Ek Deewana Tha 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK is concerned for Shivani

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Ek Deewana Tha 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vyom pretends to be upset. KK looks at him as he follows everyone outside the room. Vyom closes the door and walks up to the window. He tells Freddy to

Rajan and Madhvi return to their room. Madhvi is sure that Shivani wont go anywhere without telling them. It is his work only. I am sure he only did something to her. Rajan assures her he will talk to her but she is berserk. Our daughter is missing. Don’t know what condition she is in! He tells her to control herself. Nothing will happen to Shivani. She wonders what if Vyom did do something to Shivani. Please bring my daughter back. Vyom is a devil who took birth from me! Vyom says amazing. They turn to look at him.

KK cannot believe that Shivani would leave the house / wedding like this. She was so excited. Something is surely wrong and Akash is surely responsible for it. Radhika asks him why he would do so. KK says I don’t know but I feel he thinks differently from everyone. I couldn’t buy it when he said yes for the wedding in the first place. Radhika asks him why he is always after Akash. Why do you always doubt him? Whenever something goes wrong you always point fingers at Akash. Why do you doubt him so much?

Vyom asks his mother what she did. You just called me devil! She says you are committing crimes one after another after what you did 25 years ago! What are you? Don’t act innocent! I know you are behind all this. Where is my Shivani? Please tell me about Shivani. She has nothing to do with all of this. I promise you she wont come in your way! Please tell me about her! He tells her that! Rajan and Madhvi are stunned. Madhvi says you are lying. I know you are upset with me but don’t trouble me like this. Please say the truth. Vyom says it is true that Shivani went to deep sleep. He tells them everything.

Radhika says you always doubt him whenever something goes wrong. Did you ever try to understand his pain? Do you know what it is to lose someone? You have only done films but you don’t know the real pain. I have felt it. I know how it feels to lose someone or what it feels to be orphan! I lost my parents when I was a kid. This feeling is lingering in me since my last birth. That emptiness is in me since my last birth maybe! KK says sorry to her but she requests him not to doubt the one who has no one.

Vyom repeats that Shivani slept for forever. Madhvi slaps him. Why did you kill her? What was her fault? She slaps him again. You are so low! She cries. Vyom fixes his attire. Madhvi says I raised her, loved her like my daughter and you killed her. Vyom asks her who he is if Shivani was her daughter.

Radhika asks KK if he feels Shivani cannot leave Akash. She could! He is taken aback. Radhika says I went to talk to her and she told me that she does not wish to marry Akash right away. She is doing this as Akash was forcing her to marry. She tells him everything.

Vyom says you never supported me since childhood. Back then it was Shiv and now Shivani! She thinks of his complaints in the past. Vyom says Shivani had to die. That’s the only way for me to get Sharanya. She asks him if he is sure he will get Sharanya this way. He nods. She reminds him that Sharanya is half his age. You would have a daughter her age if you were living a normal life. He replies that this is what love is. It is beyond age or numbers. She loves me which is why she came back. Madhvi reminds him that Sharanya came back not for him but for Shiv. She took rebirth for Shiv. You waited for 25 years for Sharanya but look at destiny’s game. Sharanya and Shiv have come in front of each other. This is called true love. you only know how to snatch! This time you wont be able to do anything! No one can separate Sharanya and Shiv! He angrily picks a vase. Mom! Do you remember what Odhni had said? Shiv must die from Sharanya’s hands. KK must die from Radhika’s hands in this birth. Once she does so, she will understand my pain. She will be mine then.

Radhika reasons that Akash loves Shivani very much. He has done a lot for her. Akash also felt the same that Shivani got too busy since she came to India. He used to be very worried over this matter. Shivani had no time for Akash. You might find it weird but Shivani was attracted to you and glamour world. I had to ask Akash about it and he said that Shivani was only your fan. Akash always felt that he was her happy place. He never thought she will leave her but his trust is completely broken today. KK says I accept it as you are saying it but I still feel this isn’t true. I feel that something happened with Shivani which we cannot really figure out. we must find her as I think she is in danger.

Precap: Vyom tells his parents that he will kill whosoever comes between his love, even if it means them. I can kill both of you too! He shoots bullets. KK and Radhika come there hearing the gunshots.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Radhika is just as dumb as Sharanya. Why do these writers always have the women as the stupidest people in the shows?

  2. Kya serial hai yaar….dimag ki batti jala d……????

  3. Rajan and madhavi also should NOT get such a easy death. They are the route to this problem

  4. Why this radhika is so dumb ?? How cud she blame a gal without knowing the truth
    Stupid gal Radhika

    1. Because shivani herself told her…had shivani not lied to her about akash forcing her for marriage she would also doubt this situation too…

  5. Sharanya or radhika whoever is just dumb I think she still wants to have two guys in her life in this lifetime like the last one..

  6. madhavi bedi acting was good today

  7. Tomorrow he will kill madhavi and Rajan
    Next he will kill kk
    Next he will kill Freddy
    Next he will marry radhika.
    And again radhika will realize the truth and suicide.
    Again take another birth. Again vyom polishes his mask. And raise the next rebirth saranya properly without any exchange. And after25 years vyom(75) with mask will marry saranya(25) and after the marriage vyom will die out of old age!!!

    1. That’s great .,,?

    2. Lol.. So true??

  8. The most stupid ,dumb serial if ever there was .Just shows the mindset of the writers .

  9. Agar tumhe serial achaa nahi lagta mat dekho galat comment to mat karo. Humne achha lagta hai hamara mood off mat karo

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