Ek Deewana Tha 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash and Shivani get ready for their wedding

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Ek Deewana Tha 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Radhika telling KK that she trusts him. It might be true in the past life. It was past but it isn’t present! I can support you but I cannot love you! He asks her why it cannot happen. I am well settled and I genuinely love you. Tell me what you don’t like about me. I will change. She replies that if you have to change yourself for someone then it means that that person isn’t made for you. She begins to go when he holds her hand and pins her on the wall. Why cant you give one chance? She asks him if he will show a right on her. We share nothing. Let me go. He tells her that they do share an old and deep relation. I have understood this and you too will understand it one day. He backs off. Take your time. I will wait. She gets a call from Akash. He invites her downstairs. I have to tell everyone something. She tells KK about it who simply nods.

Mystery guy thinks Shiv confessed his love to Sharanya yet again. It isn’t right!

Everyone gathers in the living room. Rajan asks Akash what the matter is. Akash shares that Shivani and he have decided to get married. Rajan smiles. You are already engaged. You will marry for sure. Akash says we have decided to get married today itself. Radhika hugs Shivani. She congratulates the couple. Rajan says how it can happen so suddenly. A lot is to be done. Shivani is our only daughter. Akash politely requests him to understand. You can fulfil all your dreams in this one only but we want it to be a private affair. Akash invites Radhika and KK in the wedding. Radhika readily agrees. Rajan calls it a bad idea. We cannot rush like this. Shivani says what the problem is when we don’t have a problem. We have to marry sooner or later. Rajan says how it will happen by evening. Akash says we have transformed the house earlier also. It will happen again. Just think of what you will wear. I will start the preps right away. Rajan and Radhika head to their rooms while KK turns to the door. Akash asks him where he is going. KK says I must bring some gift for you guys. Akash and Shivani nod happily. KK is confused about Akash’s behaviour. I feel as if this wedding is his next move!

Rajan cannot understand why Akash and SHivani decided to marry so soon. Madhvi says I am worried for Shivani. How can they both marry that too before Sharanya? He stops her from taking Sharanya’s name. We must save Shivani. Her life is in danger. Madhvi agrees. I am very much worried for Shivani. Save her somehow.

Shivani’s words echo in Akash’s head. Past flashes are shown.

Madhvi says I don’t want to lose her. Rajan assures her that nothing will happen to her. I wont let this wedding happen.

Shivani thanks someone on phone. I cant believe I am about to get married. So much needs to be done. I have to also buy a gift for Akash. I will call you back. Someone walks up to her. It is Radhika who hugs her from behind. Congratulations! Shivani shrugs her away. What the hell are you doing? Radhika says I came to congratulate you on your wedding. I thought you will be thrilled but you seem upset. Shivani lies to her. Radhika easily catches her lie. Tell me what the problem is. Shivani moves her hand away. She thinks of her conversation with Akash. Radhika again asks her if everything is fine. Shivani says you know how madly Akash is in love with me. I have problem with it at times! Radhika says how love can be madness. It is love in the end! Shivani nods. Akash is so insecure and jealous for me. Radhika says I have never seen that side of him. Shivani boasts of it. I know my fiancé very well. I have to marry so soon because of his insecurity only! You know I wanted to finish my movie first and then marry him! Akash is so crazy for me. He asked me to marry him right away. Radhika suggests her to ask Akash wait for the movie to finish. Shivani thinks this is what you want. You want to snatch AKash from me. She tells Radhika against it. it wont be right to make him wait. Film will complete later on. Radhika agrees. I am super excited for your wedding. We used to say in childhood that we will attend each other’s wedding. It is coming true. I will help you get ready. Shivani thanks her. it is finalised already. Radhika nods. You will look beautiful in whatever you will wear. Rest for a while. You will glow by evening. She goes. Shivani is irked with her. Why did I bring her here? It’s all because of her only! She tells herself to concentrate on her wedding!

Akash is dressed in Sherwani. A shayari plays in the background as he thinks of his moments with Shivani. He wears the sehra.

Radhika asks KK why he cant stop following her. He tells her that the door was open. She says you could have knocked or called my name. He covers her mouth and apologizes to her. She again repeats what she had said earlier. We share nothing. We have no chance. Why did you come here? He tells her that he went to mental hospital. I spoke to the doctors there and even checked the records but that woman isn’t there! Don’t know where she is or whether she is alive or not. Radhika deduces that Rajan and Madhvi took that same woman away. He nods. She suggests telling Akash everything but KK stops her. From now onwards I don’t think we should tell all this to Akash. I don’t think we should trust him. She says he is with us now. Why not? KK speaks about trust factor.

