Ek Deewana Tha 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Odhni is blamed for Mr.Bisht’s death!

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Vyom tells Sharanya that whatever bad to happen has happened. Now only good things will happen. They leave. Footsteps form out of vermilion spread on the floor.

Mrs. Bisht and Aditya meet Bedi family. Sharanya asks about Mr. Bisht. Vyom suggests cancelling the function to go look for Mr. Bisht. Mrs. Bisht denies. Chandni asks Vyom about the call he got. He shares that a landslide has happened. Mrs. Bisht tells Sharanya not to cancel the function. So many guests are here. If you papa will come, he will end up scolding me only. Everyone nods.

Freddy gives a dance performance. Odhni is also in the party in the disguise of a waiter. Sharanya’s kerchief falls. Vidyut picks it up and sniffs it. Rati walks up to him but he simply walks away. Rajan looks on.

Vidyut pops opens the champagne. Vyom keeps reassuring Sharanya throughout. Vidyut and Chandni give a glass each to the couple. Odhni picks the champagne bottle as evidence. She signals Freddy. Mrs. Bisht cannot stop looking at the door. She recalls her husband’s words right before her has left (I will be back before the wedding).

Waiter takes out food from the freezer. Nawab senses something amiss, peeks inside the freezer and starts barking.

Rajan goes looking for some cover as Odhni manages to pull it away. Freddy very smartly collects Chandni’s lipstick as evidence.

Vyom checks with Inspector again. He is standing right next to the freezer and the hand is visible too but he does not look down.

Rajan brings Sharanya to Madhvi. He forces Madhvi to feed sweets to Sharanya. Madhvi keeps the empty bowl down. Odhni picks it up. She has collected almost everyone’s samples.

Mrs. Bisht starts crying. Sharanya runs up to her. Why are you crying? Say something. Vyom also asks her. Mrs. Bisht shares that her husband met with a really bad accident. Inspector adds that there was no one in the car. Vyom promises to go with his father to check. Sharanya comforts her mom. Rajan notices Odhni moving in the crowd. She collides with someone and her cap falls down. Her hair fall loose as she bends down to pick it. She notices Rajan staring at her and runs. Rajan shouts after someone to chase her. She collides with the freezer while running. Mr. Bisht’s body falls down.

Everyone rushes to him. Mrs. Bisht sits there in shock while Sharanya keeps shaking her father to get up. Mrs. Bisht asks Vyom to see. She shakes her husband to get up. Everyone looks on in shock. Sharanya notices the dagger stabbed at his father’s chest. Rajan stops her from touching it. It might have the fingerprints of the killer. Nawab sits there quietly / sadly. Mrs. Bisht says nothing has happened to him. He is joking. She asks her husband to get up. Your daughter got married. See how many people have come! Wake up or I will beat you! Aditya is crying. She tells everyone not to worry. I know he loves joking like this. He will stand up. I keep scolding him not to do it but he does not listen to me. Chandni asks Rajan as to who killed Mr. Bisht. Rajan points at Odhni. She has killed him! Odhni declines. I dint do anything. I dint kill him. Rajan tells Inspector that she is after their family since many days. She keeps threatening us. She must have come to stop Sharanya’s wedding. Odhni calls him a liar. He demands to know what she is doing here in a disguise. You killed Mr. Bisht and kept his body in freezer. You could not find a safer place. Odhni shakes her head.

Rajan says this was the plan. Why did you kill him! Mrs. Bisht stops him. She walks up to Odhni and slaps her. What did we do? Why did you ruin our life? Odhni insists she dint kill him. I dint do anything. She shouts at Sharanya. You know everything. Why would I kill him? I dint kill him! Rajan tells her to shut up. He asks Inspector to arrest her. Freddy looks on. Chandni shows the CCTV footage to Rajan. It shows Odhni running holding a similar knife. Odhni accepts she had it but! Rajan tells Inspector to arrest her. Odhni shouts at Sharanya to listen to her. Why would I kill your papa? I saw him running. He looked really scared. He looked as if he was running from someone. It was as if someone was following him! It is someone else’s doings! Rajan refuses to believe her. She is taken away by police. Freddy stands there helpless.

Sharanya and Aditya are crying. Freddy seeks the opportunity to escape. Rajan kneels down to Mr. Bisht. I am so sorry that we could neither see the problem you were in nor could we save you. Forgive us! Inspector says we need to take body for post-mortem. Sharanya shouts that this isn’t body but her papa. Vyom is about to go close but she demands to be left alone with her papa. She talks to her papa. When I couldn’t find you during hide and seek, I used to worry what if I have lost you. I used to get scared. I lost you while trying to save Vyom. Please come back papa. I cannot live without you! She looks up angrily. You have done it right? Footsteps form nearby. She says I know you haven’t left. You are right here, around me! Shiv looks on. She demands to know why he did this. You made a really big mistake! Till now, I kept saving Vyom but now I wont spare you! You will have to face me. You snatched my papa from me. I wont spare you now! I will find you and finish you!

