t tell anyone, right? She says no. He asks her to come close and says in her ears that he wants to spend his life with her. He then laughs. She says he is joking in this situation as well?

Rajan and Madhvi come to Suvarna. Rajan asks Suvarna has she gone mad? What does she want? The eye is watching them. Rajan says they are trying to avoid murders that happened 25 years ago, and she’s spoiling everything. Why does she want to meet Shiv? Does she realize what will happen if Shiv remembers everything. Suvarna says she knows very well. She wants him to remember everything. She further tells him he can’t stop them from coming together. They took re-birth only to meet again.

Other hand, Radhika gets up to leave. KK holds her hand. She gets flashbacks. KK says “Sharanya”.

Precap: Radhika tells Akash about a famous temple. He asks where is it? She says Kapali Hils. Akash is shocked.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Again kapali hills?

  2. OMG ??????? shivik

  3. This has to be Akash ka flashback….because the flashback they have shown is the one when he went to temple when Sharanya was in coma …so she can’t have that flashback.

    But for how excessively possessive Vyom was, Akash shows no signs of being into Radhika at all…Like KK directly felt connected with Radhika and vice versa

  4. Aksh is positive or negative..i m so worried…i just want vikram to be positive in this season…like remember in ek paheli leela jai was negative in previous birth but positive in next birth…if akash will go after radhika what will happn to sivani ..she is so cute n.and i dont want akash in betwen krish and radhika…..writter should make akash positive…and who is that ghost….i realy didint got any idea of that ghost ….and is sivani was in previous birth and that part is hidden from us..and may be they show some flashback….is that ghost vidyut.or someone else.is vyoms madness come with his memory of previous birth..so confusing.but we want vikram in positive..vikram and sivani look cute together

  5. Shivani and vikram are the best couple…who looks perfect for each other……love them and want them to be together in the series…..

  6. I’m very much excited for the moment when shivani comes to know about their past. Even if Akaash is vyom only he might be good in this birth as rajan and madhavi is not his parents. Vyom’s character’s moulding was done by rajan and madhavi and his criminal mind is more or less connected to rajan’s acts. So here may be Akaash is born and brought up in a nice family and earned good values from his parents.

    1. I hope so too…many all 4 of them together should solve the “saya ” problem.
      I would like to see scenes of their growing friendship rather than just individual couples all the time

      I like Shivik and Domik scenes but them all together would be fun

      1. Don’t keep any hopes at all. Latest spoiler says that vyom is alive and pretending to be Akaash and will kill shivani. I don’t know to believe it or not. And all spoilers not always true. But still better to stay away from hopes.

      2. If Vyom is just pretending to be Akash, then why is he having unclear flashbacks…his flashbacks should be clear.

        Akash was in the room with Shivani Madhavi and Rajan when Krish got hit in the basement..

        Akash may be rebirth of Vyom but he can’t be the “saya”…

        I remember distinctly that, Shivani during an interview said that her character will reveal a lot later on in the series

        But since its a serial anything is possible I guess..but I hope spoilers are not true or else they will spoil the story…Shivani ka character is interesting as she is the only one not related to last birth events

      3. Don’t know what’s going on in writers mind….I just want a Good story and happy ending. Hope the spoilers come out wrong.

      4. And BTW Denny is right. We should not keep any hope as in 1st season the writers disappointed us very much????

  7. Akash is vyom?.no no dont do that.by the way today episode is to good

  8. Why Rajan and madhavi do not want aakshi marriage to happen?

  9. Kuch kuch hota hai???

  10. Bakwaass……vyom to kill shivani!! Then why did u made entry of her.. To fool shivik fans??? I just started to watch edt only for shivik. Now bye bye??

  11. Happy news.. Edt is soon going to die. RIP in advance. Idk how they could come up with edt2 without proper story.
    Love u shivik you people deserves good shows with good stories. Waiting to see both of them in big screen.

  12. Vyom to kill Shivani in Ekk Deewana Tha
    A major spoiler ahead for the loyal fans of Ekk Deewana Tha. The thriller series, produced by Prateek Sharma’s LSD productions, is all set for a major showdown.
    As TellyChakkar had earlier reported, Vyom (Vikram Singh Chauhan) actually never died in the narrative.
    (Also Read: Big revelation: No reincarnation; Vyom is alive and faking to be Akash in Ekk Deewana Tha)
    In fact, he was alive and waiting for his Sharanya (Donal Bisht). Assuming Shivani (Shivani Surve) to be Sharanya’s reincarnation, he disguised himself as Akash.
    Now, in the upcoming track, a major revelation drama will occur. The makers will soon kill their new character Shivani. It will happen so that during Shivani and Vyom’s wedding, the latter will discover a truth. He will get to know that Shivani is not Sharanya’s reincarnation but Radhika. As a result of which he will kill her. He will tell her everything and then throw her off the steps.

  13. Is this true

    1. If it is….then countdown started.

  14. One thing I’m not getting. Why they come up with a reincarnation track? In pre leap itself shivanya united in death. And vyom also punished as he didn’t get saranya and died himself. Even if he is not died..he is not leading a good life after that. So lovers united and villain punished. So what is the point of reincarnation. Because we see reincarnation stories mostly in adhoora pyaar….and when villain is living with a luxurious life.. So reincarnation to take revenge..and complete his/her love.(as in first part shiv returned from death to fulfill his pyaar) So the leap is only for making shivanya to lead a life on earth.. Then what is the point of akaash-shivani story here(if Akaash is not rebirth of vyom).. And if Akaash is vyom’s rebirth to fulfill his love then why shivani is here?( so they can kill her..becoz her role have no significance..but it then leads to repeat the story again.)
    And another possibility that seems logical to me (for not repeating the past story again) is that in previous birth vyom was an obsessive lover not a pure lover. And may take rebirth by chance.. Without any intention. And found a true love for him..shivani. But then when he remember past life maximum he can regret. And then here shivanya’s revenge become pointless as he is completely new and good person. So they can show two independent love story. And move on with some new twists and turns.

  15. Nice episode

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