Shivani cannot stop imagining about her wedding. Akash and I will look like the perfect couple! I cant believe we are about to get married! I love you Akash. I cannot wait anymore. She finds a guy standing outside her room dressed as a groom. She turns her back to him. You know we cannot see each other’s face before wedding. You are so smart to cover your face with Sehra. You can see my face but I cannot! Mom and Dad wont like it. He asks her if she really does not want to see his face. Shivani tells Akash he has come at the wrong place at the wrong time. He says the same to her. Shivani finds his tone different.

Precap: Shivani asks Akash about his tone and face. You appear so different. He says you haven’t seen my complete face yet. He removes the mask from his face and old Vyom is shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What will happen next?

  2. Viewers were almost sure that both Akash and Vyom are same,because makers have given enough and more hints from Akash and Madhavi alone,they could have atleast kept this a pure suspense,without flash backs and hints,ruined a good show.But loved Shivani’s jealousy, insecurity and hidden hatred for Radhika in her conversation today.

    1. Ya everyone had a idea that it would be something like this….but what about the times when we saw both Akash the the unknown man in one frame …who hit Krish in the basement when shivani Akash Madhvi and Rajan were together

  3. Oh my god??

  4. Dishani01

    ek deewana tha turn as noodles that keep in one close box now i want to release one noodles from small goal..?????
    Confused ..
    confused ..
    confused ..

    if i think what’s the reason ..
    why akash and old man shown same time and why vyom became old than rajan ..

    I’ll became mentaL..

    don’t think much. they will prepare some unexpected bakwass so waiting to hear that nonsense reason ..

    good night with ✌ peace ?

    1. Yea,I had commented at start that if they both are same then Papa Rajan will be more handsome than son,they will cook up some story like he became ill/mad after Sharanya’s death or something like that.They might have simply showed it to confuse us viewers.If there is something more to it ,then it would be good.

  5. Is Akash is vyom?

    1. In Precap Akash is shown removing his mask,also Shivani says why his eyes looks different,so he was wearing lens,that time only Akash says you are yet to see my real face or something like that and he is seen removing mask and an aged Vyom with wrinkles is shown, unfortunately Mr.Rajan doesn’t have half the wrinkles as his son and looks very young.

  6. This serial is made for idiots like us who believe any crap they dish out .In the 21stcwntury we still allow them to make us fools .Only Indians are still capable of such foolishness even though I am one ,that’s the sad part .

  7. Akash isn’t vyom!!! It’s vyom only.. who has never died.. vyom will need more than a mask to become akash?

    1. And why then Akash gets flashbacks from the previous life ? Something is totally wrong !

  8. Is Akash and Vyom same??? then who is that limping guy???? Vyom is looking much more older than even Suvarna ,his mom,dad. I really cant understand whats happening… Y they hav unnecesarily got Shivani into this show???

  9. Rubbish ???

  10. I still couldn’t believe that both Akaash and vyom are same. How could they just fool us showing both at same time. Hope there is some twist. But I’m so angry at cvs for killing shivani.. Why it become so necessary to kill her. They had killed too much earlier itself. They could have leave shivani at least.

  11. i think vyom and aakash are different person…..precap showed only vyom….its not aakash…I hope aakash and vyom are two different person…..If both are vyom means the story totally stupid.

  12. But if Vyom and Akash are different then Y did Akash get flashes of past wen krish and Akash were fighting

  13. If akash is vyom why should he got the flashback because he already knows all the things.
    I am really confused.

  14. I think Pratik Sharma is obsessed with Vikram. The time space given to slash the importance given to his rollthan Namik and the time he has with Radhika akka Sharanya all irritating. Better if he shows more of Namik & Donal than Vikram & Shivani as leads being Namik & Donal.

  15. I think Pratik Sharma is obsessed with Vikram. The time space given to slash the importance given to his rollthan Namik and the time he has with Radhika akka Sharanya all irritating. Better if he shows more of Namik & Donal than Vikram & Shivani as leads being Namik & Donal.

    1. Who said the leads are namik and Donal. Did u noticed the montage of the show? There is 4 people in the montage..namik,vikram,shivani and Donal. All are leads here. Pratheek has given enough screen space and scenes for namik and Donal but they didn’t used it. On the other hand shivani and vikram gave their best in even small shots. So obviously whoever the director will give more screen space to shivani and vikram.

      1. Well said dear.

      2. Shivani is not main lead but is a cameo lead

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