Ek Deewana Tha 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika decides to stay back

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Radhika asks Akash whether he can drop her to airport. Akash asks if she is sure. It’s her loss if she leaves. She says yes. He asks her to come in hall.

Radhika comes to the hall. She says to herself, KK was saying so much and now when she’s leaving, he didn’t even come to stop her. The mystery person’s shadow appears. Akash looks disturbed. Radhika asks him if he wants to say anything? He says he feels Shivani doesn’t love him as much as he loves her. Radhika says Shivani is lucky that he loves her. Akash says they are getting late. They reach the door, but it’s locked. Suddenly music plays. KK and Shivani come out. They dance and try to win their love. Shivani locks her parents in their room. Rajan hears some noise from basement. He looks down and sees Suvarna trying to escape. He tries to open the door. KK and Shivani manage to woo Radhika and Akash. KK-Radhika, Akash-Shivani hug. Rajan manages to open the door. He is shocked seeing couples hugging. Suvarna also comes there. KK sees her in corridor. He tells others about her, but by the time they reach corridor, someone has taken Suvarna away. KK wonders where she went. He searches around. Rajan tells KK that he said he was joking, now what? KK says he lied because he thought they would think he is mental. Rajan says what else they should think? Does any normal person behave like this? KK tries to find Suvarna. He gets close to her, but fails to find her. However, he spots some blood. He says she was kept there and she was beaten there only. Rajan asks him to stop his nonsense. No one is there. KK asks whose blood is that then? He then sees his hand bleeding because he had broken glass window to get in the room. Rajan asks if they should leave the room now. Radhika asks KK to go with her.

She brings him to his room. He says he really saw that lady. No one is believing him. She asks him to sit down and does the aid. She says he is not as bad as she thought. She is glad that he stopped her from leaving. KK gets flashbacks. He then sees Sharanya’s blo*dy face from past and her referring him as Shiv and asking whether he remembered anything.

Precap: Rajan asks Suvarna why she tried to go in front of KK. Does she have any clue what will happen if he remembers everything? She says that is what she wants. In next scene, Radhika was leaving. KK holds her hand and calls her Sharanya.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Awesome hope kk remembers his past.let’s hope for the best

  2. domik scene was awesome. i hope krishh remembered his past bcz then story will b more interesting…..

  3. wow today two jodies looks so cute?

  4. i too felt dt shadow persn is non othr dn vidhyut… n i dnt knw y bt i thnk akash alrdy knw abt his past life… nywys shivnya(now kridhika) looks chooooo chweet n cute togdr…??

  5. Wow nice episode. Double damaka. Both the couples looks so cute together. But I❤shivik above all. My ever time favourite. They are just another name of love?.

  6. My shivik..mind blowing performance.

  7. Super episode.
    Shivik is as usual..pataka couple.. Krishika was too cute..

  8. I think the ek deewana of season 2 is vyom who has become ghosht for her love radhika

  9. I love shivik so much. Yesterday’s episode was very good and balanced. But I’m very much disappointing with the story line. Actually what is the content of current track. Each day some scenes are showing for shivik and krishika fans+ a shadow. I’m not surprised with the lowering trps. I don’t think its only because of IPL. A show is not only about leading actors and their chemistry. Both the couples doing well no doubt. But look at the supporting actors. Only extra characters are rajan ,madhavi and suvarna. In edt1 there were so much of other characters like saranya’s parents,brother,and cute nawab. Their bonding…in bedi family,chandini,rati,,avni,s/ochandini etc. Here it is like nothing on the background. Shivik talking to each other.,krishika talking to each other and also rajvi. Only thing to be watchable is some cute shivik/krishika scenes. But for that there is no need to sit in front of the TV and waste our time. Better to watch IPL. Because we can watch their scenes online later on. Obviously edt is a unique show which have a potential to grab viewers. But the support of background characters and a good storyline is something inevitable. Now each day only thing to watch..shivik,krishika,rajvi,bedihouse,basement,captivated suvarna,and shadow. Same series repeating each day in different orders. At least go for a picnic. No varieties of scenes.. Honestly I’m not watching edt on TV . I’ll read updates and if there is some good sequences I’ll watch through online. So much disappointed.

  10. One more theory
    This one is a very very unbelievable..but it’s a serial so anything is possible right??

    So in season 1 a lot of times Vyom was shown talking to himself…like when he had kept sadavi’s body, when he broke the glass table and was angry on his dad.etc…they never actually gave a reason why he was like that …what if Vyom had disociative identity disorder(more commonly known as split personality)….one part being a nice and caring friend and one part being an obsessed psychopath…
    When Vyom killed himself …one part moved on and was reborn as Akash and the obsessed part remained behind as the saya

    That would explain the little flashbacks..

    A little far fetched …but just like making weird theories??

    1. Great theory!! ?????? Your imagination beat the writers imagination too!

    2. ??? sometimes I shock myself with my imagination.

  11. Mona146

    what did akash mean by word loss to radhika??

  12. ??? sometimes I shock myself with my imagination.

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