Ek Deewana Tha 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika is doubtful of Akash

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Ek Deewana Tha 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Doc tells KK and Vyom that he gave an injection to Radhika. She will gain conscious soon. Seems like she passed out because of some shock but there is nothing to worry. She is fine. Call me if you need me. Vyom thanks him. He asks KK to drop Doctor till the door. KK says do you think I will go. I am Krish Khanna. Vyom goes with Doctor.

KK sits next to Radhika. Please wake up. You don’t look good when you are quiet. You like fighting with me right? Fight with me. Tell me how big a loser I am and that I don’t know how to act. I cannot see you like this though. Please get up. He gets sad. It is entirely my fault as I only wanted to find out all the secrets. But now I don’t care! Let these secrets, Rajan and Madhvi go to hell. I cannot risk your life for my past. He sits next to her while holding her hand. Please wake up. We will go far away. I wont let anything happen to you. He leans down to kiss her on her forehead when Radhika opens her eyes. What were you doing? He covers up saying that he was only checking her breathing. She sits up. Vyom also joins them. Are you feeling better? How did you lose conscious? KK also asks her how she reached that basement. Radhika speaks of that man (Freddy). I saw a man going towards secret passage when I went to Shivani’s room. I followed him and he was so scary. He was trying to hold me and told me that he had been waiting for me! He called me Sharanya! The moment I tried to leave, someone covered my mouth from behind and I lost conscious. Vyom / Akash says no one else was there. KK asks him if he was checking the place first instead of taking her out from there. Vyom / Akash taunts that it wasn’t some film. What if someone killed me instead? You got to check. What if we both were lying unconscious there? No one was there. She insists that there was. I cannot forget that face. He tells her that she is simply stressed out. I am also stressed out because of Shivani. I came there only after you screamed. No one else was there. This strikes some bell in Radhika’s mind. You are right. It might be an illusion. KK notices something wrong in the way she said that.

Radhika asks about Rajan and Madhvi. I checked entire house but couldn’t find them. Vyom lies that they went to Manali. They found Shivani in Manali’s farm house only when she ran away from home last time. You should rest. Let’s go KK. KK wants to stay there only. Vyom asks him to let Radhika rest but KK reasons that she might need something else. Vyom goes out.

KK repeats Radhika’s question at her. You have also started imagining things. Are you also taking drugs? She tells him that she lied in front of Akash. I wasn’t imagining things. I did saw that guy there. I have proof. Flashback shows the hustle between Radhika and Freddy wherein a button of his kurta comes off. Radhika shows the button to KK. He asks her why she dint tell this before. She points out that Akash said he heard my scream whereas I dint even get a chance to scream. Someone covered my mouth before that. I dint scream. KK says Akash is lying. She nods. I also doubt him now. He says I have been telling you this since long. She replies that she dint have a reason to doubt him earlier but she has a reason now. KK says I am telling you he isn’t the right guy. He knows when Shivani goes missing. Only he knows about Rajan and Madhvi’s whereabouts when they disappear. Don’t you find this strange? She nods. Let’s try calling Uncle and Aunty. Their phones are switched off. KK says atleast Shivani’s phone was ringing but her parents are amazing. She is surprised to hear that he called Shivani. When? He shares that he called Shivani when she went to her room. Radhika recalls hearing a phone ringing when she was headed to the basement. I believe it was Shivani’s call only. Let’s check once again. He denies. Now we wont go anywhere. We are done. It is risky. Shivani disappeared. You were found unconscious. Rajan and Madhvi have also left. Let’s stop now. She refuses to stop. I dint find my answers till now. I want to know what connection I have with that name Sharanya. Is this my rebirth? What’s my connection with this house? I want to know everything. I wont leave the house until I find my answer. He insists that it can be risky for her. I cannot let you do that. She stays put. He calls her stubborn. I will go with you though. She wants to wait till night. Akash will be alert right now.

