Ek Deewana Tha 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash gets angry at Shivani

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Ek Deewana Tha 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radhika looks back at KK and she feels a connection with him. She puts blanket on him and leaves. A shadow is shown outside window. Radhika comes outside and sees it. She turns back to see who it is, but no one is there. She comes downstairs. Shivani asks what happened? She was saying too much against KK in the shoot and now she is coming out of KK’s room late night. Radhika is shocked. Shivani tells her to tell her if she likes him, she will go and talk to him. Shivani laughs. Shivani says their pair will look perfect. Radhika tells her to go and sleep.

Shivani wonders if she should go to Akash’s room. She has very good opportunity now. In end, she decides against it as her parents are home.

Radhika was entering her room. Akash comes and apologizes her for what Shivani said. Radhika says she didn’t feel bad. Akash apologizes for his behavior with her as well. Radhika says it’s okay and asks him how he doesn’t feel bad that Shivani likes KK. Akash says she’s just a fan of his, so he is not worried. Radhika tells him to be careful. Akash says those whom he loves can’t go away from him, no matter if he has to take multiple births for it. Radhika says she doesn’t believe in re-births concept and says she was just kidding. Shivani really loves him a lot. Akash says it’s late, she should sleep.

Madhvi is in kitchen. She sees a shadow and was about to scream, but Rajan stops her. He says she can’t take his name. He knows the shadow is watching and now as Sharanya is back, they will have to be extra careful. He will do something for sure. Madhvi says she is scared. Rajan says they have to save Shivani. He won’t let anything happen to her. They leave.

Team is waiting for KK to come. Akash says he has got hurt. Team members say they are tired with him coming late daily. One of the team members is trying to convince KK, but he says he’s hurt, he can’t do shooting.

Team members informs Akash that KK is not ready. He tried his best. He asks Akash to do something now. Radhika comes and asks if there is no shooting today. Akash informs Radhika. Shivani comes and says that’s all? It’s not difficult to convince KK. Akash asks her to look at team members. They are tired of convincing him. Shivani says only Radhika can convince him. Akash asks how’s that? Shivani says because KK and Radhika have strong connection. Other hand, KK says he couldn’t sleep peacefully until now. He went to many doctors. Yesterday Radhika touched him and he was able to sleep so peacefully. He wonders what connection he has with Radhika. For that, he will have to know her and spend more time with her.

Shivani acts and guides Radhika how to convince KK. Akash gets some flashbacks. Radhika says she won’t do anything like that. Shivani continues guiding her how to use seducing voice and convince KK. Akash shouts asking Shivani to shut up. He asks why Radhika would go to KK and convince him? Doesn’t she see how uncomfortable Radhika is? Shivani is hurt. She asks how dare he talk to her like that. She asks him not to talk to her again and leaves. Rajan stares angrily at Akash. Radhika looks on.

Precap: Radhika tells KK that he has no feelings. KK gets flashbacks and “Sharanya” name comes out his mouth.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. This Akash /Vyom angle is getting confusing…on one hand it is shown he is getting flashbacks and on the other hand Rajan and Madhavi keep talking about “him” keeping an eye on things…I mean who else could “him”(the shadow) be??

  2. The shadow(if vyom) why not going towards radhika as she is the real reincarnation of saranya. Even after radhika came to bedi house that wrinkled hands caressing shivani. Is he didn’t knew about the baby swapping? But it is shown as the shadow is watching and hearing everyone. Don’t know what is this CVS up to. Let’s see.

  3. Bechari shivani

    1. Yaa man….Akash went into another mode only…both shivani and Radhika were shocked…
      Actually Shivani’s situation is going to be interesting as she is the only one who is not related to last birth events.

      1. Ya more heartbreaking situtations yet to come for her.

  4. I liked the combination of the two.. radhika and shivani..☺. They have a beautiful chemistry. #shivadhika

  5. Attitude kk

  6. This is the time for guessing game, so clearly Vyom /shadow is alive and Rajan and Madhavi are aware of that,the wrinkled hands shows that the person/shadow is a old, but if that is Vyom,then papa Rajan is still young and handsome, not doubting the shadow to be someone else because, when Shivani came first, shadow called out Sharanya, who else can be mad on Sharanya other than Vyom, but confusing part is Akash’s flash backs and his anger,if Vyom is alive how can he be reborn as Akash, so what I feel is, since this is a serial, there will be twists, so most probably Akash and Vyom are same, since mask things and prosthesis are not new in serials, when Rajan and Madhavi had gone away from home, Vyom must have taken Akash’s disguise and gone to London, but there also a missing link, if Akash was there with Shivani/Sharanya in London, why should he peep through the wall, scratch on the wall and utter Sharanya,when she came from London,when he has all freedom to be around Shivani who they thinks as Sharanya, it is either some black magic on Akash, or the flash back is just shown for viewers but then why that anger or he has some blood relation with Vyom or they both are same(which is Vyom’s plotting and Rajan and Madhavi are unaware,that scene where Akash addressed as dad,I clearly felt that it is
    Vyom),he has not seen Radhika I think, if he has seen and can’t identify her, then he should be mad after the gun shot and injury. If he saw and can identify, then why should he harm Shivani?Why should Rajan and Madhavi protect her?if Vyom and Akash are same,then he has already seen Radhika now,so lots of doubts, as of now, it is intriguing, some surprises,some twists,lots of romance in store for Shivanya fans after them recalling their past, but since I am a shivik fan, I hope a little bit of their scenes daily is enough for me to keep watching this show, now there is one person who replies unnecessarily when I comment about Shivik, I request you to understand what we are typing in right sense, respect our choice and if possible stay away.

    1. Good points you made
      But how can Akash be Vyom disguised..I mean if Shivani is 25 then Vyom would be more than 50…also I don’t think that shivik fans would like that angle at all..
      Also Akash has also experienced the shadow right? How is that possible if both are him only.

      You are correct the flashbacks and the anger is very confusing as of now

    2. I cannot digest that disguise part. And I had read the tc news where they are saying vyom and Akaash are one and the same. But if it is..then why Akaash become angry by seeing shivani and kk together. Because by the time Akaash met radhika. That kicking scene was after the meeting of Akaash and radhika. If he is really vyom then he should be kicking by thinking about radhika. And the confusion is in flashes he getting. I think the flashes are because of some black magic or something like hypnotism by the real vyom.

  7. Shivani is classic actor??

  8. And really…how dare akaash to talk like this to shivani. Dont talk like this anymore.?

  9. ShiVik is magic.I already said Vyom is not dead as they have not shown him dying.I read in spoiler yesterday Vyom is Akash & he will fall for Radhika which will make Shivani furious so she will became negative.

  10. If vyom can act possessed realistically then anything is possible with vyom.

    1. Haha..very true. It is already proved that vyom have more powers than ghosts. So anything can happen.. No wonders.

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