Precap: Vyom tells Sharanya that he knows Shiv. There was someone. The door of their room opens. Vyom is pushed around the room. Sharanya runs to save him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Interesting precap..
    I think Vyom trying to cook another story to saranya about shiv and Shiv is angry and trying to stop Vyom..

  2. It was a good episode thank u pooja for fast updates… But pls write the shayari as well……man man what an acting of SHARANYA truly a very good actress….she was mind blowing today with her tone and speech to SHIV….. tomorrow’s episode will be fab as from tomorrow SHIV’S mystery will be unfolded….. Eagerly waiting…..

  3. Thanks for d update Pooja.. But where is ur shayari.. Plss keep writing shayari also..

  4. What vyom knows shiv, i don’t believe that …. maybe cooking up some stories and shiv is really angry about it, if he was telling the truth why would shiv stop him.

  5. shairi’s/poetry’s hindi version

    1. Ohhh u alrdy updatd it… sry hvnt seen shayri updated by pooja so i jst wrte it dwn… so sry n thnx…

    2. Pooja

      thanks a ton! I always miss out a few words here and there so I drop it completely but you are a great help 🙂

  6. Shiv’s shayari

    जिस तरह धङकनें हर साँस से जुदा होगी,
    ना इश्क ईबादत होगा, ना ही तू मेरी खुदा होगी,
    मुझ से अब कोइ राबता नहीं रहा तेरा,
    तुझ से जूङा हर रिश्ता, हर रस्म गुमशूदा होगी।।।

    1. Pooja

      thank you 🙂

  7. poetry’s english version
    The way heart beats will be away from every breath
    Neither love will be prayer nor u will be my God
    Now u have no contact with me
    Every relation every custom connected to u will be lost/missing

  8. I think shiv was obsessed lover who tried to (stab) kill vyom over sharanyas friendship/love. That’s why vyoms parents turned against him and that’s why vyoms mom knows he will not leave anyone because he was temperamental when alive. I bet sharanya and vyom had an affair in the past. Now shiv is back to reclaim his love because he doesn’t want sharanya to be anyone’s in this world after his death. Shiv seems very obsessive after his death so maybe he tried to do something wrong with sharanya during their affair and sharanya killed him and he tried to kill her with the accident to be one.

    1. Yea now I too felt like that. If Shiv was the true lover in the past then how he could do all that to saranya.(except ram bisht murder. I believe it is done by someone else) And here Shiv really seems to be an obsessive lover.

    2. YEah, shiv is very expressive in his Shayari. He has expressed the intent to all his acts in his shayari. Before rape attempt he said his silhatein will be on her badan. Before killing someone he says there shansein will be ukhar. Idk I think shiv was good but temperamental. Madhvi asked him to leave sharanya. That’s why he said he won’t leave her and kill anyone who comes in between them. He stabbed vyom which turned all vyoms family against sharanya and shiv. That incident might have happened in the mandir and that’s when sharanya might have gotten against shiv. This leads to shiv believing she betrayed him.

    3. ya yesterday i also felt that, namik is whatever (shiv), is the one sided lover, came back to get his love and i also felt that namik and rajan r together now and after vyom :), as in few episodes back rajan was shown against vyom not actualy against but not in favor of vyom to, i mean his care for vyom is just a showoof,

  9. Guys Share ur thoughts

  10. Total confusion

  11. Earlier that Dr. was about to say saranya about Kapali hills..was murdered. And then Ram bisht got to know all about the Kapali hills incident and on the way to say saranya also murdered. And I think both murders are done by same person. And I have a strong believe that that person is vyom only. Earlier when Dr. Called saranya to come park.. Vyom was there in her home. And may be heard their conversation. And also after when ram bisht went to take kula devi idol Vyom was there in her home. So anyone else could know about ram bisht’s journey other than Shiv is only Vyom. And every time when saranya try to think about kapali hills vyom interrupt it. May be I’m wrong..

  12. But i think both shiv and vyom are obsessive lovers

  13. In the precap vyom said that “haan mein jaan toon shiv ko” …. After that he said…. “Bhaii
    meraa.” ……. Superrr …. Vyom shiv bhaiii bhaiiii

    1. Pooja

      I think I heard “tha koi”.. I am not sure. Let’s hear today!

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