Radhika tells KK he is free to leave the house if he wants to. He agrees. I can leave the house and everything but not you. She tells him that he can but he holds her hand. I love you and we don’t leave those we love alone. We support them till the end. She tells him that she knows that his feelings are genuine for her but maybe I don’t feel that ways about you. He wants to go with her all the way then so she might possibly fall in love with him. I will keep hope. She tells him against it but he insists. We always live on hope. Vyom overhears everything. It will never happen. Sharanya will never fall for you. This time I will make her mine! You will go Shiv! You will die by my Sharanya’s hands only.

Vyom is hitting Freddy with a stick. What were you trying to do? Freddy calls him buddy. Don’t beat him. Vyom hits him again. You were flirting with Sharanya! Do you know that you spoiled everything for me? Sharanya and Shiv began trusting me after lots of difficulty but not anymore! She does not love me as of now or I would have killed you right away. Freddy apologizes to him. Please forgive me. We are best friends. Best friends are like brothers who do anything for each other. I can do anything for you. Don’t kill me though. He hugs Vyom in fear. Vyom thinks Odhni hit him with a stick and his circuit is missing since last 25 year. He wipes his tears. Sharanya and Shiv will come down at night. You have to fix all 4 of them till then. Freddy happily agrees. Vyom shushes him hearing some sound. They are coming. Freddy goes quiet.

Radhika asks KK if it will be right to go there at this hour. KK nods. Evening is a better time to go and check as this house turns into a haunted house at night. I get really scared. She panics. He says someone hit me on my head last time. I still feel pain. Radhika tells him not to worry. I am with you. KK says I am sure that the guy who does not get afraid seeing a 6’2” pole would run away after seeing you. I feel safe. Come. KK is in the secret room. They go separate ways and warn each other to be careful.

Rajan’s body is kept near Sharanya. Vyom his hiding behind a door and is holding Suvarna. He disappears by the time KK checks there. Radhika is also looking for some proof. Freddy is holding Rajan’s body. Radhika and KK are pretty near 2 dead bodies (of Shivani and Madhvi) but Freddy and Vyom pull them out of sight in time. KK says you trusted Akash really well but he isn’t as innocent as he seems to be. His eyes are really sharp. You should never trust a guy with those kinds of eyes. She says you must never go by that but I think I should have listened to you. KK suggests leaving but she wants to look around a little more. He reminds her of what she just said. She taunts him and he points out that he loves her but it does not mean she will taunt him like this. I feel Akash also loves you. She calls it rubbish but he is sure AKash loves her and not Shivani. I think he only did something to Shivani. She asks him if he isn’t going a little overboard in his assumptions but he denies. It is just a possibility. People can do anything to get their love. You can take my example. I can do anything to get you! Vyom looks at KK.

Precap: Vyom lays a trap to kill KK but he gets stabbed instead (in an attempt to save Radhika’s life). Radhika tells KK that she remembers everything now. I remember my past and who I loved! I remember everything!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I can’t believe that he killed his own parents. He is not a human. He is a psycho monster. He killed everyone Suvarna, rajan, madhvi, shivani. Aur waha pe itne dead bodies hai, Phir bhi koi smell nahi hai? Aur uss radhika ko sab kuch yaad aagayi.. don’t know what stupidity she will do now! Come on Kk, do something!

  2. I don’t want vyom to get killed so easily. I hate him. He must bear all the punishment for his crimes.

  3. Ek deewana tha serial with such a talented cast didn’t deserve this kind of a lagging,predictable journey.Vikram,held this far ,only for him but a good serial went like this, disappointed.

  4. What ???? Rajan & Madhvi dead!!!

  5. Something tells me that nut radhika might dimply get flashes of her marriage to vyom and misinterpret that as being her past love… Or maybe she might say vyom in order to lay a trap for akash to get a confession ?

  6. Vyom is a devil?????? hate you….

  7. I think you are right. She might think that aakash was her past love.

  8. yaa me too think the same… She will think that it is vyom who came to save her now and also she will get flashes that he saved her in the farm house in previous birth…. Senseless radhika….she is no wonder senseless sharanya’s incarnation….

    1. Yes i was thinking that too

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